ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
36413 1/4 hour ago Brief Tour of the Standard Library — Part II example problem open YasirA docs@python   1
36411 5 hours ago Python 3 f.tell() gets out of sync with file pointer in binary append+read mode open pewscorner   behavior 1
36305 5 hours ago Inconsistent behavior of pathlib.WindowsPath with drive paths has PR open kmaork   behavior 11
10716 7 hours ago Modernize pydoc to use better HTML and separate CSS open rhettinger   enhancement 49
36405 7 hours ago Use dict unpacking in idlelib has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 8
36407 8 hours ago xml.dom.minidom wrong indentation writing for CDATA section has PR open vsurjaninov   enhancement 2
36384 9 hours ago ipaddress Should not reject IPv4 addresses with leading zeroes as ambiguously octal open Joel Croteau   behavior 2
35449 10 hours ago documenting objects open stefan   enhancement 10
36401 12 hours ago Readonly properties should be marked as such in help() has PR open rhettinger   enhancement 4
36129 12 hours ago io documentation unclear about flush() and close() semantics for wrapped streams open indygreg   enhancement 4
13828 12 hours ago Further improve casefold documentation open Jim.Jewett Mariatta   7
36409 yesterday plistlib old API should be removed has PR open bigfootjon     1
36408 yesterday Tkinter multi-processing performance, Linux 10-25 times faster than Windows 10 open james.mccormack   performance 1
36406 yesterday doctest.testmod(empty_package) raises TypeError in 3.7 (and no errors in 3.6) open Dutcho   behavior 3
12790 yesterday doctest.testmod does not run tests in functools.partial functions open steven.daprano   enhancement 3
36342 yesterday test_venv failure when executed by test_multiprocessing and the platform lacks a functional sem_open() has PR open xdegaye   behavior 8
36322 yesterday Argument typo in has PR open rougeth   enhancement 3
36345 yesterday Deprecate Tools/scripts/ in favour of python -m http.server -d has PR open matrixise docs@python   10
36301 yesterday Add _Py_PreInitialize() function has PR open vstinner     9
36370 yesterday Check for PyErr_Occurred() after PyImport_GetModule(). has PR open asmeurer   crash 10
36403 yesterday AsyncIterator on 3.7: __aiter__ no longer honors finally blocks open asksol   behavior 4
31822 yesterday Document that urllib.parse.{Defrag,Split,Parse}Result are namedtuples has PR open Allen Li lisroach enhancement 6
36404 yesterday Document PendingDeprecationWarning as deprecated has PR open inada.naoki docs@python   0
36339 yesterday test_ttk_guionly: test_traversal() fails randomly on AMD64 Windows8.1 Refleaks 2.7 open vstinner     2
36311 yesterday Flaw in Windows code page decoder for large input open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
35155 yesterday Clarify Protocol Handlers in urllib.request Docs has PR open Denton-L docs@python enhancement 15
36402 yesterday test_threading: test_threads_join_2() failed with "Fatal Python error: Py_EndInterpreter: not the last thread" on AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT Shared 3.x open vstinner     2
36298 yesterday Lib/ crashes when the package spec cannot be determined by importlib has PR open mental brett.cannon behavior 7
35900 yesterday Add pickler hook for the user to customize the serialization of user defined functions and types. has patch has PR open pierreglaser   enhancement 4
36326 yesterday Teach inpsect.getdoc() to read __slots__ with an optional data dictionary has PR open rhettinger   enhancement 3
36085 yesterday Enable better DLL resolution has PR open steve.dower steve.dower enhancement 37
36299 yesterday array: Deprecate 'u' type in array module has PR open inada.naoki     9
36389 yesterday Add gc.enable_object_debugger(): detect corrupted Python objects in the GC has PR open vstinner   enhancement 7
22490 yesterday Using realpath for __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ makes Homebrew installs fragile has patch has PR open tdsmith ronaldoussoren behavior 36
36338 yesterday urlparse of urllib returns wrong hostname has patch open Xianbo Wang   security 4
34506 yesterday Traceback logged when SSL handshake fails open hniksic christian.heimes behavior 2
24565 yesterday the f_lineno getter is broken has patch has PR open xdegaye   behavior 6
36399 yesterday multiprocessing: Queue does not work in virtualenv but works fine in main interpreter open Bernt.Røskar.Brenna   behavior 4
21269 yesterday Provide args and kwargs attributes on mock call objects has PR open michael.foord michael.foord behavior 10
23984 yesterday Documentation error: Descriptors has PR open bjonnh rhettinger enhancement 7
36398 yesterday A possible crash in structseq.c's structseq_repr() has PR open ZackerySpytz   crash 2
31369 2 days ago re.RegexFlag is not included in __all__ open PJB3005 docs@python   6
36375 2 days ago PEP 499 implementation: "python -m foo" binds the main module as both __main__ and foo in sys.modules has PR open cameron   enhancement 3
14817 2 days ago pkgutil.extend_path has no tests open eric.smith   enhancement 7
36395 2 days ago Add deferred single-threaded/fake executor to concurrent.futures open Brian McCutchon   enhancement 1
36394 2 days ago test_multiprocessing_spawn fails on Windows7 3.x buildbot has PR open pablogsal     1
32679 2 days ago concurrent.futures should store full sys.exc_info() open jonash   enhancement 2
36392 2 days ago IPv4Interface Object has no attributte prefixlen open Eddgar Rojas   behavior 1
36346 2 days ago Prepare for removing the legacy Unicode C API has PR open serhiy.storchaka     11
35941 2 days ago ssl.enum_certificates() regression has PR open schlenk   behavior 9
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