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Author tzot
Date 2005-03-20.11:48:03
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Note that parsedate_tz as of current parses correctly "Wed,
02 Mar 2005 09:26:53 -0800" (space before '-'), because
data.split() in line 43 produces five parts: [dow, date,
month, year, time, timezone] (reduced to four by removing
initial dow).   The function includes a special check for
"+" in the time part, and this patch adds the "-" check.

I didn't find any date header in my whole email and
newsgroup archive (12095 messages) missing the space before
[-+].  However, if mail clients or servers exist that
produce such date headers, patch should be applied and bug

Some test should be added too.  I updated
test_parsedate_no_dayofweek (line 2076 of
lib/email/test/ adding same test dropping the
space before '-', and test fails before patch, succeeds
after patch.  Perhaps a separate test case should be included.
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