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In "Fast String Searching" (1991), A. Hume and D. Sunday emphasize that most of the runtime of string-search algorithms occurs in a code path that skips over immediately-disqualified alignments. As such, that paper recommends extracting a hot "Horspool" code path and keeping it small. For that reason, I'm posting a PR which boils down that fast path to the following:

    while (skip > 0 && window_last < haystack_end) {
        window_last += skip;
        skip = table[(*window_last) & 63];

This uses two memory accesses, whereas the last implementation used three (the extra to get window[cut]). This requires the skip table to change slightly, since it is indexed by the last character in the current haystack window rather than one character later ("fast" versus "sd1" in the paper). The paper also recommends unrolling this loop 3x, but my benchmarks found no benefit to unrolling.

The PR also refactors some of the main fastsearch code into separate functions, and computes and then uses a similar gap/skip integer used already in the default implementation (Hume and Sunday call this "md2"). It retains a linear-time constant space worst-case with the Two-Way algorithm.

There are a bunch of benchmarks here, both on Zipf-distributed random strings and on a few c/rst/python/binary files in the cpython repo. They compare the current main branch to the PR:

Summary of those results:

On the Zipf strings:
    * 83 cases slower (at most 1.59x slower)
    * 654 cases faster (up to 4.49x faster)
    * Geometric mean: 1.10x faster

On the "Real world" source files:
    * 76 cases slower (at most 2.41x slower)
    * 420 cases faster (up to 18.12x faster)
    * Geometric mean: 1.33x faster
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