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33312 1/2 an hour ago ubsan undefined behavior sanitizer flags struct _dictkeysobject (PyDictKeysObj) has patch has PR open gregory.p.smith gregory.p.smith compile error 21
33321 1/2 an hour ago Add a Linux clang ubsan undefined behavior sanitizer buildbot open gregory.p.smith gregory.p.smith compile error 1
33131 2 hours ago Upgrade to pip 10 for Python 3.7 has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 16
33254 2 hours ago Have importlib.resources.contents() return an interable instead of an iterator has PR open brett.cannon brett.cannon behavior 3
991266 2 hours ago does not correctly quote Morsels has patch has PR open zenzen   behavior 11
28627 2 hours ago [alpine] shutil.copytree fail to copy a direcotry with broken symlinks has patch open fruch   behavior 4
32886 3 hours ago new Boolean ABC in numbers module open smarie   enhancement 13
33277 4 hours ago Deprecate __loader__, __package__, __file__, and __cached__ on modules open brett.cannon     4
33318 4 hours ago Move folding tuples of constants into compiler.c from peephole.c has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 3
33315 6 hours ago Allow queue.Queue to be used in type annotations open sproshev     2
33319 6 hours ago `` documentation doesn't tell is using `stdout=PIPE` safe open pekka.klarck docs@python   2
21314 7 hours ago Document '/' in signatures open veky larry enhancement 7
33317 yesterday `repr()` of string in NFC and NFD forms does not differ open pekka.klarck   enhancement 4
33316 yesterday PyThread_release_lock always fails has PR open Ivan.Pozdeev   behavior 1
24318 yesterday Better documentaiton of profile-opt (and release builds in general?) has patch has PR open skip.montanaro docs@python   7
31463 yesterday test_multiprocessing_fork hangs test_subprocess open benjamin.peterson     3
24882 yesterday ThreadPoolExecutor doesn't reuse threads until #threads == max_workers has patch has PR open Matt Spitz   behavior 16
26153 yesterday PyImport_GetModuleDict: no module dictionary! when `__del__` triggers a warning has patch has PR open minrk   crash 3
32591 yesterday Deprecate sys.set_coroutine_wrapper and replace it with more focused API(s) has PR open njs   enhancement 19
33255 yesterday json.dumps has different behaviour if encoding='utf-8' or encoding='utf8' has PR open nhatcher   behavior 3
31583 yesterday 2to3 call for file in current directory yields error has patch has PR open denis-osipov   behavior 9
33314 2 days ago Bad rendering in the documentation for the os module has PR open pablogsal pablogsal   1
33311 2 days ago cgitb: remove parentheses when the error is in module has PR open sblondon   enhancement 1
33309 2 days ago Unittest Mock objects do not freeze arguments they are called with open slacknate   behavior 1
24905 2 days ago Allow incremental I/O to blobs in sqlite3 has patch has PR open jim_minter   enhancement 18
33305 2 days ago Improve syntax error for numbers with leading zero has PR open steven.daprano   enhancement 5
33306 2 days ago Improving SyntaxError for unmatched parentheses has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
33261 2 days ago inspect.isgeneratorfunction fails on hand-created methods has PR open jdemeyer   behavior 9
33303 2 days ago ElementTree Comment text isn't escaped open johnburnett   behavior 1
33297 3 days ago Mention Pillow package on tkinter.rst to work with more image formats has PR open adelfino docs@python enhancement 1
11594 3 days ago 2to3 does not preserve line endings has patch has PR open bialix benjamin.peterson behavior 13
32108 3 days ago configparser bug: section is emptied if you assign a section to itself has PR open simonltwick   behavior 4
33302 3 days ago The search for pyvenv.cfg doesn't match PEP 405 open mattheww   behavior 1
33301 3 days ago Add __contains__ to pathlib open Alok Singh   enhancement 1
32533 3 days ago SSLSocket read/write thread-unsafety open Alexey Baldin steve.dower behavior 3
33090 3 days ago race condition between send and recv in _ssl with non-zero timeout open nneonneo christian.heimes crash 1
33234 3 days ago Improve list() pre-sizing for inputs with known lengths has PR open rhettinger   performance 3
33300 3 days ago Bad usage example in id() DocString open gneff docs@python   2
33262 3 days ago Deprecate shlex.split(None) to read from stdin. has PR open christian.heimes   behavior 2
33295 3 days ago ERROR: test_sites_no_connection_close (test.test_urllib2net.OtherNetworkTests) has PR open inada.naoki   behavior 7
33251 3 days ago ConfigParser.items returns items present in vars has PR open timster   behavior 4
33296 3 days ago datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp call decimal causes precision loss open anglister   behavior 2
15443 3 days ago datetime module has no support for nanoseconds open goshawk belopolsky enhancement 53
33294 3 days ago Support complex expressions for py-print command. has PR open Martin Liška   enhancement 1
23403 4 days ago Use pickle protocol 4 by default? has PR open serhiy.storchaka lukasz.langa enhancement 14
33266 4 days ago 2to3 doesn't parse all valid string literals has PR open zsol   behavior 2
33289 4 days ago askcolor is returning floats for r,g,b values instead of ints open Bryan.Oakley     1
31947 4 days ago names=None case is not handled by EnumMeta._create_ method has PR open anentropic   behavior 3
31904 4 days ago Python should support VxWorks RTOS has PR open Brian Kuhl   enhancement 7
21475 4 days ago Support the Sitemap extension in robotparser has patch open rhettinger   enhancement 10
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