ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
29753 9 minutes ago Ctypes Packing Bitfields Incorrectly - Linux has patch has PR open Charles Machalow   behavior 13
42128 14 minutes ago Structural Pattern Matching (PEP 634) has PR open brandtbucher brandtbucher enhancement 34
41972 1 1/2 hours ago bytes.find consistently hangs in a particular scenario has patch has PR open Zeturic   performance 73
40469 2 hours ago TimedRotatingFileHandler rotating on use not time has patch has PR open markhallett     2
43271 2 hours ago AMD64 Windows10 3.x crash with Windows fatal exception: stack overflow open vstinner     4
42129 3 hours ago Support resources in namespace packages has PR open jaraco jaraco   8
43344 4 hours ago RotatingFileHandler breaks file type associations open kh14821   behavior 2
42484 6 hours ago get_obs_local_part fails to handle empty local part has PR open dxn126   behavior 2
27777 10 hours ago cgi.FieldStorage can't parse simple body with Content-Length and no Content-Disposition has patch has PR open rr- ethan.furman behavior 28
40059 12 hours ago Provide a toml module in the standard library open mgorny   enhancement 5
43054 yesterday What does the existence of a struct in a header file imply about the C-API open Mark.Shannon     5
22100 yesterday Use $HOSTPYTHON when determining candidate interpreter for $PYTHON_FOR_BUILD. has patch open shiz   enhancement 4
43312 yesterday Interface to select preferred "user" or "home" sysconfig scheme for an environment has PR open uranusjr     7
43319 yesterday A possible misleading expression in the Virtual Environment Tutorial open cmhzc docs@python behavior 1
20503 yesterday super behaviour and abstract base classes (either implementation or documentation/error message is wrong) open Gerrit.Holl rhettinger behavior 5
43325 yesterday Documentation should warn that 'is' is not a safe comparison operator for most values. open anthony-flury rhettinger enhancement 2
43340 yesterday json.load() can raise UnicodeDecodeError, but this is not documented open mattheww rhettinger behavior 3
43342 yesterday Error while using Python C API open piyush115   compile error 2
43060 yesterday Convert _decimal C API from pointer array to struct open erlendaasland   enhancement 4
43341 yesterday functools.partial missing __weakref__ descriptor? open bup   behavior 1
31030 yesterday sys.executable can be not normalized open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 8
31447 yesterday proc communicate not exiting on python subprocess timeout using PIPES open Leonardo Francalanci   behavior 16
24650 yesterday Error in yield expression documentation has PR open swanson docs@python   3
43338 yesterday [feature request] Please provide offical installers for security releases open zby1234   enhancement 1
21109 yesterday tarfile: Traversal attack vulnerability has patch has PR open Daniel.Garcia lars.gustaebel security 35
43281 yesterday Walrus comprehension rebind checking behavior open gousaiyang   behavior 2
43337 yesterday export the set newline value on TextIOBase/TextIOWrapper open calestyo   enhancement 1
43324 yesterday asyncio: add socket getfqdn and gethostbyaddr functions has PR open AliyevH   enhancement 1
43323 yesterday UnicodeEncodeError: surrogates not allowed when parsing invalid charset open andersk   behavior 1
43307 yesterday Sync and with PyPy has PR open mattip   enhancement 2
43306 yesterday Error in multiprocessing.Pool's initializer doesn't stop execution open nemeskeyd   behavior 2
43300 yesterday "bisect" module should support reverse-sorted sequences open mCoding   enhancement 3
43273 yesterday Mock `_mock_wraps` is undocumented and inconsistently named open Woodz     2
43336 yesterday document whether io.TextIOBase.readline(size>0) will always read the full newline open calestyo docs@python   2
43233 yesterday test_os: test_copy_file_range_offset fails on FreeBSD CURRENT open pablogsal     7
13559 yesterday Use sendfile where possible in httplib has patch open benjamin.peterson   performance 12
43334 2 days ago venv does not install libpython open anuppari   behavior 1
43333 2 days ago utf8 in BytesGenerator open darcy.beurle   crash 1
27149 2 days ago Implement socket.sendmsg() for Windows open socketpair   enhancement 5
40007 2 days ago An attempt to make asyncio.transport.writelines (selector) use Scatter I/O has PR open tzickel   enhancement 2
29829 2 days ago Documentation lacks clear warning of subprocess issue with pythonw open Steve Barnes docs@python behavior 4
43332 2 days ago http/ - uses multiple network writes, possibly causing excessive network usage and increased implementation complexity on the other end open zveinn   performance 4
29045 2 days ago Outdated C api doc about Windows error open xiang.zhang docs@python enhancement 4
28474 2 days ago WinError(): Python int too large to convert to C long open Kelvin You   behavior 7
24045 2 days ago Behavior of large returncodes (sys.exit(nn)) open ethan.furman docs@python behavior 4
42962 2 days ago Windows: SystemError during os.kill(..., signal.CTRL_C_EVENT) open William.Schwartz   behavior 14
43331 2 days ago [Doc][urllib.request] Explicit the fact that header keys are sent in Camel case has PR open axel3rd docs@python behavior 1
27612 2 days ago socket.gethostbyname resolving octal IP addresses incorrectly open mattrobenolt   behavior 20
27496 2 days ago doesn't have names for control characters open zwol   behavior 4
27263 2 days ago Tkinter sets the HOME environment variable, breaking scripts open Jarrod Petz docs@python behavior 14
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