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Thanks for the warm welcome, Terry :)

> 3.5 only gets security fixes.

Yup, my mistake.

> 'Large text' has two meanings: long lines and lots of lines. [...]

Squeezer handles both long lines and/or large numbers of lines.

> As the comment at the top of says, it is currently unused. [...]

I'd noticed, but it's still there and it works.  I'll be happy to refactor it and add tests.

> Last fall, we converted built-in 'extensions' to regular features.  I am reluctant to add new 'extensions'.  But I can review the patch as an extension before we worry about this.

I'd noticed this too, but decided to postpone refactoring this more until I got some updated feedback.  If you'd prefer this be added in non-extension form, I can do that.

> Please post here a draft doc paragraph.

Here's a revised version of the module's doc-string:

A common problem in IDLE's interactive shell is printing large
amounts of text into the shell.  This can cause IDLE to become
very slow, even to the point of being completely unusable.  It
can also make using the scrollbar awkward.

Squeezer automatically replaces long texts with a small button,
which can be used to access the original long text in several
ways, such as copying it to the clipboard.

Additionally, any output can be manually "squeezed" by the
user.  This includes output written to the standard error
stream ("stderr"), such as exception tracebacks.
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