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Date 2011-03-29.18:22:29
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I have the final version of the patch for Python 2 in the 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 branches in my repo (

What's the next step?  Just push this to the central repo?  There are a few separate changes:

summary:     Merge urllib/urllib2 security fix from 2.6 branch.
summary:     Merge urllib/urllib2 security fix from 2.5 branch.
summary:     Adding .hgignore (copied from default branch).
summary:     Add CVE number to urllib/urllib2 news item.
summary:     Add tests for the urllib[2] vulnerability. Change to raise exceptions.
summary:     Add FTP to the allowed url schemes. Add Misc/NEWS.
summary:     Issue 22663: fix redirect vulnerability in urllib/urllib2.
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