ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
38847 1 1/4 hours ago AST Optimization for Single Target List Comprehension open BTaskaya     1
38846 1 1/2 hours ago async: Return context manager from open(_unix)_connection open srittau     2
38500 1 1/2 hours ago Provide a way to get/set PyInterpreterState.frame_eval without needing to access interpreter internals has PR open fabioz   enhancement 18
38680 2 hours ago PyGILState_Release does not release gil correctly, resulting in deadlock open 123 wlpha     8
38828 2 hours ago http.cookiejar handle cookie.version to be None open kovid   behavior 7
38845 3 hours ago test_shared_memory_SharedMemoryServer_ignores_sigint and others fail on Guix has patch open tlecarrour     1
32371 3 hours ago Delay-loading of python dll is impossible when using some C macros open Pierre Chatelier   compile error 3
38032 3 hours ago lib2to3 doesn't parse Python 3 identifiers containing non-spacing marks open JustinTArthur     7
36424 4 hours ago Pickle fails on frozen dataclass that has slots has PR open drhagen eric.smith behavior 1
37228 4 hours ago UDP sockets created by create_datagram_endpoint() allow by default multiple processes to bind the same port open vaizki   behavior 11
22367 5 hours ago Add open_file_descriptor parameter to fcntl.lockf() (use the new F_OFD_SETLK flag) has patch has PR open Andrew.Lutomirski corona10 enhancement 27
38842 5 hours ago test_multiprocessing_spawn altered the execution environment in AMD64 FreeBSD Non-Debug 3.x open pablogsal     7
38837 6 hours ago struct.pack: Unable to pack more than 256 bytes at a time open Dave Lotton   behavior 2
38823 6 hours ago Improve stdlib module initialization error handling. has PR open brandtbucher brandtbucher behavior 13
38843 8 hours ago Document argparse behaviour when custom namespace object already has the field set open zerkms docs@python   3
36287 yesterday Make ast.dump() not output optional default fields has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 8
38446 yesterday Ambiguous signature for builtins.__build_class__ has PR open bup docs@python   3
19080 yesterday Enrich SyntaxError with additional information open alonho   enhancement 3
31521 yesterday segfault in PyBytes_AsString open Tim Smith   crash 3
38841 yesterday [asyncio] bind() on a unix socket raises PermissionError on Android for a non-root user open xdegaye   behavior 1
22593 yesterday Automate update of doc references to UCD version when it changes. open r.david.murray   enhancement 2
38840 yesterday incorrect __all__ list in multiprocessing.managers module open xdegaye   behavior 1
38839 yesterday Some unused functions in test suite has PR open adamchainz   enhancement 1
22229 yesterday wsgiref doesn't appear to ever set REMOTE_HOST in the environ open alex   behavior 2
38822 yesterday Inconsistent os.stat behavior for directory with Access Denied open CrouZ   behavior 3
38721 yesterday modulefinder should use import hooks properly open plokmijnuhby   enhancement 4
35004 yesterday Odd behavior when using datetime.timedelta under cProfile open beaugunderson     4
17013 yesterday Allow waiting on a mock has PR open pitrou   enhancement 9
38818 yesterday Modify PyInterpreterState.eval_frame to pass tstate (PyThreadState) has PR open vstinner     2
38597 yesterday C Extension import limit open Kevin Schlossser   resource usage 5
38821 yesterday argparse calls ngettext with deprecated non-integer value has PR open federicobond   crash 1
33125 yesterday Windows 10 ARM64 platform support has PR open Steven Noonan steve.dower enhancement 12
38836 yesterday Links are duplicated in documentation search result open MaT1g3R docs@python behavior 1
23407 yesterday os.walk always follows Windows junctions has patch open craigh   enhancement 15
38812 yesterday Comparing datetime.time objects incorrect for TZ aware and unaware open epicadv     5
38631 yesterday Replace Py_FatalError() with regular Python exceptions has PR open vstinner     6
38644 yesterday Pass explicitly tstate to function calls has PR open vstinner     12
29137 yesterday Fix fpectl-induced ABI breakage has PR open njs     17
38835 yesterday pyfpe.h: Exclude PyFPE_START_PROTECT and PyFPE_END_PROTECT from the Py_LIMITED_API has PR open vstinner     2
16576 yesterday ctypes: structure with bitfields as argument has patch has PR open arigo   crash 8
38656 yesterday mimetypes for python 3.7.5 fails to detect matroska video open toonn   behavior 11
38811 yesterday Pathlib crashes when os module is missing 'link' method has PR open tohojo   behavior 6
9625 yesterday argparse: Problem with defaults for variable nargs when using choices has patch open thesociable rhettinger behavior 14
38815 yesterday test_ssl: test_min_max_version() fails on AMD64 FreeBSD Shared 3.x open vstinner christian.heimes   3
29125 yesterday Shell injection via TIX_LIBRARY when using tkinter.tix has patch open symphorien   security 14
29275 yesterday time module still has Y2K issues note open Elizacat docs@python enhancement 2
38834 yesterday TypedDict: no way to tell which (if any) keys are optional at runtime has PR open Zac Hatfield-Dodds     1
5150 yesterday IDLE to support open rhettinger   enhancement 15
35727 yesterday sys.exit() in a multiprocessing.Process does not align with Python behavior has patch has PR open chrahunt   behavior 5
38744 yesterday python 3.8 hang in multiprocessing.Pool() locking on FreeBSD open AMDmi3     3
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