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    2012/12/27 R. David Murray <>

> R. David Murray added the comment:
> This is a duplicate of issue 10060, and as indicated there there really
> isn't much Python can do about this.  You should report the bug to Ubuntu,
> but I'm pretty sure there is already a bug in their system for it (which I
> believe has been fixed).
           Thanks for your comment. I've looked through that very
continuous thread (issue 10060) and than went to Ubuntu.You're  right  ,
there's   bug  #896836 (and several duplicates)   reported  on 2011-11-27
(for Oneiric) with confirmed status. As I understood from recommended
reading  the segmentation fault occurs
because of the conflict between loading dynamic and static bindings in C
based modules.Unfortunately there's no fix for it yet.
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