ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
43004 10 minutes ago No type variables left in open tyler.yep   crash 1
42966 1/2 an hour ago argparse: customizable help formatter open monkeyman79   enhancement 2
42875 3/4 hours ago argparse incorrectly shows help string on a new line in case of long command string has patch has PR open DiPaolo   behavior 2
42980 1 1/4 hours ago argparse: GNU-style help formatter has PR open will   enhancement 5
42955 1 1/4 hours ago Add sys.module_names: list of stdlib module names (Python and extension modules) has PR open vstinner     25
42606 1 1/2 hours ago Support POSIX atomicity guarantee of O_APPEND on Windows has patch has PR open izbyshev   enhancement 8
42997 1 1/2 hours ago Improve error message for missing : before suites has PR open pablogsal     4
42973 1 3/4 hours ago argparse: mixing optional and positional arguments... not again has PR open monkeyman79   enhancement 4
42990 2 hours ago Improve the C code for calling Python code: _PyEval_EvalCode() has PR open Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon   3
41282 3 hours ago Deprecate and remove distutils has PR open jaraco     17
42992 3 hours ago Tkinter bbox coordinates incorrectly drawn open rhoffmann   behavior 3
42988 4 hours ago Information disclosure via pydoc -p: /getfile?key=path allows to read arbitrary file on the filesystem has PR open hroncok   security 14
42504 4 hours ago Failure to build with MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=11 on Big Sur has PR open fxcoudert   compile error 11
43003 5 hours ago Parts of the API will be removed in Python 4.0 ? open MichaelClerx docs@python   1
43002 6 hours ago Exception chaining accepts exception classes open cool-RR   behavior 1
42722 7 hours ago Add --debug command line option to unittest to enable post-mortem debugging has PR open Dominik V.   enhancement 2
42967 7 hours ago [security] urllib.parse.parse_qsl(): Web cache poisoning - `; ` as a query args separator has PR open AdamGold   security 11
43001 8 hours ago python3.9.1 test_embed test_tabnanny failed open asholomitskiy84   compile error 1
42985 10 hours ago AMD64 Arch Linux Asan 3.x fails: command timed out: 1200 seconds without output open vstinner     8
41798 10 hours ago [C API] Revisit usage of the PyCapsule C API with multi-phase initialization API has PR open vstinner     17
27477 11 hours ago IDLE: Switch search dialogs to ttk widgets, and other refinement has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 9
43000 12 hours ago All SSL requests fail with WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER when a packet sniffer is open open darrenrs christian.heimes crash 2
42384 12 hours ago Inconsistent sys.path between python and pdb has PR open hexagonrecursion     6
42999 yesterday `pathlib.Path.link_to()` documentation is misleading has PR open barneygale docs@python behavior 1
39950 yesterday Add pathlib.Path.hardlink_to() has PR open barneygale   enhancement 6
42998 yesterday pathlib.Path: add `username` argument to `home()` open barneygale   enhancement 2
41928 yesterday ZipFile does not supports Unicode Path Extra Field (0x7075) zip header field has patch has PR open   enhancement 3
31904 yesterday Python should support VxWorks RTOS has PR open Brian Kuhl   enhancement 45
42995 yesterday Add PurePath.with_suffix_appended() has PR open bgerrity     2
42982 yesterday Update suggested number of iterations for pbkdf2_hmac() has PR open illia-v docs@python   3
42994 yesterday Missing MIME types for opus, AAC, 3gpp and 3gpp2 has PR open nbeals   enhancement 1
42800 yesterday Traceback objects allow accessing frame objects without triggering audit hooks has patch has PR open ammar2 steve.dower security 16
42993 yesterday doc xml.etree.ElementTree.ElementTree.write does not mention attribute order open buhtz docs@python enhancement 1
42991 yesterday support for splitting multichannel audio fragments in audioop module has PR open Th4R4   enhancement 1
42862 yesterday Use functools.lru_cache iso. _sqlite.Cache in sqlite3 module has PR open erlendaasland   enhancement 15
33289 yesterday tkinter askcolor returning floats for r, g, b values instead of ints has patch has PR open Bryan.Oakley   behavior 12
42969 yesterday pthread_exit & PyThread_exit_thread from PyEval_RestoreThread etc. are harmful open gregory.p.smith   behavior 2
42888 yesterday Not installed “” causes exit crash. has PR open xxm doko crash 11
42514 yesterday Relocatable framework for macOS open gregneagle   enhancement 3
42035 yesterday [C API] PyType_GetSlot cannot get tp_name has PR open fancitron   enhancement 11
1375011 yesterday http.cookies, Improper handling of duplicate cookies has patch open valankar   behavior 8
42977 yesterday Tkinter Optionmenu Too Narrow on Mac open zjdavid   behavior 2
42911 yesterday Addition chains for pow saves 5-20% time for pow(int,int) has patch has PR open jneb   performance 6
42752 yesterday multiprocessing Queue leaks a file descriptor associated with the pipe writer (#33081 still a problem) has patch open crazycasta   resource usage 4
42917 yesterday Block stack size for frame objects should be dynamically sizable has PR open tomkpz   enhancement 5
42970 yesterday File path with blank causes open error in 3.8, not in 3.7 open dday52     5
36456 yesterday task.cancel unbound recursion if task is deadlocked open Dima.Tisnek     2
42974 yesterday tokenize reports incorrect end col offset and line string when input ends without explicit newline has PR open romanows     3
42972 yesterday [C API] Heap types (PyType_FromSpec) must fully implement the GC protocol open vstinner     2
42843 yesterday What min_sphinx for Python 3.10 has PR open mdk mdk   7
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