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31206 6 minutes ago IDLE, configdialog: Factor out HighPage class from ConfigDialog has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 3
30830 3/4 hours ago test_logging leaks dangling threads on FreeBSD has PR open haypo   resource usage 10
31232 3/4 hours ago Backport the new custom "print >> sys.stderr" error message? open ncoghlan   enhancement 4
30747 3/4 hours ago _Py_atomic_* not actually atomic on Windows with MSVC has PR open Paxxi   behavior 11
9566 3/4 hours ago Compilation warnings under x64 Windows has patch has PR open pitrou   behavior 59
31234 an hour ago Make support.threading_cleanup() stricter has PR open haypo     2
31233 1 1/4 hours ago socketserver.ThreadingMixIn leaks running threads after server_close() open haypo   resource usage 2
31230 1 1/4 hours ago Define a general "asynchronous operation introspection" protocol open ncoghlan   enhancement 7
31211 1 3/4 hours ago distutils/ get_platform() does not identify linux-i686 platforms open siming85     4
18156 2 hours ago Add an 'attr' attribute to AttributeError has patch open brett.cannon   enhancement 15
5001 2 hours ago Remove assertion-based checking in multiprocessing has patch has PR open jnoller   enhancement 13
14976 2 hours ago queue.Queue() is not reentrant, so signals and GC can cause deadlocks has patch open JohanAR   behavior 23
30871 2 hours ago Add test.pythoninfo has PR open haypo   enhancement 20
28777 4 hours ago Add asyncio.Queue __aiter__, __anext__ methods open RekGRpth   enhancement 8
30121 4 hours ago Windows: subprocess debug assertion on failure to execute the process has PR open Segev Finer   crash 4
30923 6 hours ago Add -Wimplicit-fallthrough=0 to Makefile ? has PR open matrixise     18
31183 yesterday `Dis` module doesn't know how to disassemble async generator or coroutine objects has PR open syncosmic   enhancement 7
31197 yesterday Namespace disassembly omits some compiled objects open ncoghlan     4
30983 yesterday eval frame rename in pep 0523 broke gdb's python extension has PR open bcap     10
31229 yesterday wrong error messages when too many kwargs are received has patch open Oren Milman   behavior 2
29843 yesterday errors raised by ctypes.Array for invalid _length_ attribute has patch open Oren Milman   behavior 10
16865 yesterday ctypes arrays >=2GB in length causes exception has PR open coderforlife   behavior 12
31226 yesterday shutil.rmtree fails when target has an internal directory junction (Windows) open vidartf   behavior 2
31227 yesterday regrtest: reseed random with the same seed before running a test file has PR open haypo     6
31217 yesterday test_code leaked [1, 1, 1] memory blocks on x86 Gentoo Refleaks 3.6 open haypo   resource usage 3
31174 yesterday test_tools leaks randomly references on x86 Gentoo Refleaks 3.x has PR open haypo     2
30947 yesterday Update embeded copy of libexpat from 2.2.1 to 2.2.3 has PR open haypo   security 9
31149 yesterday Add Japanese to the language switcher has PR open mdk     10
28261 yesterday wrong error messages when using PyArg_ParseTuple to parse normal tuples has patch has PR open Oren Milman serhiy.storchaka behavior 14
31179 yesterday Speed-up dict.copy() up to 5.5 times. has PR open yselivanov   performance 9
31141 yesterday Start should be a keyword argument of the built-in sum has PR open Mark.Bell lisroach enhancement 6
31224 yesterday Missing definition of frozen module open marco.buttu docs@python enhancement 1
31210 yesterday Can not import modules if sys.prefix contains DELIM open ced   behavior 16
30782 yesterday Allow limiting the number of concurrent tasks in asyncio.as_completed has PR open andybalaam   enhancement 2
31212 yesterday datetime: min date (0001-01-01 00:00:00) can't be converted to local timestamp open Dave Johansen belopolsky behavior 11
30102 yesterday improve performance of libSSL usage on hashing has PR open gut christian.heimes enhancement 5
31222 2 days ago implementation of .replace inconsistent with C implementation open p-ganssle     4
25166 2 days ago Windows AllUsers installation places uninstaller in user profile open Christian.Ullrich steve.dower behavior 10
31218 2 days ago del expects __delitem__ if __setitem__ is defined open raumzeitkeks   behavior 2
27413 2 days ago Add an option to json.tool to bypass non-ASCII characters. has patch has PR open Wei-Cheng.Pan   enhancement 12
31215 2 days ago Add version changed notes for OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility open ncoghlan docs@python enhancement 2
31209 2 days ago MappingProxyType can not be pickled open Alex Hayes   behavior 2
30928 2 days ago Copy modified blurbs to idlelib/NEWS.txt has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 7
31170 2 days ago expat: utf8_toUtf8 cannot properly handle exhausting buffer open tianlynn   behavior 4
31213 3 days ago __context__ reset to None in nested exception open Christopher Stelma   behavior 2
30576 3 days ago http.server should support HTTP compression (gzip) has PR open quentel   enhancement 24
9253 3 days ago argparse: optional subparsers has patch open nvie   enhancement 32
26510 3 days ago [argparse] Add required argument to add_subparsers has PR open memeplex   enhancement 3
31093 3 days ago IDLE: Add tests for configdialog extensions tab open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 1
31207 3 days ago IDLE, configdialog: Factor out ExtPage class from ConfigDialog open terry.reedy terry.reedy   0
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