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I have Python 2.6.1 in Windows Vista. It happened in Python 2.6 and I 
hoped it would be fixed. I don't know what happenes in other versions. 
When I open a file containing a python program(".py"/".pyw" and even 
one compiled with py2exe) made by using the PythonWX GUI programming 
libraries it crashes immediately after the mouse hovers over the window 
created by the program(spesifically in the area inside it). It happenes 
both when the program is a ".py" file and a ".pyw" file or one compiled 
with py2exe. I get a message that the program stopped working. 
Shouldn'nt I get a message about wrong code? It doesn't crash in the 
Python Shell, but it has happened ,too, a few times.

Do I do something wrong?
Is there something I should know?

The programs I use are not made by me(I can't yet make mine), but they 
are examples downloaded or copy-pasted. Here is one:

import wx
app = wx.PySimpleApp()
frame = wx.Frame(None,-1,"Hello World")

Please tell me what is wrong or what I should do.
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