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Author ms_
Date 2004-08-25.20:17:24
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Updated patch against anonymous CVS.  
Covers the same files as before, with the addition of changes to, and was updated to handle  
the paired decorate/def blocks. Specifically this required changes  
to getblock such that if getblock is called on a decorated function  
that both blocks are returned rather than just the function or just  
the decorator suite. This is to preserve the same behaviour as the 
current inspect behaviour. 
* changed keyword to "using" 
* Eliminated the single clash in the library that uses "using" as a 
variable. ( has a function "get" that has "using" as a 
single named parameter. AFAICT no google findable source file 
uses this parameter) 
* implemented the short form: 
using: trace 
def someFunction(someThing): doStuff(someThing) 
* Decorators are single decorator per line - as per current CVS, 
which means the short form only takes 1 decorator. 
All tests except test_distutils pass. Since this appear to fail in Anon 
CVS without this patch that failure looks unrelated. 
Remaining issues(?): 
* It's been suggested that this should be activated by a __future__ 
declaration. I'm currently looking at how to do this. 
* Extra docs on short form would probably be a good idea. (Docs 
are already updated otherwise) 
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