ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
39396 1/4 hour ago AIX: math.nextafter(a, b) breaks AIX bot open Michael.Felt     2
39395 1/4 hour ago The os module should unset() environment variable at exit has PR open vstinner     1
29258 1/4 hour ago required for pkgutil.walk_packages in python3 open Anthony Sottile docs@python behavior 6
39394 1/2 an hour ago re: DeprecationWarning for `flag not at the start of expression` is cutoff too early open jugmac00   enhancement 2
39393 3 hours ago Misleading error message upon dependent DLL resolution failure open plimkilde   behavior 1
36892 3 hours ago "Modules" section in Tutorial contains incorrect description about open musou1500 docs@python enhancement 4
39390 3 hours ago shutil.copytree - 3.8 changed argument types of the ignore callback has PR open mbarkhau docs@python behavior 3
39389 3 hours ago gzip metadata fails to reflect compresslevel has patch has PR open wchargin   behavior 5
39293 4 hours ago Windows 10 64-bit needs reboot after install open ToKa   behavior 2
39377 4 hours ago json.loads encoding parameter deprecation removal in Python 3.9 has PR open xtreak   behavior 8
39392 7 hours ago Python Turtle is not filling alternate overlapping areas of a shape with same color open lijose   behavior 1
20126 9 hours ago sched doesn't handle events added after scheduler starts open julian   behavior 10
27321 9 hours ago Email parser creates a message object that can't be flattened has patch has PR open msapiro   behavior 17
34780 yesterday [Windows] Hang on startup if stdin refers to a pipe with an outstanding concurrent operation on Windows has PR open izbyshev   behavior 3
39391 yesterday Nondeterministic Pydoc output on functions that have functions as default parameters open peteroupc docs@python behavior 1
39379 yesterday sys.path[0] is already absolute path open ksato9700 docs@python   2
39374 yesterday Key in sort -> Callable Object instead of function open Carlos Segura González rhettinger enhancement 5
34990 yesterday year 2038 problem in has PR open bmwiedemann   compile error 9
29612 yesterday TarFile.extract() suffers from hard links inside tarball has patch has PR open Jussi Judin   behavior 7
39388 yesterday IDLE: Changes to keybindings aren't reverted on cancel has PR open cheryl.sabella terry.reedy enhancement 1
39385 yesterday Add an assertNoLogs context manager to unittest TestCase has PR open Kit Yan Choi   enhancement 1
39134 yesterday can't construct dataclass as ABC (or runtime check as data protocol) open cybertreiber   behavior 14
29435 yesterday Allow to pass fileobj to is_tarfile open twiggers   enhancement 2
17005 yesterday Add a topological sort algorithm has patch has PR open rhettinger rhettinger enhancement 31
1635741 yesterday Py_Finalize() doesn't clear all Python objects at exit has PR open kylotan   resource usage 15
39386 yesterday getting invalid data from async iterator open jmg     1
19770 yesterday NNTP: add post_message wrapper to post Email Message objects has patch has PR open sobczyk   enhancement 10
32330 yesterday Email parser creates a message object that can't be flattened has patch has PR open msapiro   behavior 5
39384 yesterday Email parser creates a message object that can't be flattened as bytes. has PR open msapiro     1
37224 yesterday test__xxsubinterpreters fails randomly has PR open vstinner     40
39349 yesterday Add "cancel_futures" parameter to concurrent.futures.Executor.shutdown() has PR open aeros aeros enhancement 4
29270 yesterday super call in ctypes sub-class fails in 3.6 has patch open Dave Jones   behavior 13
38799 yesterday race condition in multiprocessing.Pool with maxtasksperchild=1 open   behavior 2
39383 yesterday Mention Darwin as a potential value for platform.system() has PR open bittner docs@python enhancement 1
39382 yesterday abstract_issubclass() doesn't take bases tuple item ref has patch open Yonatan Goldschmidt   crash 1
39372 yesterday The header files in Include/ have many declarations with no definition has PR open pablogsal   enhancement 6
39375 yesterday Document os.environ[x] = y and os.putenv() as thread unsafe open gregory.p.smith docs@python   3
30744 yesterday Local variable assignment is broken when combined with threads + tracing + closures has patch has PR open njs ncoghlan   48
39381 yesterday Fix get_event_loop documentation has PR open asvetlov     1
39380 yesterday ftplib uses latin-1 as default encoding has PR open SebastianGPedersen   behavior 0
39316 yesterday settrace skips lines when chaining methods without arguments open alexmojaki     1
39309 yesterday Please delete my account open sfjwlejfawnf     1
38848 2 days ago compileall fails when the platform lacks a functional sem_open() has PR open xdegaye   behavior 3
39173 2 days ago _AttributeHolder of argparse should support the sort function or not? open shihai1991 rhettinger enhancement 8
39378 2 days ago partial of PickleState struct should be traversed. has PR open shihai1991   enhancement 1
39283 2 days ago Add ability to inherit unittest arguement parser open atb00ker   behavior 4
39376 2 days ago Avoid modifying the process global environment (not thread safe) open gregory.p.smith   crash 2
36078 2 days ago argparse: positional with type=int, default=SUPPRESS raise ValueError open n8falke   behavior 7
39305 2 days ago Merge nntplib._NNTPBase and nntplib.NNTP has PR open corona10   enhancement 5
39298 2 days ago add BLAKE3 to hashlib open larry christian.heimes enhancement 7
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