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Antoine, the exact reason why I want to disable TIPC in configure, is 
that either the test suite or the TIPC test case or both has/have a bug 
(not my system). Therefore I suggest that you re-post your comment in 
Issue17085, and I'll be happy to provide more details that would be 
off-topic here.

However, regardless of my particular needs, disabling TIPC in configure 
is something useful for a variety of other reasons (e.g. one having a 
functional TIPC but not wanting to have it enabled in python), and 
therefore I asked it here.
It is customary to have autotools being able to individually select 
packages that one wants or does not want to use. In fact ./configure 
--help reports the --without-PACKAGE option which does not work for TIPC 
and this is the bug of present Issue17092
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