ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
36067 3/4 hours ago subprocess terminate() "invalid handle" error when process is gone open giampaolo.rodola   behavior 7
36046 an hour ago support dropping privileges when running subprocesses has PR open patrick.mclean gregory.p.smith enhancement 1
36070 1 1/4 hours ago Enclosing scope not visible from within list comprehension open woodscn   behavior 2
22865 1 3/4 hours ago Document how to make pty.spawn not copy data has patch has PR open RadicalZephyr docs@python enhancement 11
34785 2 hours ago pty.spawn -- auto-termination after child process is dead (a zombie) has patch has PR pending jarryshaw   enhancement 3
33944 2 hours ago Deprecate and remove pth files has PR open barry   enhancement 55
29871 3 hours ago Enable optimized locks on Windows has PR open josh.r   performance 9
35899 3 hours ago '_is_sunder' function in 'enum' module fails on empty string has PR open Maxpxt ethan.furman behavior 14
36069 5 hours ago asyncio: create_connection cannot handle IPv6 link-local addresses anymore (linux) open Leonardo Mörlein     3
35840 6 hours ago Control flow inconsistency on closed asyncio stream open schlamar   behavior 4
35810 6 hours ago Object Initialization does not incref Heap-allocated Types has PR open eelizondo   behavior 17
36019 6 hours ago test_urllib fail in s390x buildbots: has PR open pablogsal     10
35995 7 hours ago logging.handlers.SMTPHandler has PR open lidayan     15
36043 7 hours ago FileCookieJar constructor don't accept PathLike has patch has PR open kapsh   enhancement 5
30782 8 hours ago Allow limiting the number of concurrent tasks in asyncio.as_completed has PR open andybalaam   enhancement 9
33039 8 hours ago int() and math.trunc don't accept objects that only define __index__ open ncoghlan docs@python enhancement 7
36030 9 hours ago add internal API function to create tuple without items array initialization has PR open sir-sigurd   performance 10
36066 10 hours ago Add `empty` block to `for` and `while` loops. open wlohu   enhancement 5
36064 10 hours ago docs: urllib.request.Request not accepting iterables data type has PR open sylye docs@python enhancement 13
20582 11 hours ago socket.getnameinfo() does not document flags has PR open roysmith docs@python enhancement 6
35925 12 hours ago test_httplib test_nntplib test_ssl fail on ARMv7 Debian buster bot (OpenSSL 1.1.1a) open pablogsal   behavior 13
36035 12 hours ago pathlib.Path().rglob() breaks with broken symlinks has PR open Jörg Stucke   enhancement 8
29757 yesterday The loop in utility `socket.create_connection()` swallows previous errors has PR open ankostis   enhancement 10
36034 yesterday Suprise halt caused by -Werror=implicit-function-declaration in ./Modules/posixmodule.c open Michael.Felt   compile error 4
36018 yesterday Add a Normal Distribution class to the statistics module has patch has PR open rhettinger steven.daprano enhancement 4
12974 yesterday array module: deprecate '__int__' conversion support for array elements open meador.inge   behavior 7
20177 yesterday Derby #8: Convert 28 sites to Argument Clinic across 2 files has patch has PR open larry   enhancement 19
31904 yesterday Python should support VxWorks RTOS has PR open Brian Kuhl   enhancement 7
35813 yesterday shared memory construct to avoid need for serialization between processes has PR open davin davin enhancement 44
33065 yesterday IDLE debugger: failure stepping through module loading open jcdlr terry.reedy behavior 8
22707 yesterday Idle: changed options should take effect immediately open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 5
22629 yesterday Idle: update and htests has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 5
22705 yesterday Idle extension configuration: add option-help option has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 5
22706 yesterday Idle extension configuration and key bindings has patch open terry.reedy   enhancement 5
36058 yesterday Improve file decoding before open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 1
18823 yesterday Idle: use pipes instead of sockets to talk with user subprocess open terry.reedy   behavior 5
36054 yesterday Way to detect CPU count inside docker container open keirlawson   performance 5
36029 yesterday Use consistent case for HTTP header fields has PR open maggyero   enhancement 3
3991 yesterday urllib.request.urlopen does not handle non-ASCII characters has patch open a.badger   behavior 14
36020 yesterday HAVE_SNPRINTF and MSVC std::snprintf support has PR open palotasb-conti   compile error 11
35828 yesterday test_multiprocessing_fork - crashes in PyDict_GetItem - segmentation error open Michael.Felt   crash 7
36027 yesterday Support negative exponents in pow() where a modulus is specified. open rhettinger   enhancement 14
34464 yesterday There are inconsitencies in the treatment of True, False, None, and __debug__ keywords in the docs open jfine2358 docs@python enhancement 5
36048 yesterday Deprecate implicit truncating when convert Python numbers to C integers: use __index__, not __int__ has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 6
36042 yesterday Setting __init_subclass__ and __class_getitem__ methods are in runtime doesnt make them class method. has PR open BTaskaya levkivskyi enhancement 6
36053 yesterday pkgutil.walk_packages jumps out from given path if there is package with the same name in sys.path has PR open karkucik   behavior 1
36041 yesterday email: folding of quoted string in display_name violates RFC open aaryn.startmail   behavior 5
36000 yesterday __debug__ is a keyword but not a keyword open bup   enhancement 3
35933 yesterday python doc does not say that the state kwarg in Pickler.save_reduce can be a tuple (and not only a dict) has patch has PR open pierreglaser docs@python   9
36021 yesterday [Security][Windows] webbrowser: WindowsDefault uses os.startfile() and so can be abused to run arbitrary commands has PR open vstinner matrixise security 24
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