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Date 2013-11-28.17:41:16
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Anatoly, please stop reopening the issue, it's *really* annoying. Not
only you failed to understand correctly your problem (it looks like
nor Christian nor Marc-Andre nor me understood your request), but it
looks like you don't care of our answers.

> PEP repository readme lacks information about how to send Python Enhancement Proposal step-by-step.

Did you at least read the *first* PEP, the PEP which describes the PEP process?

Did you also read the developer guide? The PEP process is also explained there:

> What I propose it to make PEP repository self-sufficient,

The PEP 1, 9 and 12 are already included in the PEP repository.

I don't understand why you are focused on the README.rst file. PEPs
are more convinient because automatically exported online at:

For example, you must read:

> I am already keep opening it, damn. I want to contribute an improvement for the PEP process and not forget about it. That's why I fill in into tracker, and not into email.

The PEP process is already well described, so your issue is invalid.

You don't propose anything concrete. Example of concrete thing: a
patch on the pep-0001.rst or on README.rst. Or contribute to the

Did you sign the contributor agreement?

I know that you don't want to sign it, even if I don't understand why
(please don't start discuss it here, the legal mailing list is the
right place), but it's required to contribute to CPython.


The PEP process is not so formal. Just start discussing an idea on
python-idea, don't worry of the exact structure of a PEP document. It
can be written later. It is a waste of time to write a full PEP if an
idea is quickly rejected.
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