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Date 2020-04-03.07:11:54
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1.How are you installing python?  From the installer (which one)?  From the Window store?  From a 3rd party installer (which one)?
>> we installed form not from windows store and not 3rd party
2.How do you start IDLE?
>> by searching python idle on start windows in laptop
3. What does Help => About IDLE say about the tk version?
>> We are using python 3.8.2 version
4.How do you get an editor window?  What do you see on the menu?  If Run appears, what happens when you click it?
>> after installed its shows the editor window in that not showing run option.
5.Start IDLE from Command Prompt with "py -3.8 -m idlelib".  Do you ever see any error messages?
>> no idea how to run py idel in command promot
6.Have you touched any files in Lib/idlelib?
>> I have touched the Lib/idlelib.
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