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Author belopolsky
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Date 2010-05-05.18:22:55
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The latest patch, os-getgroups-v2.patch, seems to have the same bug as I reported in msg99926:

The crash that I see is apparently due to underallocated  memory:

 alt_grouplist = PyMem_Malloc(n);

should be

 alt_grouplist = PyMem_Malloc(n * sizeof(gid_t));

I no longer see the crash, but did not have a chance to investigate it further.  In any case, PyMem_Malloc(n) is clearly wrong and should be replaced by PyMem_Malloc(n * sizeof(gid_t)) or maybe better by PyMem_New(gid_t, n).

There are no tests in the patch and issue7900-tests.diff tests return "FAILED (failures=3, errors=2)" when ran as a superuser.
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