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Additional feature discussion:

> 10. The button for 'a'*10000 says '(nn lines)'.  It should say '(10000 chars)' or '(1 line, 10000 chars)'.

IMO that's too much, it leads to "information overload".  Since the number of lines shown is the number of "wrapped" lines, e.g. how many visual lines would be used, isn't that enough? W ould users really need to also know how many characters are there?

While on the subject, the labels are currently not updated when the width of the window is changed; this could be a future improvement to make (might need to be done in the background).

> 11. Right click should bring up a custom context menu.  It can have 'cut' (delete), 'copy' (to clipboard, eliminating middle click need), 'edit' (IDLE editor if it seems ok), 'view' (ditto for TextView).

'cut' and 'edit' would break the current IDLE shell convention that output above the prompt is read-only.  Squeezer currently manipulates such output, but essentially keeps it there in a different form.  This seems like a design decision you've already made, Terry, but personally I would find this rather confusing.

> Is there a standard for simulating left and right click with keys?  

Not that I'm aware of. Squeezer already has an event for expanding the last squeezed output; we could improve on the event bindings.  Some keyboards have a dedicated key for opening a context menu (used to be common), so for users with that having all of the options in the context menu would achieve the keyboard-only-usability goal.  We should likely do both, and show the keyboard shortcuts in the context menu.
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