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Matthias Klose wrote:
> Matthias Klose added the comment:
> about py3k-20121004-CROSS.tgz:
>    [SNIP]
> - 0002-CROSS-restore-graminit.-to-source-directory.patch
>    [SNIP]
> - 0003-CROSS-restore-importlib-header-to-source-directory-a.patch
>    [SNIP]
> - 0004-CROSS-restore-AST-to-source-directory.patch
>    [SNIP]

All above is related to build out of source tree.
Try to keep a build tree for long time. Synchronize source, for instance 
once in week, and try to rebuild. After updates in those files python 
(native build) crash.
a) restore to source tree as before and only for cross build touch files 
to avoid regeneration.
b) after synchronization copy to build tree but now in all cases.
Note that a) will allow you to build from readonly source tree .

> - 0005-CROSS-revert-issue13150-i.e.-python-solution-with-_s.patch
>    A comment like "The fix for issue #13150 is bogus and break
>    everything" might not the best way to convince maintainers ...
>    This works for me, and IMO should be dropped, or please explain
>    why this doesn't work for you.

How old is patch ? Before generated "python solution" to be moved from 
source tree to `cat pybuilddir.txt`. So thanks to all that resolve 
design failure with commit for issue 13150. It seems to me author is not 
able to rewrite => issue 13547,  issue14774,  issue16342(?) .
Now obsolete by issue15298 (10x Trent).

> - 0006-CROSS-initialise-include-and-library-paths.patch
>    Afaics, a similar patch is now applied. Can be dropped.

> [SNIP]
> - 0009-CROSS-pass-all-top-configure-arguments-to-libffi-con.patch
>    Why is it needed to pass all configure args?
> - 0010-CROSS-warn-only-if-readelf-is-not-in-host-triplet-fo.patch
>    Why is this needed just for readelf? If you do have a cross
>    toolchain installed, then this should be available with
>    the triplet name, same as for gcc, as, ...

May be I'm wrong to use cross build for multilib , i.e. with gcc -m32. 
In this case does not exist prefixed readelf.

> - 0011-CROSS-append-gcc-library-search-paths-instead-to-pre.patch
>    Looks ok. Could you mention where this does make a difference,
>    or do you just want to keep the search order as defined by
>    the compiler?

My multilib compiler list fist paths to 64 libraries the to 32. 64 bit 
is with all dependent libraries and headers but 32-compatible lack some 
(tk/tcl for instance).  As result 32 bit build find all "required" 
dependency,  try to link all modules and fail on missing.
Distutil library search is limited - just search for library name.

> - 0012-CROSS-avoid-ncursesw-include-path-hack.patch
>    This would break cross-building in a multiarch environment.
>    Maybe we need a --with-curses-incdir=<> option.

May be (issue15268).

> - 0013-CROSS-properly-detect-WINDOW-_flags-for-different-nc.patch
>    This should be a separate issue. Not cross specific.

issue14598 and issue15484.

> - 0014-CROSS-use-build-directory-as-root-for-regression-tes.patch
>    why is this necessary?

For instance is source tree is readonly . It is important in cross to 
avoid build defects to update source files.
Result is parallel build and test for multiple host.

> - 0015-CROSS-test-tools-has-to-depend-only-from-location-of.patch
>    Looks ok, but not cross specific. Could you file a separate issue?

Unfortunately issue is closed. It was fixed perfectly for about 2 hours. 
I just revert commit.
Same as 14 rule apply.

> - 0016-CROSS-reload-may-fail-with-operation-on-closed-file-.patch
>    Looks like a separate issue.

May be is not same as issue15833 (fixed+closed). May be case is only for 
regression test if  source tree is readonly.

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