ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
35027 1/4 hour ago distutils.core.setup does not raise TypeError when if classifiers, keywords and platforms fields are not specified as a list has patch has PR open TilmanKrummeck   behavior 5
35042 an hour ago Use the role :pep: for the PEP \d+ has PR open matrixise docs@python   5
35039 1 1/2 hours ago remove unused vars in Lib/turtledemo module has PR open thatiparthy     1
35044 1 3/4 hours ago Use the :exc: role for the exceptions in the doc open matrixise docs@python   1
35043 2 hours ago functools.reduce doesn't work properly with itertools.chain open Vasantha Ganesh Kanniappan   behavior 1
34971 3 hours ago add support for tls/ssl sessions in asyncio has PR open RemiCardona   enhancement 4
34576 5 hours ago [EASY doc] http.server, SimpleHTTPServer: warn users on security has PR open vstinner orsenthil security 20
34996 6 hours ago Add name to process and thread pool has PR open Raz Manor   enhancement 6
35040 7 hours ago functools.lru_cache does not work with coroutines open Liran Nuna     2
19217 10 hours ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch has PR open Jacek.Bzdak ezio.melotti resource usage 23
35033 yesterday Column or row spanning cells are not implemented. open mdk docs@python   3
34963 yesterday String representation for types created with typing.NewType(…) are opaque and unappealing has PR open fish2000   behavior 7
34271 yesterday Please support logging of SSL master secret by env variable SSLKEYLOGFILE has patch has PR open jmfrank63 christian.heimes enhancement 7
29843 yesterday errors raised by ctypes.Array for invalid _length_ attribute has patch has PR open Oren Milman   behavior 13
35038 yesterday AttributeError: 'frame' object has no attribute 'f_restricted' open Delgan docs@python enhancement 2
34876 yesterday Python3.8 changes how decorators are traced has PR open nedbat     14
35037 yesterday PYLONG_BITS_IN_DIGIT differs between MinGW and MSVC open scoder   compile error 6
34794 yesterday Memory leak in Tkinter has patch has PR open dtalkin   resource usage 4
34831 yesterday Asyncio Tutorial has PR open cjrh docs@python enhancement 10
35035 yesterday Documentation for email.utils is named email.util.rst has PR open zmwangx docs@python   1
35030 yesterday Python 2.7 OrderedDict creates circular references has patch has PR open tzickel rhettinger   5
34396 yesterday Certain methods that heap allocated subtypes inherit suffer a 50-80% performance penalty open bup   performance 3
16806 yesterday col_offset is -1 and lineno is wrong for multiline string expressions has patch has PR open   enhancement 11
25750 yesterday tp_descr_get(self, obj, type) is called without owning a reference to "self" has patch has PR open jdemeyer serhiy.storchaka crash 19
35017 yesterday socketserver accept a last request after shutdown has PR open beledouxdenis   behavior 1
34521 yesterday Multiple tests (test_socket, test_multiprocessing_*) fail due to incorrect recvmsg(2) buffer lengths, causing failures on FreeBSD CURRENT has patch has PR open pablogsal   behavior 18
35031 yesterday test_asyncio test_start_tls_server_1 fails in AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT buildbots has PR open pablogsal   behavior 6
34969 yesterday Add --fast, --best to the gzip CLI has PR open matrixise matrixise   5
34562 yesterday cannot install versions 3.6.5+ on Windows open Zyg     5
35032 yesterday Remove the videos from faq/Windows has PR open matrixise docs@python   5
34977 yesterday Release Windows Store app containing Python open steve.dower steve.dower enhancement 4
31299 yesterday Add "ignore_modules" option to TracebackException.format() has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 7
34995 2 days ago functools.cached_property does not maintain the wrapped method's __isabstractmethod__ has PR open mwilbz     7
33237 2 days ago Improve AttributeError message for partially initialized module has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 7
35024 2 days ago Incorrect logging in importlib when '.pyc' file creation fails has PR open qagren   behavior 1
35003 2 days ago Provide an option to venv to put files in a bin/ directory on Windows open brett.cannon brett.cannon enhancement 3
35026 2 days ago Winreg's documentation lacks mentioning required permission at some points open georgefischhof docs@python enhancement 2
27741 2 days ago datetime.datetime.strptime functionality description incorrect has patch has PR open Valectar docs@python behavior 8
10344 2 days ago buffering doc needs fix has PR open Santiago.Piccinini docs@python behavior 9
31122 2 days ago SSLContext.wrap_socket() throws OSError with errno == 0 open nikratio christian.heimes behavior 4
34536 2 days ago Enum._missing_ doesn't raise TypeError when a non-Enum object is a returned has PR open Paul Pinterits ethan.furman behavior 7
34791 2 days ago xml package does not obey sys.flags.ignore_environment has PR open christian.heimes   security 6
35019 2 days ago Allow ipaddres.IPv4/v6Address in asyncio.create_server has PR open bassford   enhancement 4
30945 2 days ago loop.create_server does not detect if the interface is IPv6 enabled has patch has PR open cecton   behavior 12
35028 2 days ago Off by one error in cgi.FieldStorage(max_num_fields) has PR open Matthew Belisle   behavior 1
34912 2 days ago Update overflow checks in resize_buffer open Windson Yang     3
14894 2 days ago distutils.LooseVersion fails to compare number and a word has patch open Natalia   behavior 27
34725 2 days ago Py_GetProgramFullPath() odd behaviour in Windows has patch has PR open mariofutire     17
34866 2 days ago CGI DOS vulnerability via long post list has patch has PR open Matthew Belisle   security 5
29564 2 days ago ResourceWarning: suggest to enable tracemalloc in the message open David Ford (FirefighterBlu3)   resource usage 13
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