ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
32911 2 minutes ago Doc strings no longer stored in body of AST has PR open Mark.Shannon   behavior 42
33650 6 minutes ago Prohibit adding a signal handler for SIGCHLD open yselivanov     1
33598 3/4 hours ago ActiveState Recipes links in docs, and the apparent closure of Recipes open tritium docs@python   5
33649 an hour ago asyncio docs overhaul open yselivanov docs@python enhancement 1
33647 an hour ago Add re.replace(string, replacement_map) open paalped   enhancement 3
31647 1 1/4 hours ago asyncio: StreamWriter write_eof() after close raises mysterious AttributeError open twisteroid ambassador   behavior 4
31096 1 1/4 hours ago may lead to a blocking behavior open malinoff     2
30698 1 1/4 hours ago asyncio sslproto do not shutdown ssl layer cleanly has PR open grzgrzgrz3   behavior 5
32672 1 1/4 hours ago .then execution of actions following a future's completion has PR open dancollins34   enhancement 4
1366311 2 hours ago SRE engine should release the GIL when/if possible open eric_noyau serhiy.storchaka enhancement 10
33645 2 hours ago Importing bs4 fails with -3 option in Python 2.7.15 has PR open fschulze   behavior 5
33594 2 hours ago add deprecation since 3.5 for a few methods of inspect. has PR open mbussonn docs@python   2
33587 2 hours ago inspect.getsource performs unnecessary filesystem stat call has PR open Pankaj Pandey   performance 2
33582 2 hours ago formatargspec deprecated but does nto emit DeprecationWarning. has PR open mbussonn docs@python   1
33573 3 hours ago statistics.median does not work with ordinal scale, add doc open W deW docs@python enhancement 6
33521 3 hours ago Add 1.32x faster C implementation of asyncio.isfuture(). has patch has PR open jimmylai   performance 10
33648 5 hours ago unused with_c_locale_warning option in configure should be removed has PR open eitan.adler     4
26826 6 hours ago Expose new copy_file_range() syscall in os module. has patch open StyXman   enhancement 43
33012 9 hours ago Invalid function cast warnings with gcc 8 for METH_NOARGS has PR open siddhesh   compile error 21
33642 10 hours ago IDLE: Use variable number of lines in CodeContext has PR open cheryl.sabella terry.reedy enhancement 3
33644 12 hours ago Fix signatures of tp_finalize handlers in testing code. has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
33643 yesterday Mock functions with autospec STILL don't support assert_called_once, assert_called, assert_not_called open dybi   behavior 1
33623 yesterday Fix possible SIGSGV when asyncio.Future is created in __del__ has PR open yselivanov   crash 6
33616 yesterday typing.NoReturn is undocumented has PR open srittau docs@python   1
33351 yesterday Support compiling with clang-cl on Windows has PR open Ethan Smith   enhancement 9
33625 yesterday Release GIL for grp.getgr{nam,gid} and pwd.getpw{nam,uid} has PR open wg   behavior 5
33610 yesterday IDLE: Make multiple improvements to CodeContext open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 6
22703 yesterday Idle Code Context menu entrie(s) open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 5
33615 yesterday test__xxsubinterpreters crashed on x86 Gentoo Refleaks 3.x open vstinner eric.snow   9
32458 yesterday test_asyncio: test_start_tls_server_1() fails randomly has PR open pitrou yselivanov behavior 12
33639 yesterday Use high-performance os.sendfile() in shutil.copy* has PR open giampaolo.rodola   performance 5
33640 yesterday uuid: endian of the bytes argument is not documented open vstinner docs@python   2
33641 yesterday Add links to RFCs has PR open serhiy.storchaka docs@python   1
25156 yesterday shutil.copyfile should internally use os.sendfile when possible has patch open desbma   enhancement 20
31453 yesterday Debian Sid/Buster: Cannot enable TLS 1.0/1.1 with PROTOCOL_TLS has patch has PR open adrianv   behavior 28
33638 yesterday condition lock not re-acquired open christof   behavior 2
30773 yesterday async generator receives wrong value when shared between coroutines open Dima.Tisnek yselivanov behavior 7
33355 yesterday Windows 10 buildbot: 15 min timeout on test_mmap.test_large_filesize() open vstinner     18
33637 yesterday pip cannot build extensions for debug Python open Ivan.Pozdeev   behavior 2
33614 yesterday Compilation of Python fails on AMD64 Windows8.1 Refleaks 3.x open vstinner steve.dower   14
33174 yesterday error building the _sha3 module with Intel 2018 compilers open wscullin   compile error 3
33396 yesterday IDLE: Improve and document help doc viewer open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 2
33530 yesterday Implement Happy Eyeball in asyncio has PR open twisteroid ambassador   enhancement 1
33630 yesterday test_posix: TestPosixSpawn fails on PPC64 Fedora 3.x open vstinner serhiy.storchaka behavior 3
33627 yesterday test-complex of test_numeric_tower.test_complex() crashes intermittently on Ubuntu buildbots open vstinner   crash 4
32706 yesterday test_check_hostname() of test_ftplib started to fail randomly has PR open vstinner christian.heimes behavior 11
32947 yesterday Support OpenSSL 1.1.1 has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement 4
33635 yesterday OSError when using pathlib.Path.rglob() to list device files open Victor Domingos   crash 1
33462 yesterday reversible dict has PR open selik   enhancement 15
33632 yesterday undefined behaviour: signed integer overflow in threadmodule.c open pitrou   behavior 3
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