ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
40197 1 1/4 hours ago Add microseconds to timing table in What's new python 3.8 open mchels rhettinger enhancement 1
39511 1 1/2 hours ago [subinterpreters] Per-interpreter singletons (None, True, False, etc.) has PR open vstinner     24
40174 3 hours ago HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME not repected in pytime.c has PR open jerome.hamm   compile error 8
40196 4 hours ago symtable.Symbol.is_local() can be True for global symbols open coproc   behavior 2
22598 4 hours ago Add mUTF-7 codec (UTF-7 modified for IMAP) open jcea serhiy.storchaka enhancement 7
40195 7 hours ago multiprocessing.Queue.put can fail silently due to pickle errors open Sander Land   behavior 1
39148 10 hours ago DatagramProtocol + IPv6 does not work with ProactorEventLoop has patch has PR open alex.gronholm   behavior 8
40085 11 hours ago Argument parsing option c should accept int between -128 to 255 ? open tzickel   enhancement 2
1635741 yesterday Py_Finalize() doesn't clear all Python objects at exit has PR open kylotan   resource usage 59
40191 yesterday tempfile.mkstemp() | Documentation Error open Howard Waterfall docs@python behavior 2
40192 yesterday time.thread_time isn't outputting in nanoseconds in AIX has PR open BTaskaya     1
40188 yesterday Azure Pipelines jobs failing randomly with: Unable to connect to has PR open vstinner     1
40180 yesterday isinstance(cls_with_metaclass, non_type) raises KeyError open terry.reedy   behavior 5
40170 yesterday [C API] Make PyTypeObject structure an opaque structure in the public C API has PR open vstinner     2
39837 yesterday Remove Azure Pipelines from GitHub PRs has patch has PR open vstinner     29
36630 yesterday failure of test_colors_funcs in test_curses with ncurses 6.1 open xdegaye   behavior 5
40179 yesterday Argument Clinic incorretly translates #elif has PR open serhiy.storchaka   compile error 3
40187 yesterday Refactor typing.TypedDict has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
40185 yesterday Refactor typing.NamedTuple has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
40186 yesterday test_notify_all hangs forever in sparc64 open BTaskaya   behavior 2
40183 yesterday AC_COMPILE_IFELSE doesn't work in all cases has PR open jerome.hamm   compile error 1
40181 yesterday IDLE: remove positional-only note from calltips open terry.reedy   enhancement 2
40077 yesterday Convert static types to PyType_FromSpec() has patch has PR open corona10     17
36517 yesterday typing.NamedTuple does not support mixins has PR open rectalogic   behavior 3
36207 yesterday robotsparser deny all with some rules open quentin-maire   behavior 4
33240 yesterday shutil.rmtree fails if inner folder is open in Windows Explorer open yuliu   behavior 9
40173 yesterday fails to correctly block submodules when fresh is specified open p-ganssle   behavior 1
40164 yesterday Upgrade Windows and macOS installer builds to OpenSSL 1.1.1f has PR open ned.deily     5
40176 yesterday unterminated string literal tokenization error messages could be better has PR open benjamin.peterson   enhancement 5
40178 yesterday Convert the remaining os funtions to Argument Clinic has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
40139 yesterday mimetypes module racy open ukl   behavior 4
40166 yesterday UNICODE HOWTO: Change the total number of code points in the introduction section has PR open amaajemyfren docs@python enhancement 1
17088 yesterday ElementTree incorrectly refuses to write attributes without namespaces when default_namespace is used has patch has PR open silverbacknet   behavior 15
6818 yesterday remove/delete method for zipfile/tarfile objects has patch has PR open rossmclendon   enhancement 36
40169 yesterday `dis.findlabels()` should accept a code object has PR open laike9m   behavior 1
40126 yesterday Incorrect error handling in unittest.mock has PR open bmclarnon   behavior 3
40120 yesterday Undefined C behavior going beyond end of struct via a [1] arrays. has PR open gregory.p.smith gregory.p.smith compile error 16
40127 yesterday Documentation of SSL library has PR open Christophe Nanteuil docs@python enhancement 4
40160 yesterday documentation example of os.walk should be less destructive has PR open jftuga docs@python   8
40145 yesterday Pyshellext room for binary size improvement has PR open Alexander Riccio     6
40110 yesterday multiprocessing.Pool.imap() should be lazy open kousu   enhancement 4
36541 yesterday Make lib2to3 grammar better match Python, support the := walrus has PR open thatch gregory.p.smith behavior 11
39943 yesterday Meta: Clean up various issues in C internals has PR open petdance     9
40038 2 days ago pathlib: remove partial support for preserving accessor when modifying a path has PR open barneygale   performance 1
39537 2 days ago Change line number table format has PR open Mark.Shannon   performance 5
40105 2 days ago Updating zip comment doesn't truncate the zip file has PR open nergall2   behavior 1
40149 2 days ago test_threading leaked [38, 38, 38] references, sum=114 open vstinner     6
40172 2 days ago ZipInfo corrupts file names in some old zip archives has patch has PR open nergall2   behavior 1
40171 2 days ago Attempting to import inaccessible package imports an empty package open xfix   behavior 2
40143 2 days ago shutil.rmtree will frequently fail on Windows under heavy load due to racy deletion open Alexander Riccio     3
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