ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
35081 9 minutes ago Move internal headers to Include/internal/ has PR open vstinner     35
35134 1/2 an hour ago Add a new Include/unstable/ subdirectory for the "unstable" API has PR open vstinner     9
35285 1/2 an hour ago Make Proactor api extensible for reasonably any file handle open Ignas Brašiškis   enhancement 1
35284 3/4 hours ago Incomplete error handling in the compiler's compiler_call() has PR open ZackerySpytz   behavior 1
35283 an hour ago "threading._DummyThread" redefines "is_alive" but forgets "isAlive" open dmaurer   crash 1
33954 1 1/4 hours ago float.__format__('n') fails with _PyUnicode_CheckConsistency assertion error for locales with non-ascii thousands separator has PR open vstinner     4
35259 2 hours ago Py_FinalizeEx unconditionally exists in Py_LIMITED_API has PR open AJNeufeld   crash 1
35281 2 hours ago Allow access to unittest.TestSuite tests open lbenezriravin   enhancement 2
35021 3 hours ago Assertion failures in datetimemodule.c. has PR open twouters serhiy.storchaka crash 6
35282 3 hours ago Add a return value to lib2to3.refactor.refactor_file and refactor_dir has PR open martindemello   enhancement 1
30455 4 hours ago Generate all tokens related code and docs from Grammar/Tokens has PR open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 9
25439 4 hours ago Add type checks to urllib.request.Request has patch has PR open ezio.melotti CuriousLearner enhancement 15
34995 7 hours ago functools.cached_property does not maintain the wrapped method's __isabstractmethod__ has PR open mwilbz     19
31146 7 hours ago Docs: On non-public translations, language picker fallback to "English" has PR open mdk docs@python enhancement 2
28043 7 hours ago Sane defaults for SSLContext options and ciphers has patch has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes security 5
29298 7 hours ago argparse fails with required subparsers, un-named dest, and empty argv has PR open zachrahan eric.araujo behavior 3
33570 9 hours ago OpenSSL 1.1.1 / TLS 1.3 cipher suite changes has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes behavior 4
35276 10 hours ago Document thread safety open vstinner docs@python   6
31292 yesterday `python check --restructuredtext` fails when a include directive is present. has patch has PR open flying sheep   behavior 2
31601 yesterday Availability of utimensat, futimens not checked correctly on macOS open jmr   crash 4
35273 yesterday 'eval' in generator expression behave different in dict from list open yesheng   behavior 5
35251 yesterday FTPHandler.ftp_open documentation error open lys.nikolaou docs@python   3
35271 yesterday venv creates pyvenv.cfg with wrong home pending wvxvw   behavior 2
22121 yesterday IDLE should start with HOME as the initial working directory open mark   enhancement 16
35221 yesterday Enhance venv activate commands readability has PR open mdk mdk   5
33944 yesterday Deprecate and remove pth files has PR open barry   enhancement 30
35131 yesterday Cannot access to customized paths within .pth file open Valentin Zhao   behavior 10
35267 yesterday reproducible deadlock with multiprocessing.Pool open dzhu   behavior 2
35280 yesterday Interactive shell overwrites history open dingens   behavior 1
35279 yesterday asyncio uses too many threads by default open Vojtěch Boček   resource usage 1
35278 yesterday [security] directory traversal in tempfile prefix open Yusuke Endoh   security 2
26660 yesterday tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() cleanup exception if nonwriteable or non-searchable files or directories created has PR open Laurent.Mazuel serhiy.storchaka enhancement 6
35277 yesterday Upgrade bundled pip/setuptools has PR open dstufft dstufft   3
30082 yesterday hide command prompt when using subprocess.Popen with shell=False on Windows has PR open iMath   enhancement 4
35268 yesterday Windows asyncio reading continously stdin and stdout Stockfish open Cezary.Wagner     3
8987 yesterday Distutils doesn't quote Windows command lines properly has patch open mgiuca   behavior 20
35244 yesterday Allow to setup Clang as default compiler for modules build open Jaime Torres   enhancement 5
25988 yesterday has PR open abarnert levkivskyi enhancement 27
35052 yesterday Coverity scan: copy/paste error in Lib/xml/dom/ open cstratak   behavior 20
24209 yesterday Allow IPv6 bind in http.server has patch has PR open Link Mauve   enhancement 4
35266 2 days ago Add _PyPreConfig and rework _PyCoreConfig and _PyMainInterpreterConfig has PR open vstinner     3
11122 2 days ago bdist_rpm should use rpmbuild, not rpm has patch has PR open purpleidea eric.araujo   23
32035 2 days ago Documentation of zipfile.ZipFile().writestr() fails to mention that 'data' may also be bytes has PR open Daniel5148 docs@python enhancement 3
35145 2 days ago sqlite3: optionally autoconvert table_info's DATETIME fields open jondo   behavior 11
35272 2 days ago sqlite3 get the connected database url open midnio   enhancement 4
35265 2 days ago Internal C API: pass the memory allocator in a context has PR open vstinner   enhancement 3
15245 2 days ago ast.literal_eval fails on some literals has patch open JBernardo   enhancement 14
34725 2 days ago Py_GetProgramFullPath() odd behaviour in Windows has patch has PR open mariofutire     20
35270 3 days ago Cmd.complete does not handle cmd=None has PR open blueyed   crash 1
35232 4 days ago Add `module`/`qualname` arguments to make_dataclass for picklability open Antony.Lee     1
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