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I hope I chose the correct component type for this issue report. Anyway,
if you do  import this  in the Python 3.x interactive interpreter, you
get the Zen of Python by Tim Peters. This text has a line which has an
ortographical typo in it. Please look at this line of text from the Zen
of Python:

There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.

Now this line has the typo I am talking about, and the typo is the lack
of a space before the first dash (actually before the double-hyphen) and
the space after the second dash (or double-hyphen).

Please note that the dash punctuation mark is by ortographical rules
separated from the words, so there are two spaces separating a dash from
the surrounding words. By writing the dashes in the way that are in the
above sentence from the Zen of Python, we don't achieve any effect as
sometimes ortographical rules can be broken to create some special
effect in the sentence (like in a line that uses the asteriskes to
emphasize the word 'right' with writing it as *right*), but here in the
above line it is clearly a normal sentence, not needing any special
effect, which is also incorrect from this point of view. So please fix
the above line like this:

There should be one -- and preferably only one -- obvious way to do it.

Consider the fact that the last sentence is written correctly and that
the dash in it is separated from the surrounding words as the
ortographic rules demand. So having one line of text with an incorrectly
used dash and some other line with the correctly used dash, makes the
whole text either inconsistent or just bad. Okay, it isn't *really* bad
but it's incorrect and it needs a little fix. And it's not too much
trouble to add two missing spaces in that line of text.

I think that ortography is our friend in the Python world. ;)
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