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Title: New BaseSMTPServer module
Type: enhancement Stage: test needed
Components: Library (Lib) Versions: Python 3.2
Status: closed Resolution: rejected
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Created on 2004-10-30 17:55 by mdr0, last changed 2022-04-11 14:56 by admin. This issue is now closed.

File name Uploaded Description Edit mdr0, 2004-10-30 17:55 BaseSMTPServer module mdr0, 2004-11-10 06:40 BaseSMTPServer module version 0.2 mdr0, 2005-01-12 04:50 BaseSMTPServer module version 0.3
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msg47187 - (view) Author: Mark D. Roth (mdr0) Date: 2004-10-30 17:55
A new module that provides an SMTP server base class,
derived from the SocketServer class.

The class in this module does not implement a fully
functional SMTP server; it simply provides a framework
that subclasses can use to build their own
special-purpose SMTP servers.
msg47188 - (view) Author: Just van Rossum (jvr) * (Python triager) Date: 2004-11-06 07:40
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1) If you're contributing code, it should follow the style guide 
(PEP 8)
2) How does this work relate to
msg47189 - (view) Author: Josiah Carlson (josiahcarlson) * (Python triager) Date: 2004-11-06 09:19
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1) Agreed completely.

2) is written using the asynchat/asyncore
framework.  This uses the single/multi-threaded/forked
SocketServer.TCPServer framework (various protocols have
both an asynchronous and synchronous version in the standard

Other comments:
3) I also think documentation for this module is necessary,
as is a 3rd party review of the code and error messages.

4) SSL/TLS support should also be included, along with a
reasonable assortment of EHLO, HELP, etc., though smtpd also
should gain such support, so this is not a deal-breaker.

5) Perhaps smtpd should gain allow_sender() and
allow_recipient() methods, and both should gain allow_host()*.

*proper implementations of the above 3
allow_(sender|recipient|host) methods (with either
framework) would be sufficient to do temporary hostname
blacklisting on remote hosts trying to brute-force a local
account listing.
msg47190 - (view) Author: Just van Rossum (jvr) * (Python triager) Date: 2004-11-06 09:43
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I just wanted to check whether the author _knows_, 
since he doesn't mention it. Maybe I should put it more bluntly:

What's the benefit of having an incompatible, less 
featureful, threaded version of in the library?
msg47191 - (view) Author: Mark D. Roth (mdr0) Date: 2004-11-07 07:11
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Yes, I am aware of  My understanding is (although
please correct me if I'm wrong) that the asyncore/asynchat
framework will not be able to service network clients if the
found_terminator() method performs an operation that blocks.
 The BaseSMTPServer class doesn't suffer from that problem,
because it's threaded.

If you're interested in integrating this module, I'd be
happy to clean it up to conform with the Python style
guidelines, add documentation, and implement the
allow_host() method.
msg47192 - (view) Author: Josiah Carlson (josiahcarlson) * (Python triager) Date: 2004-11-07 22:11
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Re: features

Aside from NOOP (which is easily added), the provided
BaseSMTPServer seems to offer the same amount of
functionality as smtpd (ignoring DebuggingServer, PureProxy
and MailmanProxy, which are trivially borrowed from smtpd).

Re: What's the benefit...

Someone who wanted to use a synchronous SMTP server would
have one available.

I think that we should probably wait until the original
author answers how this relates to, and perhaps
decide then.
msg47193 - (view) Author: Josiah Carlson (josiahcarlson) * (Python triager) Date: 2004-11-07 22:20
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Hrm, nevemind, I just noticed mdr0's post.  I'll leave the
rest up to someone who has the authority to make decisions.
msg47194 - (view) Author: Mark D. Roth (mdr0) Date: 2004-11-10 06:40
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Here's a new version of BaseSMTPServer with the following

* Added lots of documentation.
* Changed code style to conform with PEP 8.
* Added allow_host() method.
* Added smtp_NOOP() method.
* Improved interface to process_message() and access-control

Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!
msg47195 - (view) Author: Josiah Carlson (josiahcarlson) * (Python triager) Date: 2004-11-10 07:36
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It still has a couple tabs, but I don't believe that is a
big deal.

I think it fits in with the standard SocketServer framework,
and that it would make sense to add it, but I don't have any
authority to make decisions.
msg47196 - (view) Author: Jean-Paul Calderone (exarkun) * (Python committer) Date: 2004-12-18 20:08
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Regarding blocking process_message implementations: there
really is no issue here.  If a blocking operation needs to
be performed, then a thread can be created inside
process_message.  Nothing is gained by starting a thread any
earlier than this.  Arguably, it is even a loss since it is
more  computationally and resource intensive to do so.

Support for blocking message processing therefore does not
seem to be sufficient reason for including this module.  Are
there other advantages?
msg47197 - (view) Author: Mark D. Roth (mdr0) Date: 2005-01-12 04:50
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Sorry for the delayed response; I've been out of town for a

I understand the point about being able to create threads as
needed using asynchat/asyncore.  However, if there is no
advantage to using the SocketServer framework, why is it
there?  Is it just for backward compatibility?

There are a number of modules in the standard library that
use the SocketServer framework.  Is an effort being made to
rewrite all of them to use asynchat/asyncore?  Or are these
modules simply grandfathered in, even though no new
SocketServer modules are being accepted?

In any case, for anyone that might be interested, here's a
new version of BaseSMTPServer with the following changes:

* Fixed a few incorrect SMTP reply codes.
* Imrproved EOF handling.

Please let me know what you thinlk.  Thanks!
msg47198 - (view) Author: Martin v. Löwis (loewis) * (Python committer) Date: 2006-10-27 23:58
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I think this code can be added to the standard library. Can
somebody please provide documentation changes, and also a
test suite (as far as reasonable)?

Also, Mark: Are you willing to sign a contributor form, at
msg47199 - (view) Author: Neal Norwitz (nnorwitz) * (Python committer) Date: 2006-10-28 02:26
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If Mark is a Google employee and Google has rights to this
code, it would be covered under the existing Google contrib
msg47200 - (view) Author: Jean-Paul Calderone (exarkun) * (Python committer) Date: 2006-10-28 03:41
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The code in smtp_DATA isn't factored to allow subclasses to
limit the amount of data received.  As is, the server is
vulnerable to a memory exhaustion attack, since it doesn't
implement any kind of limit on the number of lines buffered
in memory.  It should at least provide a hook for this, even
if it still doesn't enforce any limits.

msg114389 - (view) Author: Mark Lawrence (BreamoreBoy) * Date: 2010-08-19 18:18
I can't see this being accepted as it's not had public exposure, at least not that I'm aware of.  Other opinions welcomed.
msg114748 - (view) Author: Giampaolo Rodola' (giampaolo.rodola) * (Python committer) Date: 2010-08-23 22:19
I agree with opinions expressed by Jean-Paul in msg47196.
I see no real gain in providing a clone which provides no other new difference other than using threads instead of a non-blocking approach.
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