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Date 2015-02-20.08:59:21
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> Messages tend to be abbreviated, so I think that it would be better to just
> omit the article.

I agree, but this is came from standard error messages which are not 
consistent. I opened a thread on Python-Dev.

"expected a bytes-like object" and "expected str instance" are standard error 
messages raised in bytes.join and str.join, not in re. We could change them 

> I don't think that the error message "bad repeat interval" is an improvement
> (Why is it "bad"? What is an "interval"?). I think that saying that the min
> is greater than the max is clearer.

Agree. I'll change this in re. What message is better in case of overflow: "the 
repetition number is too large" (in re) or "repeat count too big" (in regex)?
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