ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
40275 11 minutes ago has way too many imports has PR open vstinner     29
40791 1/2 an hour ago hmac.compare_digest could try harder to be constant-time. has PR open Devin Jeanpierre christian.heimes security 4
2897 3/4 hours ago PyMemberDef missing in limited API / Deprecate structmember.h has patch open benjamin.peterson belopolsky enhancement 20
40794 an hour ago dataclass signatures and docstrings w/future-annotations open BTaskaya     12
14562 1 1/2 hours ago urllib2 maybe blocks too long with small chunks open Anrs.Hu orsenthil behavior 7
40795 1 3/4 hours ago ctypes: PyErr_WriteUnraisable() called with no exception set on converting callback result failure has PR open vstinner     1
14527 2 hours ago How to link with a non-system libffi? has PR open pda     8
39073 3 hours ago [security] email module incorrect handling of CR and LF newline characters in Address objects. has PR open jap   security 11
40780 3 hours ago float.__format__() handles trailing zeros inconsistently in “general” format has PR open davidchambers mark.dickinson behavior 9
40741 3 hours ago Upgrade to SQLite v3.32.1 in Windows and macOS builds open erlendaasland     4
39573 3 hours ago [C API] Make PyObject an opaque structure in the limited C API has PR open vstinner     52
37999 4 hours ago No longer use implicit convertion to int with loss has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
40792 4 hours ago Make PyNumber_Index() always returning an exact int instance has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 3
40762 4 hours ago Writing bytes using CSV module results in b prefixed strings has PR open sidhant   behavior 16
30462 4 hours ago urllib does not support NO_PROXY environment variable containing domain with asterisk has PR open Jiri Hnidek   enhancement 7
39580 6 hours ago Check for COMMAND_LINE_INSTALL variable in Python_Documentation.pkg has PR open flammable ned.deily   3
40784 6 hours ago test_sqlite: CheckFuncDeterministic() fails with SQLite 3.32 has PR open vstinner     5
40763 7 hours ago zipfile.extractall is safe by now open VA docs@python security 4
27657 7 hours ago urlparse fails if the path is numeric has PR open Björn.Lindqvist orsenthil behavior 22
40217 7 hours ago The garbage collector doesn't take in account that objects of heap allocated types hold a strong reference to their type has patch has PR open vstinner     43
40787 8 hours ago Mysql + unittest crash open lgerosa   crash 2
40789 9 hours ago C-level destructor in PySide2 breaks gen_send_ex, which assumes it's safe to call Py_DECREF with a live exception open njs     2
40701 11 hours ago tempfile mixes str and bytes in an inconsistent manner has patch has PR open ericzolf   behavior 9
40734 11 hours ago /usr/bin surprisingly in sys.path under IDLE open phr terry.reedy behavior 7
40782 yesterday AbstactEventLoop.run_in_executor is listed as an async method, but should actually return a Futrue open jamesba   behavior 2
40788 yesterday Build issue Solaris 10 Sparc open munocat christian.heimes   1
39724 yesterday IDLE threading + stdout/stdin observed blocking behavior open John Smith terry.reedy behavior 12
16995 yesterday Add Base32 support for RFC4648 "Extended Hex" alphabet (patch attached) has patch has PR open matthaeus.wander   enhancement 9
38605 yesterday [typing] PEP 563: Postponed evaluation of annotations: enable it by default in Python 3.10 has PR open vstinner   behavior 17
40786 yesterday madvise should be accessible outside of mmap instance open ngie     1
34689 yesterday Lib/ expands non-variables has PR open lepaperwan   behavior 1
40785 yesterday `mmap.mmap(..., 0)` doesn't work as advertised in docs (fails with EINVAL); relies on compatibility behavior no longer permitted by [some] Unix OSes open ngie     2
37824 yesterday IDLE: Handle Shell input warnings properly. has PR open serhiy.storchaka terry.reedy behavior 13
16954 yesterday Add docstrings for ElementTree module has patch open serhiy.storchaka docs@python enhancement 16
40771 yesterday python3 fromtimestamp generates OSError open jamercee   behavior 4
19500 yesterday ftplib: Add client-side SSL session resumption has patch open Ye.Wang   enhancement 24
40601 yesterday [C API] Hide static types from the limited C API open vstinner     5
40756 yesterday Second argument of LoggerAdapter.__init__ should default to None has PR open arturoescaip vinay.sajip enhancement 2
40754 yesterday ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_testinternalcapi' under Win10 open honglei.jiang   crash 3
39673 yesterday Map errno==ETIME to TimeoutError has PR open YoSTEALTH   enhancement 13
33678 yesterday selector_events.BaseSelectorEventLoop.sock_connect should preserve socket type has patch has PR open sebastien.bourdeauducq   behavior 7
29882 yesterday Add an efficient popcount method for integers has PR open niklasf   enhancement 18
40777 yesterday _datetimemodule.c:3328:16: error: initializer element is not constant open smani   compile error 1
35714 yesterday Document that the null character '\0' terminates a struct format spec has PR open bup docs@python behavior 10
39301 yesterday Specification of bitshift on integers should clearly state floor division used has PR open ncoghlan docs@python enhancement 9
40775 yesterday Fix missing dot in sqlite3 Node type name has PR open erlendaasland     0
31485 yesterday Tkinter widget.unbind(sequence, funcid) unbind all bindings has PR open j-4321-i   enhancement 10
39830 yesterday zipfile.Path is not included in __all__ has PR open xtreak   behavior 3
40696 yesterday exception chain cycles cause hangs (was "Exception handling with "await" can hang in Python3.9.0b1") has PR open felixxm   behavior 20
40736 yesterday better message for TypeError ("expected string or bytes-like object") open chris.jerdonek   enhancement 4
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