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Date 2008-09-25.13:06:48
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I open python3.0 (rc1) IDLE from command line and it works fine, but
when i press the arrows key they writes: ^[[A ^[[B ^[[C ^[[D
also pagUP and pagDOWN writes: ^[[5~ ^[[6~
so I'm not able to browse the history and the all things with arrows key.

More Info:

my OS is Ubuntu 8.04 upgrade from 7.10

It's the first time that I have an issue with keyboard

I have look for my international settings of keyboard but I don't note
nothing of relevant. (my country is Italy-Europe)

I have installed as main python 2.5 with I have no problem (works perfect)

I made a standard alt-installation
make test   # 1error with urllib2 and some skip (see attach txt)
sudo make altinstall

I have no other kind of problems with python3.0rc1

Is there someone has an idea??

 -- Richard (excuse my English)
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