Author mdr0
Date 2005-01-12.04:50:52
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Sorry for the delayed response; I've been out of town for a

I understand the point about being able to create threads as
needed using asynchat/asyncore.  However, if there is no
advantage to using the SocketServer framework, why is it
there?  Is it just for backward compatibility?

There are a number of modules in the standard library that
use the SocketServer framework.  Is an effort being made to
rewrite all of them to use asynchat/asyncore?  Or are these
modules simply grandfathered in, even though no new
SocketServer modules are being accepted?

In any case, for anyone that might be interested, here's a
new version of BaseSMTPServer with the following changes:

* Fixed a few incorrect SMTP reply codes.
* Imrproved EOF handling.

Please let me know what you thinlk.  Thanks!
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