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Title: [C API] Move the PyCodeObject structure to the internal C API (make the structure opaque)
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msg416869 - (view) Author: STINNER Victor (vstinner) * (Python committer) Date: 2022-04-06 13:56
The PyCodeObject structure is documented at:

The structured evolved a lot in Python 3.11 to optimize Python/ceval.c performance:

* read-only co_code (object) was replaced with modifiable co_code_adaptive (char[])
* co_varnames, co_freevars and co_cellvars were removed: merged into co_localsplusnames with co_localspluskinds
* co_cell2arg was removed
* co_zombieframe ("free list") was removed
* co_opcache, co_opcache_map, co_opcache_flag and co_opcache_size were removed: see PEP 659

New members:

* co_exceptiontable
* co_warmup, co_code_adaptive
* co_nlocalsplus, co_nplaincellvars, co_ncellvars, co_nfreevars
* co_localsplusnames, co_localspluskinds
* co_qualname
* co_endlinetable, co_columntable

The PyCodeObject structure should be made opaque in the public C API and only accessed with function calls.

In Python 3.11, the PyFrameObject structure was made opaque (bpo-46836) and multiple getters were added (bpo-40421). The idea is similar, but it might be too late to do that in Python 3.11 (beta1 feature freeze is close).


By the way, it was proposed multiple times on python-dev to mark the PyCode_New() function as "unstable" since its API changed often. PEP 670 "Python Positional-Only Parameters" caused a lot of troubles in Cython when it added a new parameter to PyCode_New(). The change was reverted: instead, a new PyCode_NewWithPosOnlyArgs() function was added.

* PyCode_New() has 19 parameters!
* PyCode_NewWithPosOnlyArgs() has 20 parameters!!

On Python 3.11a1 and newer, Cython uses the code.replace() method (added to Python 3.8) to build new code objects. Otherwise, it just calls directly PyCode_New().
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