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Thanks for the additional info.  I see two issues here.  One, you are building with OpenSSL 1.1.1, the initial release back in 2018-09.  There have been a few releases since then (currently at 1.1.1c) which do fix problems.  You should try to upgrade it.

Second, and more importantly, is that "make run_profile_task" hangs because a test hangs up and the tests are being run sequentially (i.e. without regrtest -j options meaning tests all run in one process sequentially).  These days nearly all our testing using -j because of the possibility of individual tests failures and residual effects between tests. And note that "make test", which runs in parallel, did complete. I see there is some discussion going on Issue36044 about changing the set of tests run_profile_task uses which would likely mitigate problems like this.  I'm CCing gps here for his views.

It also appears Issue33467 is a similar report.  I'm going to close it as a duplicate of this one.
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