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We stopped support AtheOS in 2007. But, there are still references in the code:

$ git grep -i AtheOS
Doc/whatsnew/2.3.rst:Other new platforms now supported by Python include AtheOS
Doc/whatsnew/2.3.rst:(, GNU/Hurd, and OpenVMS.
Lib/distutils/command/        # for extensions under Cygwin and AtheOS Python's library directory must be
Lib/distutils/command/        if sys.platform[:6] == 'cygwin' or sys.platform[:6] == 'atheos':
Lib/distutils/command/        elif sys.platform[:6] == "atheos":
Lib/test/            # On AtheOS, glibc always returns ENOSYS
Lib/test/            # On AtheOS, glibc always returns ENOSYS
Misc/HISTORY:- Support for AtheOS has been completely removed from the code base. It was
Misc/HISTORY:- Support for BeOS and AtheOS was removed (according to PEP 11).
Misc/HISTORY:- AtheOS is now supported.
Modules/_cryptmodule.c:    /* On some platforms (AtheOS) crypt returns NULL for an invalid
config.guess:    i*86:atheos:*:*)
config.guess:   echo ${UNAME_MACHINE}-unknown-atheos
config.sub:     -atheos*)
config.sub:             os=-atheos
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