ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
37295 8 minutes ago Possible optimizations for math.comb() open rhettinger   performance 6
37317 1 1/2 hours ago asyncio gather doesn't handle custom exceptions that inherit from BaseException open cmermingas   behavior 2
37326 2 hours ago Windows LICENSE.txt do not contain libffi license open indygreg   enhancement 4
28869 2 hours ago __module__ attribute is not set correctly for a class created by direct metaclass call has PR open levkivskyi   behavior 14
35360 3 hours ago Update SQLite to 3.28 in Windows and macOS installer builds has PR open vstinner     14
37325 3 hours ago IDLE: fix Query subclass tab focus traversal order open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 1
33529 5 hours ago [security] Infinite loop on folding email (_fold_as_ew()) if an header has no spaces has PR open rad164   security 10
37319 6 hours ago Deprecate using random.randrange() with non-integers open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 3
37245 6 hours ago Azure Pipeline 3.8 CI: multiple tests hung and timed out on macOS 10.13 open vstinner     4
37189 6 hours ago PyRun_String not exported in python38.dll has PR open cgohlke     17
34631 7 hours ago Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1.1c, 1.1.0k, and/or 1.0.2s has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement 13
37324 7 hours ago collections: remove deprecated aliases to ABC classes has PR open vstinner     4
37166 7 hours ago inspect.findsource doesn't handle shortened files gracefully has PR open thatch   behavior 4
35495 8 hours ago argparse does not honor default argument for nargs=argparse.REMAINDER argument open rgov   behavior 16
37120 8 hours ago Provide knobs to disable session ticket generation on TLS 1.3 has PR open njs christian.heimes enhancement 6
37323 8 hours ago test_asyncio: test_debug_mode_interop() fails using -Werror open vstinner     3
19696 8 hours ago Merge all (non-syntactic) import-related tests into test_importlib open brett.cannon   enhancement 4
37287 8 hours ago picke cannot dump Exception subclasses with different super() args open bquinlan     2
37297 8 hours ago function changed when pickle bound method object has patch open georgexsh   behavior 4
37322 8 hours ago test_ssl: test_pha_required_nocert() emits a ResourceWarning open vstinner     1
34556 11 hours ago Add --upgrade to venv module has PR open cooperlees   enhancement 4
34875 11 hours ago Change .js mime to "text/javascript" has PR open mylesborins     6
36732 yesterday test_asyncio: test_huge_content_recvinto() fails randomly open vstinner     3
37231 yesterday Optimize calling special methods has PR open jdemeyer   performance 3
4198 yesterday os.path.normcase gets fooled on windows with mapped linux network drive open dawidjoubert   behavior 5
37313 yesterday test_concurrent_futures stopped after 25 hours on AMD64 Windows7 SP1 3.7 open vstinner     2
33725 yesterday Python crashes on macOS after fork with no exec has PR open kapilt     61
35998 yesterday test_asyncio: test_start_tls_server_1() TimeoutError on Fedora 29 has patch has PR open matrixise     30
35031 yesterday test_asyncio test_start_tls_server_1 fails in AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT buildbots has PR open pablogsal   behavior 20
37316 yesterday mmap.mmap() passes the wrong variable to PySys_Audit() has PR open ZackerySpytz   behavior 1
37301 yesterday CGIHTTPServer doesn't handle long POST requests open vsbogd   behavior 4
34903 yesterday strptime %d handling of single digit day of month has PR open Mike Gleen docs@python behavior 6
37314 yesterday Compilation failed on AMD64 Debian root 3.8: undefined reference to _PyTraceMalloc_NewReference open vstinner     1
37193 yesterday Memory leak while running TCP/UDPServer with socketserver.ThreadingMixIn has patch has PR open maru-n   resource usage 5
24255 yesterday Replace debuglevel-related logic with logging has patch has PR open demian.brecht   enhancement 19
36403 yesterday AsyncIterator on 3.7: __aiter__ no longer honors finally blocks open asksol   behavior 6
36225 yesterday Lingering subinterpreters should be implicitly cleared on shutdown open ncoghlan   crash 7
35021 yesterday Assertion failures in datetimemodule.c. has PR open twouters serhiy.storchaka crash 7
35224 yesterday PEP 572: Assignment Expressions has PR open emilyemorehouse emilyemorehouse enhancement 31
37311 yesterday Solaris 11.3 w/ Studio 12.6 test_support fail open gmarler   behavior 1
37310 yesterday Solaris 11.3 w/ Studio 12.6 test_ctypes fail open gmarler   behavior 1
36956 yesterday Calling "functions" used to implement generators/comps easily cause crash open bup   crash 1
28805 yesterday Add documentation for METH_FASTCALL and _PyObject_FastCall*() has PR open skrah docs@python enhancement 13
34162 yesterday idlelib/NEWS.txt for 3.8.0 (and backports) has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 27
37309 yesterday idlelib/NEWS.txt for 3.9.0 and backports open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 2
9267 yesterday Update pickle opcode documentation in pickletools for 3.x open belopolsky docs@python enhancement 6
37294 yesterday concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor and multiprocessing.pool.Pool fail with super open maggyero   crash 5
37308 yesterday Possible mojibake in mmap.mmap() when using the tagname parameter on Windows has PR open ZackerySpytz   behavior 1
34831 yesterday Asyncio Tutorial has PR open cjrh docs@python enhancement 13
37307 yesterday isinstance/issubclass doc isn't clear on whether it's an AND or an OR. open leewz docs@python enhancement 7
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