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Date 2008-11-22.19:14:15
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Oh, I guess I should have been more informative, sorry. My OS is Windows
Vista Business (64 bit) onto which I have installed the 32 bit
interpreter. And now when this 32 bit interpreter is installed on my 64
bit OS platform, I don't see the two-snakes-kind-of-like icon in the
Add/Remove Programs list; instead I see the default icon -- you know,
that squared box. The files python.exe and pythonw.exe both have that
two-snakes-kind-of-like icon, and even pressing Alt+Tab (when the
interpreter is running) displays the two-snakes-kind-of-like icon, but
this two-snakes-kind-of-like icon is not displayed in the Add/Remove
Programs list. So I find that a strange thing to be.

Anyway, this is a bug so I reported it. I really don't know why this bug
exists. This could be because of a 64 bit OS and a 32 bit interpreter
mix issue, but I doubt it.

This is probably an easy fix for you guys. I keep my fingers crossed for
this bug to be fixed. Oh, and I can make screenshots if you like.
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