ID Activity Title Status Creator
3367 30 months ago Uninitialized value read in parsetok.c has patch open kristjan.jonsson
6377 31 months ago distutils compiler switch ignored has patch open atuining
1508475 31 months ago transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open antialize
12613 40 months ago itertools fixer fails has patch open VPeric
16638 41 months ago support multi-line docstring signatures in IDLE calltips has patch open chris.jerdonek
8036 72 months ago Interpreter crashes on invalid arg to spawnl on Windows has patch open alfps
26858 1 1/2 hours ago setting SO_REUSEPORT fails has patch open xdegaye
25083 4 hours ago Python can sometimes create incorrect .pyc files has patch open tzickel
31829 5 hours ago Portability issues with pickle has PR open serhiy.storchaka
31314 5 hours ago email throws exception with oversized header input open doko
31834 5 hours ago BLAKE2: the (pure) SSE2 impl forced on x86_64 is slower than reference has PR open mgorny
20825 yesterday containment test for "ip_network in ip_network" has patch has PR open exhuma
31756 yesterday should alias universal_newlines to text has PR open andrewclegg
31812 yesterday Document PEP 545 (documentation translation) in What's New in Python 3.7 has PR open haypo
9842 yesterday Document ... used in recursive repr of containers has PR open merwok
31810 yesterday Travis CI, buildbots: run "make smelly" to check if CPython leaks symbols has PR open haypo
31803 yesterday time.clock() should emit a DeprecationWarning has PR open haypo
31793 yesterday Allow to specialize smart quotes in documentation translations has PR open mdk
31782 yesterday Add a timeout to multiprocessing's Pool.join has patch open Will Starms
31827 yesterday Remove os.stat_float_times() has PR open haypo
31163 yesterday Return destination path in Path.rename and Path.replace has PR open albertogomcas
31800 yesterday datetime.strptime: Support for parsing offsets with a colon has PR open mariocj89
31821 yesterday pause_reading() doesn't work from connection_made() has PR open pitrou
31815 yesterday Make itertools iterators interruptible has PR open serhiy.storchaka
31454 2 days ago Include "import as" in tutorial has PR open svenyonson
24954 2 days ago No way to generate or parse timezone as produced by datetime.isoformat() has patch open gvanrossum
31778 2 days ago ast.literal_eval supports non-literals in Python 3 has PR open David Bieber
31809 2 days ago ssl module unnecessarily pins the client curve when using ECDH has PR open grrrrrrrrr
14465 3 days ago xml.etree.ElementTree: add feature to prettify XML output has patch has PR open tshepang
29696 3 days ago Use namedtuple in string.Formatter.parse iterator response has PR open facundobatista
30156 3 days ago PYTHONDUMPREFS segfaults on exit has PR open orent
30928 3 days ago Copy modified blurbs to idlelib/NEWS.txt has PR open terry.reedy
21114 3 days ago wsgiref.simple_server doesn't handle multi-line headers correctly has patch open Alan.Braithwaite
31589 4 days ago Links for French documentation PDF is broken: LaTeX issue with non-ASCII characters? has PR open fabrice
31802 4 days ago 'import posixpath' fails if 'os.path' has not be imported already. has PR open Mark.Shannon
31773 4 days ago Rewrite _PyTime_GetWinPerfCounter() for _PyTime_t has patch has PR open haypo
31784 5 days ago Implementation of the PEP 564: Add time.time_ns() has PR open haypo
31772 5 days ago SourceLoader uses stale bytecode in case of equal mtime seconds has PR open akvadrako
30744 6 days ago Local variable assignment is broken when combined with threads + tracing + closures has patch has PR open njs
17776 6 days ago IDLE Internationalization has patch open mariedam
31758 6 days ago various refleaks in _elementtree, and crashes when using an uninitialized XMLParser object has PR open Oren Milman
31672 7 days ago string.Template should use re.ASCII flag has PR open inada.naoki
9633 7 days ago pdb go stack up/down has patch open Markus.Pröller
31787 7 days ago various refleaks when calling the __init__() method of an object more than once has PR open Oren Milman
31455 7 days ago ElementTree.XMLParser() mishandles exceptions has PR open scoder
31752 7 days ago Assertion failure in timedelta() in case of bad __divmod__ has PR open serhiy.storchaka
31779 1 week ago assertion failures and a crash when using an uninitialized struct.Struct object has PR open Oren Milman
22674 1 week ago RFE: Add signal.strsignal(): string describing a signal has patch open Dolda2000
14976 1 week ago queue.Queue() is not reentrant, so signals and GC can cause deadlocks has patch has PR open JohanAR
31770 1 week ago crash and refleaks when calling sqlite3.Cursor.__init__() more than once has PR open Oren Milman
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