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Author funnyfrancois
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Date 2009-07-31.18:41:51
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Same probleme here with Idle 2.6.2, with a french keyboard.
I finally thought that it was due to a default binding recorded as 
<Option><Slash> or <Option><Shift>:, something like that, which is 
identical to the binding of Backslash character on my keyboard.
So I modified the binding "expand word" (can't remember why this one), 
recorded it under a new key set and applied it. After that, the 
backslash combination worked perfectly!!

But ... the bug now is that if I come back to the default OSX key set, 
it still works ...

(Another detail is that with the Logitech keyboard configuration (usb PC 
keyboard), it works at first try...)

Maybe this workaround will save your afternoon ...
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