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Author taleinat
Date 2006-07-27.00:13:56
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Here is my improved version of Squeezer - the IDLE
extension to end all of your

* Fixed line counting logic
* Line counting is done according to current window
width and current tab width
* Fixed configHandler to enable reading of raw data
from config files (100% backwards compatible) - needed
by Squeezer to enable configuration of text viewers in

I've been working this vesion without a hitch for
several weeks, but that's hardly enough testing is it?

* the original by Noam Raphael
* a diff against Noam's original
* a diff of against the current SVN
version (revision 46863)
* fixed 'middle click to copy' - now works on Windows

One minor note - the 'middle click to copy' didn't work
on Windows because it simply called selection_own()
which doesn't affect the clipboard. I added
clipboard_clear() and clipboard_append() and it now
works on Windows. This should be tested on Linux, Unix,
OSX etc. to check compatibility.

For more info on the clipboard issue, see:
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