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ID Activity Title Status
20513 27 months ago Python 2.7. Script interruption on logoff from 0 session under Win2003 and earlier has patch open
20916 27 months ago ssl.enum_certificates() will not return all certificates trusted by Windows open
21506 27 months ago [Windows] installations should include pythonX.exe and pythonX.Y.exe executables open
21518 27 months ago Expose RegUnLoadKey in winreg has patch open
22080 27 months ago Add windows_helper module helper has patch open
22107 27 months ago tempfile module misinterprets access denied error on Windows has patch open
22121 27 months ago Start IDLE from icon in a better place. open
22299 27 months ago resolve() on Windows makes some pathological paths unusable has patch open
22302 27 months ago Windows os.path.isabs UNC path bug open
22810 27 months ago tkinter: "alloc: invalid block:" after askopenfilename open
23060 27 months ago Assert fails in multiprocessing.heap.Arena.__setstate__ on Windows open
23311 27 months ago Update PC/example_nt and extending/windows.rst open
23384 27 months ago urllib.proxy_bypass_registry slow down under Windows if website has no reverse DNS and Fiddler is runing open
23407 27 months ago os.walk always follows Windows junctions has patch open
23425 27 months ago Windows getlocale unix-like with french, german, portuguese, spanish open
23633 27 months ago Improve py launcher help, index, and doc open
23760 27 months ago Tkinter in Python 3.4 on Windows don't post internal clipboard data to the Windows clipboard on exit open
23808 27 months ago Symlink to directory on Windows 8 has PR open
23860 27 months ago Windows: Failure to check return value from lseek() in Modules/mmapmodule.c has patch has PR open
23861 27 months ago Make stdprinter use DebugOutputString when no stdout/stderr available open
23946 27 months ago zero-valued timestamps are mishandled by os.stat() in Windows has patch open
24198 27 months ago please align the platform tag for windows has patch open
24505 27 months ago shutil.which wrong result on Windows has patch open
24873 27 months ago Add "full cleanup" checkbox to uninstaller open
24890 27 months ago Windows launcher docs don't fully explain shebang semantics open
24909 27 months ago Windows: subprocess.Popen: race condition for leaking inheritable handles has patch open
24973 27 months ago CFLAGS for Visual Studio has patch open
25095 27 months ago test_httpservers hangs since Python 3.5 has PR open
25098 27 months ago test_uuid fails with pywin32 installed open
25166 27 months ago Windows All Users installation places uninstaller in user profile open
25196 27 months ago Installer>Install in user folder by default when you check: for all users open
25331 27 months ago Using Windows doc should list service packs needed to install open
25338 27 months ago urllib bypasses all hosts if proxyoverride includes an empty element has patch open
25355 27 months ago Windows installer does not add py.exe launcher to "App Paths" key open
25376 27 months ago KeyboardInterrupt handling and traceback broken on Windows 10 open
25386 27 months ago msvcrt_putch/msvcrt_putwch don't check the return value of _putch/_putwch has patch open
25534 27 months ago SimpleHTTPServer throwed an exception due to negtive st_mtime attr in file open
25585 27 months ago Bad path leads to: ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application. open
25636 27 months ago Let launcher autoselect best 32-bit Python on 64-bit system open
25655 27 months ago Python errors related to failures loading DLL's lack information has PR open
25847 27 months ago CPython not using Visual Studio code analysis! has patch open
25878 27 months ago CPython on Windows builds with /W3, not /W4 has patch open
25962 27 months ago Ctrl+C Can't Exit Script with Pool on Windows open
25968 27 months ago Cannot import modules out of zip file with extended-length path on windows open
26137 27 months ago [idea] use the Microsoft Antimalware Scan Interface open
26236 27 months ago urllib2 initiate irregular call to gethostbyaddr open
26350 27 months ago [Windows] signal.signal and os.kill doc should better explain what is supported open
26459 27 months ago Windows build instructions are very inaccurate open
26493 27 months ago Bad formatting in WinError 193 when using subprocess.check_call open
26531 27 months ago KeyboardInterrupt while in input() not catchable on Windows 10 open
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