ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
33397 1/4 hour ago IDLE help viewer: let users control font size has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 3
24776 1/4 hour ago IDLE: Improve config dialog font change user interface open rhettinger terry.reedy enhancement 10
35814 1/4 hour ago Syntax quirk with variable annotations open rhettinger   behavior 1
25522 1 1/2 hours ago IDLE: warn if save-as name matches stdlib name open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 7
35813 2 hours ago shared memory construct to avoid need for serialization between processes has PR open davin davin enhancement 1
35811 3 hours ago py.exe should unset the __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ environment variable open eryksun   behavior 2
35812 5 hours ago Don't log an exception from the main coroutine in open asvetlov     1
33166 6 hours ago os.cpu_count() returns wrong number of processors on specific systems open yanirh   behavior 17
18610 6 hours ago wsgiref.validate expects wsgi.input read to give exactly one arg has patch has PR open rschoon docs@python behavior 5
5028 7 hours ago tokenize.generate_tokens doesn't always return logical line open duncf docs@python behavior 2
33342 8 hours ago urllib IPv6 parsing fails with special characters in passwords open benaryorg   behavior 4
35767 9 hours ago unittest loader doesn't work with partial test functions has PR open fried     5
35810 9 hours ago Object Initialization Bug with Heap-allocated Types has PR open eelizondo     1
20911 9 hours ago urllib 'headers' is not a well defined data type open r.david.murray   behavior 4
35537 11 hours ago use os.posix_spawn in subprocess has patch has PR open nanjekyejoannah vstinner enhancement 50
23903 11 hours ago Generate PC/python3.def by scraping headers has patch open zach.ware   enhancement 32
34656 12 hours ago [CVE-2018-20406] memory exhaustion in Modules/_pickle.c:1393 has patch has PR open shuoz   security 14
10915 12 hours ago Make the PyGILState API compatible with multiple interpreters has patch open pitrou   enhancement 19
35711 12 hours ago Print information about an unexpectedly pending error before crashing has PR open sfreilich gregory.p.smith enhancement 8
27035 yesterday Cannot set exit code in atexit callback open Melebius   behavior 12
10112 yesterday Use -Wl,--dynamic-list=x.list, not -Xlinker -export-dynamic has patch open jankratochvil   resource usage 7
18078 yesterday threading.Condition to allow notify on a specific waiter has patch open JBernardo rhettinger enhancement 29
35809 yesterday test_concurrent_futures.ProcessPoolForkExecutorDeadlockTest fails intermittently on Travis and passes in verbose mode open xtreak     2
28890 yesterday logging.handlers: Document that QueueListener is a daemon thread open Julien Castiaux docs@python enhancement 0
35726 yesterday QueueHandler formatting affects other handlers has patch has PR open David Ruggles     6
35766 yesterday Merge typed_ast back into CPython has PR open gvanrossum   enhancement 4
35808 yesterday Let's retire pgen open gvanrossum     1
35797 yesterday concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor does not work in venv on Windows open chrullrich steve.dower behavior 14
5038 yesterday urrlib2/httplib doesn't reset file position between requests open matejcik orsenthil behavior 6
35683 yesterday Enable manylinux1 builds on Pipelines for CI testing has PR open steve.dower     6
35795 yesterday test_pkgutil test_zipapp fail in AMD64 Windows7 SP1 3.x and AMD64 Windows7 SP1 3.7 buildbots open pablogsal     5
35807 yesterday Update bundled pip to 19.0 open pradyunsg     1
35802 yesterday os.stat / os.lstat always present, but code checks hastattr(os, 'stat') / hasattr(os, 'lstat') has PR open Anthony Sottile     4
35805 yesterday email package folds msg-id identifiers using RFC2047 encoded words where it must not open mjpieters     2
35800 yesterday remove smtpd.MailmanProxy open samuelcolvin     4
24925 yesterday Allow doctest to find line number of __test__ strings if formatted as a triple quoted string. has patch open r.david.murray CuriousLearner behavior 10
15045 yesterday Make textwrap.dedent() and textwrap.indent() handle whitespace consistently has patch has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 6
32146 yesterday multiprocessing freeze_support needed outside win32 has PR open dancol   behavior 11
33944 2 days ago Deprecate and remove pth files has PR open barry   enhancement 53
35780 2 days ago Recheck logic in the C version of the lru_cache() has PR open rhettinger   behavior 11
20479 2 days ago Efficiently support weight/frequency mappings in the statistics module open ncoghlan steven.daprano enhancement 15
35132 2 days ago python-gdb error: Python Exception <class 'RuntimeError'> Type does not have a target open Dylan Cali   behavior 2
35803 2 days ago Test and document that `dir=...` in tempfile may be PathLike has PR open Anthony Sottile docs@python behavior 1
35798 2 days ago duplicate SyntaxWarning: "is" with a literal has PR open jwilk   behavior 3
35746 2 days ago [ssl][CVE-2019-5010] TALOS-2018-0758 Denial of Service has patch has PR open Talos christian.heimes security 15
31506 2 days ago Improve the error message logic for object_new & object_init has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 24
35758 2 days ago Disable x87 control word for MSVC ARM compiler has PR open Minmin.Gong     2
35661 2 days ago Store the venv prompt in pyvenv.cfg has PR open brett.cannon brett.cannon behavior 8
35782 2 days ago Missing whitespace after comma in randrange raise error has PR open louielu cheryl.sabella   5
35801 2 days ago venv in 3.7 references python3 executable open Paul Watson docs@python enhancement 1
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