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I said exactly what I said ;-). Upon looking further (following the links), I see that 'install' refers to the disutils setup program install command option. What you should do is make the doc accurate and clear.

What 'accurate' means is for you to say, but not having used install, the doc is not too clear to me. The table headings 'Standard installation location' (of what?) and 'Default value' (for what program?) both seem a bit ambiguous, or rather they seem reversed to me. I would label the columns 'Default module directory' and 'Standard Python location'.

That said, I hope that the actual default module installation directory for install is the actual site-packages directory on my machine, based on where I actually put python, and not the non-existent standard location, which I did not use but which is what the text seems to say (but which would be a behavior design bug to me).

MARTIN: below is the question for you.

The issue raised by the off-tracker OP, Michael Mol, is a different one about how the .msi installer works and whether this doc is correctly describing how it works. The question is whether the default python install directory built into pythonxy...msi is literally "C:\PythonXY\Lib\site-packages" or whether it is actually "%SYSTEMROOT%\PythonXY\Lib\site-packages". Mr. Mol claims that the latter, or something else (unspecified), is better.
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