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Author Saimadhav.Heblikar
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Date 2014-12-21.06:54:06
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I tested for the behaviour described in msg193895 before and after your patch. Everything remains same except as what you mentioned.

>Currently, Replace dialog Find hits are tagged with both the 'hit' and the 'sel' tag, which does not show on Windows as long as the dialog is the active window, but apparently does on other systems.  Raising the hit tag to the top (either patch) means that the visible highlight on other systems will change from 'selected' to 'found' (which are independently configurable in Idle preferences).
>If this not desired, the patch could be altered to use tag 'hit' on Windows and 'sel' elsewhere; change 'hit' (on Windows) to 'sel' when the dialog is closed; and configure 'hit' to look like 'sel' (so there is no visible change when closing, as on other systems).

It would be better to ensure that there is no visible change when closing.
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