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Author niemeyer
Date 2003-04-20.07:47:37
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Greg, thank you very much for the patch. I've included the
fixes without introducing the reorganization mentioned, for
the sake of stability. Also, the second fix mentioned in
your report don't fix the mentioned problem anymore, because
of the change introduced by patch #720991. The new fix
wasn't complicated though, and is included as well.

About the reorganization, I don't have a strong opinion
about it, and I'm also not sure about the real impact the
new "mark reset" code will cause in the module. IMO we need
to test it further.

Andrew, that explains why the second fix greg mentions
doesn't work anymore. Thanks for mentioning it.

The changes were applied as:

Modules/_sre.c: 2.91
Lib/test/ 1.35
Lib/test/ 1.41
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