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Date 2018-09-26.12:39:17
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The dependency issue31837 dealing with test_lib2to3 failure was resolved by Victor in issue30117 and hence I marked it as a duplicate. The other issue regarding test_import is not reproducible on master as of  2aaf98c16ae3070378de523a173e29644037d8bd. test_import warning was reproducible with 14e976e00e65bf343ba0fca016c3c9132a843daf and it seems to have been fixed later. The same issue with test_import was reported by Victor in issue30834 which was closed as outdated since it was not reproducible. I will try to bisect to the commit that fixed test_import. I propose closing this as outdated as part of triaging.

Thanks much Serhiy and Victor for the reports and fixes.
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