ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
35728 7 minutes ago Tkinter font nametofont requires default root has PR open terry.reedy   behavior 3
42378 1/4 hour ago logging reopens file with same mode, possibly truncating has PR open ecatmur2   behavior 2
22240 3/4 hours ago argparse support for "python -m module" in help has patch open tebeka   enhancement 21
43838 an hour ago There is a way to access an underlying mapping in MappingProxyType has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 8
44727 an hour ago Stable ABI should avoid `enum` open petr.viktorin     3
44726 1 1/2 hours ago Build macOS version with thin lto option has PR open corona10 ned.deily enhancement 5
34963 1 1/2 hours ago String representation for types created with typing.NewType(…) are opaque and unappealing has PR open fish2000   behavior 11
44707 2 hours ago runtime error: applying zero offset to null pointer in Objects/listobject.c has PR open thatiparthy   compile error 4
44725 2 hours ago Expose specialization stats in python has PR open iritkatriel   enhancement 1
42414 3 hours ago unable to document fields of dataclass has PR open jmg eric.smith enhancement 15
44724 3 hours ago Resource Tracker is never reaped open viktor.ivanov   resource usage 1
29298 3 hours ago argparse fails with required subparsers, un-named dest, and empty argv has PR open zachrahan eric.araujo behavior 9
44405 5 hours ago add program passed as string to dis module. has patch has PR open CCLDArjun   enhancement 8
44722 6 hours ago RFC: string Multiline Formatter has PR open creative-resort   enhancement 3
44723 6 hours ago Codec name normalization breaks custom codecs open bodograumann   behavior 1
39632 7 hours ago variadic function call broken on armhf when passing a float argument has patch has PR open Nicolas Dessart     4
44709 8 hours ago [3.7] Popen Control Characters in stdout affect shell session open San     4
44718 8 hours ago Incorrect arguments in function select() cause segfault open xxm   crash 2
44721 11 hours ago Problem in tkinter button widget open a.h.misaghi   behavior 1
44050 11 hours ago [subinterpreters] _PyImport_FixupExtensionObject() regression in Python 3.9 open trygveaa eric.snow behavior 6
44720 11 hours ago Finding string in iteratively deleted object cause segfault open xxm   crash 1
44719 12 hours ago Incorrect callable object crashes Python 3.11.0a0 open xxm   crash 1
36643 yesterday Forward reference is not resolved by dataclasses.fields() open mdrachuk   behavior 3
44711 yesterday Optimize type check in has PR open anton.gruebel   performance 6
44717 yesterday Improve AttributeError on circular imports of submodules has PR open FFY00   enhancement 1
41255 yesterday Argparse.parse_args exits on unrecognized option with exit_on_error=False has patch has PR open mhughes   behavior 9
19217 yesterday Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch has PR open Jacek.Bzdak ezio.melotti resource usage 27
44712 yesterday Replace `type(literal)` with corresponding builtin types has PR open serhiy.storchaka     2
44689 yesterday MacOS: Python binaries not portable between Catalina and Big Sur has PR open bergkvist   behavior 7
41556 yesterday hostname verification fails if hostname starts with literal IPv4 open dnmvisser christian.heimes behavior 4
44697 yesterday Memory leak when asyncio.open_connection raise open seer   resource usage 2
35183 yesterday os.path.splitext documentation needs typical example has PR open shaungriffith docs@python enhancement 4
44705 yesterday Support Windows file open modes for `open` built-in function open lukedeller1   enhancement 2
44677 yesterday CSV sniffing falsely detects space as a delimiter has PR open pt12lol   behavior 4
44698 yesterday Undefined behaviour in Objects/complexobject.c's complex_pow has PR open twouters twouters behavior 1
44671 yesterday Create a built-in yaml module open jarpri08   enhancement 4
44702 yesterday Fix weakref doc open Prometheus3375 docs@python enhancement 1
44695 yesterday asdict use deep copy to dataclass instances open Itayazolay   behavior 1
44701 yesterday Create a @deprecated decorator (annotation) open Leonardofreua   enhancement 1
43693 yesterday Logically merge cell and locals array. They are already contiguous in memory has PR open Mark.Shannon   performance 32
44699 2 days ago Simple regex appears to take exponential time in length of input open brezniczky   performance 5
44693 2 days ago Unclear definition of the "__future__" module in Docs open StevenHsuYL docs@python enhancement 3
44686 2 days ago use pkgutil.resolve_name in unittest.mock has PR open graingert     2
44694 2 days ago Message from BytesParser cannot be flattened immediately open vitas1   behavior 1
30511 2 days ago shutil.make_archive should not need to chdir (alternatively: make shutil.make_archive thread-safe) has PR open Alex Gaynor     10
44588 2 days ago Possible double Py_XDECREF in cpython typeobject.c has PR open Wesley-Jzy   crash 8
42064 2 days ago Convert sqlite3 to multi-phase initialisation (PEP 489) has PR open erlendaasland   enhancement 15
44690 2 days ago Adopt binacii.a2b_base64's strict mode in base64.b64decode has PR open idan22moral   behavior 1
43950 2 days ago Include column offsets for bytecode instructions has PR open pablogsal     31
44688 2 days ago [sqlite3] Remove ASCII limitation from sqlite3.Connection.create_collation() open erlendaasland erlendaasland enhancement 1
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