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Date 2010-02-23.15:24:06
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On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 8:46 AM, Ronald Oussoren <> wrote:
> ..
> I get test failures, but no crashes, when I do run the additional tests.

The crash that I see is apparently due to underallocated  memory:

 alt_grouplist = PyMem_Malloc(n);

should be

 alt_grouplist = PyMem_Malloc(n * sizeof(gid_t));

> I'm not too thrilled about your approach of growing the grouplist argument of
> getgroups until the results fit, the comment in the coreutils sources refers to two > very old unix flavors and IMHO it is not worthwhile to try to support those.

You are probably right on this point, but the main issue with using
getgroups(0, ..) is the race condition that it introduces.  If another
thread adds a group between n = getgroups(0, ..) and getgroups(n, ..)
calls, the second call will fail.

Makes sense regardless of the approach.
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