ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
35251 1/4 hour ago FTPHandler.ftp_open documentation error open lys.nikolaou     1
31818 1 1/2 hours ago [macOS] _scproxy.get_proxies() crash -- get_proxies() is not fork-safe? open Mirko Friedenhagen   crash 8
33725 1 1/2 hours ago Python crashes on macOS after fork with no exec open kapilt     16
35250 1 3/4 hours ago Minor parameter documentation mismatch for turtle open Shane Smith docs@python   1
35214 2 hours ago Get the test suite passing with clang Memory Sanitizer enabled has PR open gregory.p.smith gregory.p.smith security 17
31354 4 hours ago Fixing a bug related to LTO only build has PR open octavian.soldea gregory.p.smith enhancement 8
35248 4 hours ago RawArray causes FileNotFoundError at cleanup open Mathieu Lamarre   behavior 2
35242 4 hours ago multiprocessing.Queue in an inconsistent state and a traceback silently suppressed if put an unpickable object and process's target function is finished open szobov   behavior 1
33196 4 hours ago multiprocessing: serialization must ensure that contexts are compatible (the same) open arcivanov   crash 11
35247 6 hours ago test.test_socket.RDSTest.testPeek hangs indefinitely open markmcclain   behavior 2
35246 8 hours ago asyncio.create_subprocess_exec doesn't accept pathlib.Path like subprocess does open lilydjwg   enhancement 1
35239 9 hours ago _PySys_EndInit() doesn't copy main interpreter configuration has PR open vstinner     3
35143 9 hours ago `from __future__ import annotations` has no effect inside `ast.parse` open kayhayen lukasz.langa behavior 2
35244 10 hours ago Allow to setup Clang as default compiler for modules build open Jaime Torres     2
35243 yesterday readline timeout too long for async gfx use open pmpp   enhancement 1
29183 yesterday Unintuitive error handling in wsgiref when a crash happens in write() or close() open jleclanche   behavior 4
35240 yesterday Travis CI: xvfb-run: error: Xvfb failed to start open vstinner     4
34784 yesterday Heap-allocated StructSequences has PR open eelizondo     4
16438 yesterday Numeric operator predecence confusing has patch has PR open fossilet docs@python enhancement 13
35238 yesterday Alleviate memory reservation of fork_exec in subprocess.Popen via forkserver open oesteban   enhancement 1
35235 yesterday Access violation on alloc in Windows x86-64 python, pymalloc_alloc open markind     3
10486 yesterday http.server doesn't set all CGI environment variables open v+python orsenthil behavior 10
35236 yesterday urllib.request.urlopen throws on some valid FTP files has PR open Ian Liu Rodrigues   behavior 1
35232 yesterday Add `module`/`qualname` arguments to make_dataclass for picklability open Antony.Lee     1
35216 yesterday misleading error message from shutil.copy() open cedricvanrompay   behavior 7
35195 yesterday [Windows] Python 3.7 initializes LC_CTYPE locale at startup, causing performance issue on msvcrt isdigit() open Dragoljub   performance 20
35234 yesterday ssl module falls over with internationalized domain names pending mcasadevall christian.heimes behavior 2
29564 yesterday ResourceWarning: suggest to enable tracemalloc in the message has PR open David Ford (FirefighterBlu3)   resource usage 18
33930 yesterday Segfault with deep recursion into object().__dir__ open a-j-buxton   crash 10
35231 yesterday make install may not call ldconfig on GNU/Linux when using --enable-shared open pmpp   behavior 1
35059 yesterday Convert Py_INCREF() and PyObject_INIT() to inlined functions has PR open vstinner     34
32170 yesterday Contrary to documentation, ZipFile.extract does not extract timestamps or other metadata open Malcolm Smith   behavior 2
29708 yesterday support reproducible Python builds has PR open bmwiedemann     29
34033 yesterday distutils is not reproducible has PR open vstinner     7
17972 yesterday inspect module docs omits many functions has PR open docs@python behavior 11
35081 yesterday Move internal headers to Include/internal/ has PR open vstinner     30
35226 yesterday equality surprisingly broken open cjw296 michael.foord behavior 7
35218 yesterday decompressing and then re-compressing zipfiles with Python 3 zipfile loses flag_bits has patch open keeely   behavior 1
35228 yesterday Index search in CHM help crashes viewer open chrullrich docs@python behavior 1
35224 yesterday PEP 572: Assignment Expressions has PR open emilyemorehouse emilyemorehouse enhancement 1
35227 yesterday [RFE] tarfile: support adding file objects without prior known size open mgorny   enhancement 1
33944 yesterday Deprecate and remove pth files has PR open barry   enhancement 29
35221 yesterday Enhance venv activate commands readability open mdk mdk   4
35225 yesterday test_faulthandler fails under ubsan open benjamin.peterson     1
25438 yesterday document what codec PyMemberDef T_STRING decodes the char * as open gregory.p.smith docs@python behavior 5
35031 yesterday test_asyncio test_start_tls_server_1 fails in AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT buildbots has PR open pablogsal   behavior 12
32492 yesterday C Fast path for namedtuple's property/itemgetter pair has PR open rhettinger     7
22393 yesterday multiprocessing.Pool shouldn't hang forever if a worker process dies unexpectedly has patch has PR open dan.oreilly   enhancement 7
23930 2 days ago http.cookies.SimpleCookie doesn't parse comma-only separated cookies correctly has PR open riklaunim   behavior 3
35220 2 days ago delete "how do I emulate os.kill" section in Windows FAQ has PR open deronnax docs@python enhancement 1
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