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Date 2019-01-19.08:50:39
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> The “urllib.parse” module generally follows RFC 3986, which does not 
> allow a literal backslash in the “userinfo” part:

And yet the parse() function seems to allow arbitrary unescaped 
characters. This is from 3.8.0a0:

py> from urllib.parse import urlparse
py> urlparse(r'http://spam\eggs!cheese&').netloc
py> urlparse(r'http://spam\eggs!cheese&').hostname

If that's a bug, it is a separate bug to this issue.

Backslash doesn't seem relevant to the security issue of userinfo being 
used to mislead:

py> urlparse('').netloc
py> urlparse('').hostname

If it is relevant, can somebody explain to me how?
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