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Author sdaoden
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Date 2011-01-25.10:37:00
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Re-New to Python - Re-Started with Py3K in 2011.
'Found myself in a dead-end after 10 days of work because a KOI8-R spam mail causes the file I/O decoding process to fail -
and there is NO WAY TO HANDLE THIS with!
(Went to, searched for, was redirected to Google and found NOTHING related to this problem.
FINALLY found the IssueTracker but was too stupid to re-search.
Well.  Put an issue 10995 which was wrong - unfortunate.)

But now I will spend this entire day to back-port my script to Python 2.7 (and i did not work with Python for some six years)!

I mean - the plan to rewrite the entire exists for about six months now, but is included in the basic library, documented in the library book - but not a single word, not a single comment states that it is in fact *UNUSABLE* in Py3K!

Wouldn't it be sufficient *in the meanwhile* to apply the 10-minutes-work patch mentioned in my issue 10995?
I know it's almost as wrong, but it would gracefully integrate in my fetchmail(1)/mutt(1) local en_GB.UTF-8 stuff 8-}.
Python 3.2 is about to be released in two weeks - shall this unusable module be included the very same way once again?
Thanks for reading this book.
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