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Date 2013-07-29.20:09:25
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In Windows, the 'find' and 'replace' dialogs do not work properly on text that has been commented out using quotation marks.

More specifically, the dialog *finds* the text in question, however, it does not *highlight* it. Without the highlighting, a user can't see which text has been found. Since the whole point of the find function is to show the user where the text is located, this is a bug. 

Credit for the fix goes to Roger Serwy, who suggested raising the hit tag.

My patch uses the show_hit function from patch 17511*. I have included the show_hit function, but not the rest of patch 17511.

Are there guidelines for submitting patches that utilize elements of other patches?

*show_hit is originally from the ReplaceDialog. 17511 added it to SearchDialog
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