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Date 2019-06-10.22:52:15
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Other references to test_threads_join_2() failures:

* bpo-36989: fails once AIX
* bpo-27791: 2 failures in 2016 in "AMD64 FreeBSD 10 Shared 3.x" buildbots (I closed the issue with: "Sadly, such bug is hard to reproduce. I didn't look at buildbots recently, and I don't have access to FreeBSD, so I just close the issue :-/")
* bpo-28084: once failure on "AMD64 FreeBSD 9.x 3.x" buildbot (closed as a duplicate of bpo-27791)

See also bpo-18808: "Thread.join returns before PyThreadState is destroyed" (issue which added the test).
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