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Author taleinat
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Date 2009-03-30.20:24:43
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"Test needed"? I'll need a bit of guidance on this.

Has there been a change of policy of which I'm not aware, that patches
to IDLE not going to be accepted unless comprehensive tests are included?

Much of IDLE doesn't include tests, e.g. the RPC code. There's a comment
by K.B.K. in the end of from September '03 saying we need a
proper test suite for it, and testing that should be simple compared to
testing GUI related functionality.

In any case, if someone can suggest a simple approach to test Squeezer
I'll gladly work it up. As it is, I can think of ways to test certain
functions, but I'm not sure how to approach testing GUI related
functionality (or if I should approach this at all).
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