ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
35683 6 minutes ago Enable manylinux1 builds on Pipelines for CI testing has PR open steve.dower     4
35802 9 minutes ago os.stat / os.lstat always present, but code checks hastattr(os, 'stat') / hasattr(os, 'lstat') has PR open Anthony Sottile     4
35805 an hour ago email package folds msg-id identifiers using RFC2047 encoded words where it must not open mjpieters     2
35806 1 3/4 hours ago typing module adds objects to sys.modules that don't look like modules open eric.snow   behavior 2
35779 3 hours ago Print friendly version message in REPL open Ma Lin   enhancement 4
35800 3 hours ago remove smtpd.MailmanProxy open samuelcolvin     4
35804 3 hours ago v3.6.8 _ctypes win32 compiled with pgo crash open anselm.kruis   crash 3
24925 5 hours ago Allow doctest to find line number of __test__ strings if formatted as a triple quoted string. has patch open r.david.murray CuriousLearner behavior 10
34656 6 hours ago [CVE-2018-20406] memory exhaustion in Modules/_pickle.c:1393 has patch has PR open shuoz   security 13
15045 8 hours ago Make textwrap.dedent() and textwrap.indent() handle whitespace consistently has patch has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 6
32146 9 hours ago multiprocessing freeze_support needed outside win32 has PR open dancol   behavior 11
33944 yesterday Deprecate and remove pth files has PR open barry   enhancement 53
35780 yesterday Recheck logic in the C version of the lru_cache() has PR open rhettinger   behavior 11
35766 yesterday Merge typed_ast back into CPython has PR open gvanrossum   enhancement 4
20479 yesterday Efficiently support weight/frequency mappings in the statistics module open ncoghlan steven.daprano enhancement 15
35132 yesterday python-gdb error: Python Exception <class 'RuntimeError'> Type does not have a target open Dylan Cali   behavior 2
35795 yesterday test_pkgutil test_zipapp fail in AMD64 Windows7 SP1 3.x and AMD64 Windows7 SP1 3.7 buildbots open pablogsal     4
35803 yesterday Test and document that `dir=...` in tempfile may be PathLike has PR open Anthony Sottile docs@python behavior 1
35797 yesterday concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor does not work in venv on Windows open chrullrich steve.dower behavior 12
35798 yesterday duplicate SyntaxWarning: "is" with a literal has PR open jwilk   behavior 3
35746 yesterday [ssl][CVE-2019-5010] TALOS-2018-0758 Denial of Service has patch has PR open Talos christian.heimes security 15
31506 yesterday Improve the error message logic for object_new & object_init has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 24
35758 yesterday Disable x87 control word for MSVC ARM compiler has PR open Minmin.Gong     2
35661 yesterday Store the venv prompt in pyvenv.cfg has PR open brett.cannon brett.cannon behavior 8
35782 yesterday Missing whitespace after comma in randrange raise error has PR open louielu cheryl.sabella   5
35801 yesterday venv in 3.7 references python3 executable open Paul Watson docs@python enhancement 1
27035 yesterday Cannot set exit code in atexit callback open Melebius   behavior 6
35799 yesterday fix or remove smtpd.PureProxy open samuelcolvin   crash 1
35633 yesterday test_eintr fails on AIX since fcntl functions were modified has PR open Michael.Felt   behavior 12
19660 yesterday decorator syntax: allow testlist instead of just dotted_name has patch open james   enhancement 20
34294 yesterday re module: wrong capturing groups has PR open beardypig serhiy.storchaka behavior 7
35707 yesterday time.sleep() should support objects with __float__ has PR open jdemeyer     23
34814 yesterday makesetup: must link C extensions to libpython when compiled in shared mode has patch has PR open vstinner     22
35796 yesterday time.localtime returns error for negative values open mba   behavior 2
35781 yesterday `logger.warn` method is used in "Logging HOWTO" documentation though `logger.warn` method is deprecated in Python 3.7 open yuji38kwmt docs@python behavior 3
35168 yesterday shlex punctuation_chars inconsistency has PR open tphh docs@python behavior 6
35425 yesterday test_eintr fails randomly on AMD64 FreeBSD 10-STABLE Non-Debug 3.7: TypeError: 'int' object is not callable open vstinner     5
12707 yesterday Deprecate addinfourl getters has PR open ezio.melotti orsenthil enhancement 12
20582 yesterday socket.getnameinfo() does not document flags open roysmith docs@python enhancement 6
35792 yesterday Specifying AbstractEventLoop.run_in_executor as a coroutine conflicts with implementation/intent open chrahunt   behavior 1
35292 yesterday Make SimpleHTTPRequestHandler load mimetypes lazily has PR open steve.dower   performance 13
35378 yesterday multiprocessing.Pool.imaps iterators do not maintain alive the multiprocessing.Pool objects has PR open pablogsal   behavior 20
35722 yesterday disable_existing_loggers does not apply to the root logger has PR open maggyero docs@python behavior 1
17005 yesterday Add a topological sort algorithm has patch has PR open rhettinger rhettinger enhancement 17
35786 yesterday get_lock() method is not present for Values created using multiprocessing.Manager() open Lorenzo Persichetti docs@python   2
28607 yesterday C implementation of parts of copy.deepcopy has patch open villemoes   performance 3
34424 2 days ago Unicode names break email header has PR open _savage   behavior 6
35790 2 days ago Correct a statement about sys.exc_info() values restoration has PR open maggyero docs@python   1
24928 2 days ago mock.patch.dict spoils order of items in collections.OrderedDict has patch has PR open Alexander Oblovatniy michael.foord behavior 22
35775 2 days ago Add a general selection function to statistics has PR open remi.lapeyre   enhancement 6
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