ID Activity Title Status Creator
19217 4 months ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch has PR open Jacek.Bzdak
36461 1/4 hour ago timeit: Additional changes for autorange has PR open cheryl.sabella
16079 5 hours ago list duplicate test names with patchcheck has patch has PR open xdegaye
36688 yesterday _dummy_thread lacks an RLock implementaiton has PR open xtreak
36689 yesterday docs: os.path.commonpath raises ValueError for different drives open lazka
36703 2 days ago [Easy][Windows] test_subprocess: test_close_fds_with_stdio() has a race condition open vstinner
36661 3 days ago Missing dataclass decorator import in dataclasses module docs open mfisherlevine
36008 5 days ago [good first issue] Update documentation for 3.8 has PR open cheryl.sabella
36277 7 days ago pdb's recursive debug command is not listed in the docs has PR open Antony.Lee
14817 7 days ago pkgutil.extend_path has no tests has PR open eric.smith
13127 1 week ago is not labeled as read-only open dillona
20582 1 week ago socket.getnameinfo() does not document flags has PR open roysmith
18697 2 weeks ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation has PR open serhiy.storchaka
36417 2 weeks ago unicode.isdecimal bug in online Python 2 documentation has PR open pewscorner
16954 3 weeks ago Add docstrings for ElementTree module has patch open serhiy.storchaka
21879 3 weeks ago str.format() gives poor diagnostic on placeholder mismatch has patch has PR open roysmith
36184 1 month ago [EASY] test_gdb.test_threads() is specific to _POSIX_THREADS, fail on FreeBSD open vstinner
10374 1 month ago distutils[2] should recreate scripts in the build tree open gjb1002
828450 1 month ago sdist generates bad MANIFEST on Windows has patch open jhylton
1438480 1 month ago shutil.move raises OSError when copystat fails has patch open piman
10880 1 month ago do_mkvalue and 'boolean' has patch open IROV
7202 1 month ago "python cmd --verbose" does not set verbosity open zooko
7982 1 month ago extend captured_output to simulate different stdout.encoding has patch open flox
9784 1 month ago _msi.c warnings under 64-bit Windows has patch open pitrou
16232 1 month ago curses.textpad.Textbox backtrace support open emeaudroid.emeaudroid
15376 1 month ago Refactor the test_runpy walk_package support code into a common location open chris.jerdonek
21314 1 month ago Document '/' in signatures has PR open veky
27497 1 month ago csv module: Add return value to DictWriter.writeheader has patch has PR open lsowen
23460 1 month ago Decimals do not obey ':g' exponential notation formatting rules has patch has PR open ikelly
22021 1 month ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch has PR open DemoHT
13055 1 month ago Distutils tries to handle null versions but fails has patch has PR open bgamari
11776 1 month ago Constructor signatures missing in types module documentation has patch open techtonik
14534 1 month ago Add means to mark unittest.TestCases as "do not load". has patch open r.david.murray
5714 1 month ago http.server._url_collapse_path should live elsewhere has patch open gregory.p.smith
20265 1 month ago Bring Windows docs up to date has patch open zach.ware
18299 1 month ago Change script_helper to use universal_newlines=True in _assert_python open r.david.murray
25026 1 month ago (FreeBSD/OSX) Fix fcntl module to accept 'unsigned long' type commands for ioctl(2). open koobs
29446 1 month ago Improve tkinter 'import *' situation open terry.reedy
32758 2 months ago Stack overflow when parse long expression to AST has PR open serhiy.storchaka
36045 2 months ago function is not much help with async functions has PR open Dan Rose
21150 2 months ago Add quick links table to argparse docs has patch has PR open rhettinger
3991 2 months ago urllib.request.urlopen does not handle non-ASCII characters has patch open a.badger
5038 2 months ago urrlib2/httplib doesn't reset file position between requests has patch has PR open matejcik
36003 2 months ago set better defaults for TCPServer options has PR open giampaolo.rodola
25461 2 months ago Unclear language (the word ineffective) in the documentation for os.walk has patch has PR open Bernt.Røskar.Brenna
21914 2 months ago Create unit tests for Turtle guionly has patch open Lita.Cho
18765 2 months ago unittest needs a way to launch pdb.post_mortem or other debug hooks open gregory.p.smith
17972 2 months ago inspect module docs omits many functions has PR open
5028 2 months ago tokenize.generate_tokens doesn't always return logical line has PR open duncf
24925 3 months ago Allow doctest to find line number of __test__ strings if formatted as a triple quoted string. has patch open r.david.murray
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