ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
34763 7 minutes ago Python lacks 0x4E17 has PR open 草木建   behavior 3
34762 1/2 an hour ago Change contextvars C API to use PyObject has PR open yselivanov     11
34766 1 1/4 hours ago BaseProxy cache should be cleaned when Manager client is reconnected has PR open wynfred   behavior 0
32892 1 1/2 hours ago Remove specific constant AST types in favor of ast.Constant has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 8
34750 1 3/4 hours ago locals().update doesn't work in Enum body, even though direct assignment to locals() does open Antony.Lee ethan.furman   5
34765 2 hours ago Update install-sh open cstratak     2
34767 2 hours ago Optimize asyncio.Lock open yselivanov   enhancement 1
34764 2 hours ago Improve documentation example for using iter() with sentinel value open ChrisRands docs@python   1
34561 3 hours ago Replace list sorting merge_collapse()? open tim.peters   performance 15
34722 3 hours ago Non-deterministic bytecode generation has PR open Peter Ebden     5
34589 3 hours ago Py_Initialize() and Py_Main() should not enable C locale coercion has PR open vstinner     32
34751 4 hours ago Hash collisions for tuples has PR open jdemeyer tim.peters performance 15
25312 5 hours ago Cryptic error message if incorrect spec is set on a callable mock open uranusjr   behavior 1
24828 5 hours ago Segfault when using store-context AST node in a load context open xmorel   crash 2
25240 5 hours ago Stack overflow in reprlib causes a core dump open ceridwen   crash 1
24997 5 hours ago mock.call_args compares as equal and not equal open akaptur   behavior 2
26214 5 hours ago textwrap should minimize number of breaks in extra long words open Tuomas Salo   enhancement 1
26495 5 hours ago super() does not work in nested functions, genexps, listcomps, and gives misleading exceptions open ztane     1
26452 5 hours ago Wrong line number attributed to comprehension expressions has patch open Greg Price   behavior 2
26767 6 hours ago Inconsistant error messages for failed attribute modification open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
27121 6 hours ago imghdr does not support jpg files with Lavc bytes open René Løwe Jacobsen   behavior 1
27903 6 hours ago Avoid ResourceWarnings from platform._dist_try_harder has patch open scop   enhancement 1
29013 8 hours ago zipfile: inconsistent doc for ZIP64 file size open mndavidoff docs@python behavior 10
34670 10 hours ago Add set_post_handshake_auth for TLS 1.3 has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes behavior 2
34756 11 hours ago Few changes in sys.breakpointhook() has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
34759 11 hours ago Possible regression in ssl module in 3.7.1 and master has patch has PR open njs christian.heimes   11
34623 11 hours ago _elementtree.c doesn't call XML_SetHashSalt() has PR open christian.heimes   security 11
34737 11 hours ago Python upgrade with SYSTEM account uninstalls python open JatinGoel     6
31146 12 hours ago Docs: On non-public translations, language picker fallback to "English" open mdk docs@python enhancement 1
34748 yesterday Incorrect HTML link in functools.partial open xitop docs@python   1
34753 yesterday Use coroutine object or coroutine function instead of coroutine open Windson Yang docs@python enhancement 3
34758 yesterday http.server module sets incorrect mimetype for WebAssembly files has PR open travisoneill     1
34730 yesterday aclose() doesn't stop raise StopAsyncIteration / GeneratorExit to __anext__() open dfee     5
19756 yesterday test_nntplib: sporadic failures, network isses? server down? has patch has PR open vstinner   behavior 24
33236 yesterday MagicMock().__iter__.return_value is different from MagicMock().__iter__() open mrh1997     3
32947 yesterday Support OpenSSL 1.1.1 has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement 13
19613 yesterday test_nntplib: sporadic failures, test_article_head_body() has patch open vstinner   behavior 17
34752 yesterday warnings.warn fails silently with unicode input open nparslow     1
34757 yesterday Placeholder for discussion on Combined patches for AIX - to resolve failig tests has PR open Michael.Felt   behavior 1
34732 yesterday uuid returns version more than 5 has PR open jophine pranjal   behavior 10
32215 yesterday sqlite3 400x-600x slower depending on formatting of an UPDATE statement in a string has patch has PR open bforst   performance 10
34648 yesterday Confirm the types of parameters of traceback.format_list and traceback.StackSummary.from_list post-3.5 open Nathaniel Manista docs@python behavior 5
34742 yesterday Add optional argument for exit status in argparse.ArgumentParser.error open Ankit Goel   enhancement 3
32557 yesterday allow shutil.disk_usage to take a file path on Windows also has PR open eryksun   enhancement 9
16438 yesterday Numeric operator predecence confusing has patch open fossilet docs@python enhancement 12
34320 yesterday Creating dict from OrderedDict doesn't preserve order has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
30140 yesterday Binary arithmetic does not always call subclasses first has PR open Stephan Hoyer   behavior 11
34690 yesterday Store startup modules as C structures for 20%+ startup speed improvement has PR open larry larry enhancement 6
31865 yesterday html.unescape does not work as per documentation open cardin docs@python behavior 1
31898 yesterday Add a `recommended-packages.txt` file open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement 6
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