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Author terry.reedy
Date 2018-06-06.22:12:33
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I closed #33785 as a duplicate of this.

When IDLE is opened with idlelib/ from an icon, pasting 𐌈 or 𐌆𐌀𐌋 silently closes IDLE.  When idle is opened from a console with 'python -m idlelib', IDLE closes and a traceback essentially identical to the one in msg145581 is printed in the console.  When IDLE is opened with 'import idlelib.idle' in interactive python in a console, the traceback is printed and IDLE remains but becomes non-responsive.  Clicking on IDLE turns the window gray.  Clicking on [X] brings up the Windows "Python is not working.  Close?" box.

This issue was opened almost 8 years ago.  After I submit this, I will reduce the nosy list from 13 to the 4 I think most likely to still be interested. If I am wrong, delete or re-add yourself.  I will then discuss patches.

Remove: JBernardo, RamchandraApte, Rosuav, THRlWiTi, William.Schwartz, asvetlov, loewis, python-dev, roger.serwy

Keep: Ezio, Ned, Serhiy, me.
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