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Date 2021-08-06.16:31:07
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There was a previous attempt at adding a dependency on venv that ended up being reverted (Issue30487 and 122fc136b34e11906466851e77bb6959946467ee0). Over the years we have had a number of iterations of tweaking Doc/Makefile to balance ease of use (by providing the venv) with those of more advanced users who build docs as part of their automated processeses. I think what we had prior to this most recent change worked reasonably well for all. The previous process is clearly documented, for example in the Dev Guide ( and does not strike me as very onerous. I appreciate the motivation behind this change but I really think there isn't a problem here that needs to be solved and I would support reverting the change for 3.9 and 3.10 and *perhaps* reconsider something for 3.11.
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