ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
34169 1 minute ago itertools.repeat does not accept None as an explicit count has PR open chepner rhettinger   3
34008 2 minutes ago Do we support calling Py_Main() after Py_Initialize()? has PR open ncoghlan   behavior 16
34170 12 minutes ago Py_Initialize(): computing path configuration must not have side effect (PEP 432) has PR open vstinner     4
34115 1/2 an hour ago code.InteractiveConsole.interact() closes stdin open Yonatan Zunger docs@python enhancement 2
34175 3 hours ago typing.NamedTuple: type-checking error when "index" used as member open campkeith     1
34060 3 hours ago regrtest: log "CPU usage" on Windows has patch has PR open vstinner     27
5115 3 hours ago Extend subprocess.kill to be able to kill process groups has patch has PR open erickt   enhancement 7
34173 4 hours ago [3.7] possible race condition in /usr/lib/python3.7/concurrent/futures/ open corey.bryant   behavior 1
25150 5 hours ago 3.5: Include/pyatomic.h is incompatible with OpenMP (compilation of the third-party module fails on Python 3.5) has patch open axh   compile error 29
34168 6 hours ago RAM consumption too high using concurrent.futures (Python 3.7 / 3.6 ) open DemGiran     3
26544 6 hours ago platform.libc_ver() returns incorrect version number has patch has PR open Thomas.Waldmann   behavior 15
34118 7 hours ago Fix some class entries in 'Built-in Functions' open terry.reedy docs@python behavior 8
34172 7 hours ago multiprocessing.Pool and ThreadPool leak resources after being deleted open tzickel   behavior 1
34157 7 hours ago NamedTemporaryFile can leave temporary files behind open jwilk   behavior 6
34171 8 hours ago Lib/trace.cover not removed by the clean target open doko     1
34011 8 hours ago Default preference not given to venv DLL's has PR open jonathan-lp   behavior 5
32627 8 hours ago Header dependent _uuid build failure on Fedora 27 open ncoghlan   compile error 4
34028 8 hours ago Python 3.7.0 wont compile with SSL Support 1.1.0 > alledged missing X509_VERIFY_PARAM_set1_host() support open christian.heimes   7
21600 8 hours ago mock.patch.stopall doesn't work with patch.dict to sys.modules has patch open kakuma michael.foord behavior 19
34164 9 hours ago base64.b32decode() leads into UnboundLocalError and OverflowError on some data has PR open Barro   behavior 3
34154 10 hours ago Tkinter __init__ documentations sometimes missing valid keyword values open Creation Elemental     2
28166 11 hours ago WindowsConsoleIO misbehavior when Ctrl+C is ignored has PR open eryksun   behavior 3
34167 11 hours ago Standard library docs: prev/next skip right over 16.11 open Eric Janson docs@python behavior 1
34166 12 hours ago Tools/ emits a DeprecationWarning under Python 3.7 open lelit     1
29710 yesterday Incorrect representation caveat on bitwise operation docs has PR open ncoghlan docs@python enhancement 23
34165 yesterday uu.decode() raises binascii.Error instead of uu.Error on invalid data open Barro     1
33635 yesterday OSError when using pathlib.Path.rglob() to list device files open Victor Domingos   behavior 3
34100 yesterday Same constants in tuples are not merged while compile() has PR open Dan Rose inada.naoki resource usage 16
34160 yesterday ElementTree not preserving attribute order open rhettinger   behavior 3
34162 yesterday idlelib/NEWS.txt for 3.8.0 (and backports) has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 4
34159 yesterday asyncio basic event loop stuck with no tasks scheduled or ready open Sheng Zhong   behavior 2
33729 yesterday Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open Juuso Lehtivarjo serhiy.storchaka behavior 7
34132 yesterday Obscure netrc parser "bug" has patch has PR open skip.montanaro   behavior 3
33216 yesterday [3.5] Wrong order of stack for CALL_FUNCTION_VAR and CALL_FUNCTION_VAR_KW has PR open mvaled larry   10
30237 yesterday Access violation due to CancelSynchronousIo of console read has PR open eryksun   crash 3
34158 yesterday Documentation of datetime '%z' format code is odd has patch open Christophe Nanteuil docs@python   1
34155 yesterday email.utils.parseaddr mistakenly parse an email open Cyril Nicodème   behavior 5
34156 yesterday Nail down and document the behavior of range expressions in RE character classes open zwol docs@python behavior 2
33808 yesterday ssl.get_server_certificate fails with openssl 1.1.0 but works with 1.0.2g for self-signed certificate open dsanghan christian.heimes behavior 4
34144 yesterday venv activate.bat reset codepage fails on windows 10 has PR open LorenzMende   behavior 1
18921 yesterday In imaplib, cached capabilities may be out of date after login open sjmurdoch   enhancement 4
33336 yesterday [imaplib] MOVE is a legal command has PR open mcepl   enhancement 5
33327 yesterday Add a method to move messages to IMAPlib open mcepl   enhancement 2
31882 yesterday Cygwin: asyncio and asyncore test suites hang indefinitely due to bug in Cygwin has PR open erik.bray   crash 2
31534 yesterday python 3.6.2 installation failed 0x80070002 error open roie     3
34131 yesterday test_threading: BarrierTests.test_default_timeout() failed on AppVeyor open vstinner     2
34150 yesterday test_multiprocessing_spawn: Dangling processes leaked on AMD64 FreeBSD 10.x Shared 3.x open vstinner     2
34149 yesterday Behavior of the min/max with key=None has PR open amper   enhancement 7
25943 yesterday Integer overflow in _bsddb leads to heap corruption has patch has PR open Ned Williamson   crash 1
34047 yesterday IDLE: on macOS, scroll slider 'sticks' at bottom of file open belgort terry.reedy behavior 17
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