ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
45593 2 hours ago SpooledTemporaryFile.truncate returns None has PR open rooter   behavior 1
45592 3 hours ago NamespaceLoader does not implement create_module or exec_module open FFY00     1
45591 3 hours ago PathFinder does not find namespace packages children open FFY00     1
40350 4 hours ago modulefinder chokes on numpy - dereferencing None in spec.loader has patch has PR open Greg Whiteley   behavior 6
21724 4 hours ago resetwarnings doesn't reset warnings registry open pitrou docs@python behavior 7
45511 4 hours ago Batch-mode input() limited to 4095 characters on *NIX open Romuald   behavior 2
45586 5 hours ago Use starred expressions in list indices open PeterTillema   enhancement 3
45524 5 hours ago Cross-module dataclass inheritance breaks get_type_hints has PR open aidan.b.clark   behavior 12
45548 5 hours ago Update Modules/Setup has PR open brett.cannon brett.cannon   12
45590 6 hours ago distutils: Upload failed (400): Invalid value for blake2_256_digest open jwilk     2
11602 6 hours ago python-config code should be in sysconfig open pitrou nanjekyejoannah behavior 6
33439 6 hours ago should be part of the stdlib open pitrou   enhancement 5
45589 7 hours ago webbrowser does not handle opens under Windows WSL properly open guido.fioravantti   enhancement 1
40899 8 hours ago Document exceptions raised by importlib.import has PR open j13r docs@python enhancement 9
45364 8 hours ago Add more documentation for ModuleSpec.loader_state. open eric.snow docs@python   1
45272 8 hours ago 'os.path' should not be a frozen module open steve.dower eric.snow behavior 5
45020 8 hours ago Freeze all modules imported during startup. has PR open eric.snow eric.snow enhancement 91
22789 8 hours ago Compress the marshalled data in PYC files open rhettinger   enhancement 14
1353344 8 hours ago python.desktop open sonderblade   enhancement 20
45588 8 hours ago cached_method similar to cached_property to cache with classes has PR open martenlienen   enhancement 9
45580 9 hours ago argparse.ArgumentParser.add_mutually_exclusive_group : metavar create parenthesis undefined behavior open AbcSxyZ   behavior 3
45113 9 hours ago [subinterpreters][C API] Add a new function to create PyStructSequence from Heap. has PR open shihai1991     22
19867 10 hours ago pickletools.OpcodeInfo.code is a string open pitrou   behavior 4
45275 10 hours ago Make argparse print description of subcommand when invoke help doc on subcommand open longendu   enhancement 3
14067 10 hours ago Avoid more stat() calls in importlib has patch open pitrou   performance 10
15795 10 hours ago Zipfile.extractall does not preserve file permissions has patch has PR open uruz serhiy.storchaka enhancement 21
45587 12 hours ago argparse add_argument_group: distinguish title and description from **kwargs has PR open SelfAdjointOperator docs@python enhancement 0
35957 12 hours ago Indentation explanation is unclear open Jérôme LAURENS Mariatta enhancement 4
45379 12 hours ago Improve errors related to frozen modules. has PR open eric.snow   behavior 3
45429 12 hours ago [Windows] time.sleep() should use CREATE_WAITABLE_TIMER_HIGH_RESOLUTION open vstinner   enhancement 6
45582 yesterday Rewrite getpath.c in Python has PR open steve.dower steve.dower enhancement 2
45436 yesterday test_tk.test_configure_type() fails with Tcl/Tk 8.6.11 has PR open vstinner     15
45563 yesterday inspect.getframeinfo() doesn't handle frames without lineno open lemburg     10
45579 yesterday [list.append(i) for i in list] causes high resources usage open txlbr   resource usage 3
45585 yesterday Gzipping subprocess output produces invalid .gz file open   behavior 2
45531 yesterday field "mro" behaves strangely in dataclass open finite-state-machine eric.smith behavior 9
40915 yesterday multiple problems with mmap.resize() in Windows open eryksun tim.golden behavior 2
45391 yesterday 3.10 objects.inv classifies UnionType as data has PR open gaborjbernat docs@python   8
40885 yesterday Cannot pipe GzipFile into subprocess open Nehal Patel   behavior 4
45569 yesterday Drop support for 15-bit PyLong digits? open mark.dickinson     3
45530 yesterday Improve listobject.c's unsafe_tuple_compare() has patch has PR open tim.peters tim.peters performance 17
20749 yesterday shutil.unpack_archive(): security concerns not documented has PR open jwilk docs@python behavior 3
45584 yesterday Clarifying truncating in documentation has PR open ArthurMilchior docs@python enhancement 1
45583 yesterday Documentation of int() in datamodel.rst is out of date has PR open ArthurMilchior docs@python   1
45566 yesterday dataclasses’s `test_frozen_pickle` does not use all possible `pickle` protocols has PR open sobolevn   behavior 1
16889 yesterday facilitate log output starting at beginning of line open chris.jerdonek   enhancement 10
45292 yesterday Implement PEP 654: Exception Groups has PR open iritkatriel iritkatriel enhancement 2
30570 yesterday issubclass segfaults on objects with weird __getattr__ has patch has PR open Daniel Lepage gregory.p.smith crash 13
45477 yesterday configure script cannot detect float word ordering on linux open sourish.basu   compile error 12
44665 yesterday asyncio.create_task() documentation should mention user needs to keep reference to the task has PR open bernat docs@python enhancement 4
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