ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
19325 an hour ago _osx_support imports many modules open christian.heimes ned.deily performance 6
30462 1 1/2 hours ago urllib does not support NO_PROXY environment variable containing domain with asterisk has PR open Jiri Hnidek   enhancement 5
29926 2 hours ago time.sleep ignores _thread.interrupt_main() has patch open Mark   behavior 15
30713 3 hours ago Reject newline character (U+000A) in URLs in urllib.parse has PR open haypo   security 7
29301 3 hours ago decimal: Use FASTCALL and/or Argument Clinic has patch open haypo skrah performance 18
30744 3 hours ago Local variable assignment is broken when combined with threads + tracing + closures open njs     12
30422 4 hours ago Add roadmap.txt section to idlelib open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 9
30789 4 hours ago Redesign PyCodeObject.co_extras to use a single memory block, instead of two open haypo   performance 1
24039 4 hours ago Idle: some modal dialogs maximize, don't minimize open prince09cs   behavior 8
24813 5 hours ago Redesign Help => About IDLE, make it non-modal has patch has PR open markroseman terry.reedy behavior 30
14094 6 hours ago ntpath.realpath() should use GetFinalPathNameByHandle() open haypo   enhancement 4
30658 6 hours ago Buildbot: don't sent email notification for custom builders open haypo     5
29464 6 hours ago Specialize FASTCALL for functions with positional-only parameters has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka performance 26
19613 6 hours ago test_nntplib: sporadic failures, test_article_head_body() has patch open haypo   behavior 11
19756 7 hours ago test_nntplib: sporadic failures, network isses? server down? has patch open haypo   behavior 11
20669 7 hours ago OpenBSD: socket.recvmsg tests fail with OSError: [Errno 40] Message too long has patch open haypo     14
21998 7 hours ago asyncio: support fork has patch open haypo yselivanov   44
26098 7 hours ago [WIP] PEP 510: Specialize functions with guards has patch has PR open haypo     12
26145 7 hours ago [WIP] PEP 511: Add sys.set_code_transformers() has patch has PR open haypo   enhancement 14
26251 7 hours ago Use "Low-fragmentation Heap" memory allocator on Windows open haypo   performance 4
26506 7 hours ago [EASY] hex() documentation: mention "%x" % int has patch open haypo docs@python   24
26618 7 hours ago _overlapped extension module of asyncio uses deprecated WSAStringToAddressA() function open haypo     1
27068 7 hours ago Add a detach() method to subprocess.Popen open haypo   enhancement 7
29240 7 hours ago [WIP] Implementation of the PEP 540: Add a new UTF-8 mode has patch has PR open haypo   enhancement 15
29933 7 hours ago asyncio: set_write_buffer_limits() doc doesn't specify unit of the parameters has PR open haypo Mariatta   5
17942 9 hours ago IDLE Debugger: Improve GUI has patch has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 9
30758 10 hours ago regrtest hangs sometimes on the master branch (test_pydoc? test_subprocess?) open haypo     2
30788 12 hours ago email.policy.SMTP.fold() issue for long filenames with spaces open jhillacre     1
16487 yesterday Allow ssl certificates to be specified from memory rather than files. has patch has PR open kristjan.jonsson christian.heimes enhancement 48
27584 yesterday New addition of vSockets to the python socket module has patch open Cathy Avery   enhancement 17
29304 yesterday dict: simplify lookup functions has patch has PR open inada.naoki   enhancement 20
30777 yesterday IDLE: configdialog -- add docstrings and improve comments has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 3
30448 yesterday test_subprocess creates a core dump on FreeBSD open haypo     7
30302 yesterday Improve .__repr__ implementation for datetime.timedelta has PR open musically_ut   enhancement 11
30772 yesterday If I make an attribute "[a unicode version of B]", it gets assigned to "[ascii B]", and so on. open Nate Soares     3
30787 yesterday Please add a comprehensive index of decorators to the documentation. open tom kronmiller docs@python enhancement 1
30328 yesterday test_ssl.test_connect_with_context(): ConnectionResetError on AMD64 FreeBSD 9.x 3.6 open haypo     3
30351 yesterday [2.7] regrtest hangs on Python 2.7 (test_threading?) has PR open haypo     20
30773 yesterday async generator receives wrong value when shared between coroutines open Dima.Tisnek   behavior 3
30786 yesterday getaddrinfo emulation does not support AI_NUMERICSERV has PR open smejkar   behavior 1
30711 yesterday getaddrinfo invalid port number has PR open smejkar   behavior 3
30710 yesterday getaddrinfo raises OverflowError has patch has PR open smejkar   behavior 9
17960 yesterday Clarify the required behaviour of locals() open ncoghlan   behavior 5
30785 yesterday ast.c duplicates STR(CHILD) open Christopher Aycock   enhancement 1
30780 yesterday IDLE: configdialog - add tests for ConfigDialog GUI. open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 2
30759 yesterday [2.7] Fix python2 -m test --list-cases test_multibytecodec_support test_robotparser open haypo     3
30754 yesterday textwrap.dedent mishandles empty lines open Julian   behavior 6
19479 yesterday textwrap.dedent doesn't work properly with strings containing CRLF has patch open alexis.d   behavior 5
30784 yesterday IDLE: separate editor window and text open louielu terry.reedy   2
30782 yesterday Allow limiting the number of concurrent tasks in asyncio.as_completed has PR open andybalaam   enhancement 1
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