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By adding 'and other refinements' to the title and discussing them here, I made this an index issue, with dependencies, for search.  I am leaving this open as that.

#33987 is about adding a ttk frame inside the top window.  This is point 2 above.  #33987 has a Mac screen capture in which I can see the faint difference there.

I am retracting 4.2 above, agreeing to move action buttons across the bottom on some systems.  Given that there are people who use IDLE on multiple systems, either sequentially or more or less simultaneously, and there are, there is good reason for cross-platform consistency.  This is the general IDLE policy, with limited exceptions.  In any case, such a change would need to be discussed on a separate issue with more people involved.

Besides this, horizontal arrangement does not work for more than about 4 action options, and I want to add more.
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