ID Activity Title Status Creator
3132 64 months ago implement PEP 3118 struct changes has patch open benjamin.peterson
23973 72 months ago PEP 484 implementation has patch open gvanrossum
1508475 77 months ago transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open antialize
44453 3/4 hours ago Documented return type of sysconfig.get_path() is wrong has PR open Jelle Zijlstra
43443 an hour ago Should shelve support dict union? has PR open Dominik V.
44698 an hour ago Undefined behaviour in Objects/complexobject.c's complex_pow has PR open twouters
44732 an hour ago Rename types.Union to types.UnionType has PR open serhiy.storchaka
44682 2 hours ago Pdb commands allows to add commands to invalid breakpoint has PR open andrei.avk
44590 6 hours ago Create frame objects lazily when needed has PR open Mark.Shannon
44493 11 hours ago Missing terminated NUL in the length of sockaddr_un has PR open zonyitoo
28356 yesterday [easy doc] Document os.rename() behavior on Windows when src and dst are on different filesystems has patch open stephan
43950 yesterday Include column offsets for bytecode instructions has PR open pablogsal
41203 yesterday Replace references to OS X in documentation with macOS has PR open pxeger
42378 yesterday logging reopens file with same mode, possibly truncating has PR open ecatmur2
44399 yesterday log rotator cookbook example might waste disk space has PR open mori-b
43184 yesterday Missing docs for LoggerAdapter manager and name property has PR open yoavp10
44725 yesterday Expose specialization stats in python has PR open iritkatriel
13824 yesterday argparse.FileType opens a file and never closes it has patch open David.Layton
36643 2 days ago Forward reference is not resolved by dataclasses.fields() has PR open mdrachuk
44730 2 days ago unittest.mock.patch does not work as a decorator on generator functions has patch has PR open garethmjwilliams
44660 2 days ago email.feedparser: support RFC 6532 section 3.5 has PR open f18a14c09s
42414 2 days ago unable to document fields of dataclass has PR open jmg
43838 2 days ago There is a way to access an underlying mapping in MappingProxyType has PR open serhiy.storchaka
22240 3 days ago argparse support for "python -m module" in help has patch open tebeka
44726 3 days ago Build macOS version with thin lto option has PR open corona10
34963 3 days ago String representation for types created with typing.NewType(…) are opaque and unappealing has PR open fish2000
44707 3 days ago runtime error: applying zero offset to null pointer in Objects/listobject.c has PR open thatiparthy
29298 3 days ago argparse fails with required subparsers, un-named dest, and empty argv has PR open zachrahan
44405 3 days ago add program passed as string to dis module. has patch has PR open CCLDArjun
39632 3 days ago variadic function call broken on armhf when passing a float argument has patch has PR open Nicolas Dessart
44711 3 days ago Optimize type check in has PR open anton.gruebel
41255 3 days ago Argparse.parse_args exits on unrecognized option with exit_on_error=False has patch has PR open mhughes
44712 3 days ago Replace `type(literal)` with corresponding builtin types has PR open serhiy.storchaka
35183 4 days ago os.path.splitext documentation needs typical example has PR open shaungriffith
44677 4 days ago CSV sniffing falsely detects space as a delimiter has PR open pt12lol
43693 4 days ago Logically merge cell and locals array. They are already contiguous in memory has PR open Mark.Shannon
30511 5 days ago shutil.make_archive should not need to chdir (alternatively: make shutil.make_archive thread-safe) has PR open Alex Gaynor
44588 5 days ago Possible double Py_XDECREF in cpython typeobject.c has PR open Wesley-Jzy
42064 5 days ago Convert sqlite3 to multi-phase initialisation (PEP 489) has PR open erlendaasland
44690 5 days ago Adopt binacii.a2b_base64's strict mode in base64.b64decode has PR open idan22moral
38091 6 days ago Import deadlock detection causes deadlock has PR open Ronan.Lamy
40263 6 days ago ValueError exception on _winapi.WaitForMultipleObjects has patch has PR open Ray Donnelly
44549 6 days ago BZip 1.0.6 Critical Vulnerability has PR open s.s.mahato
44678 6 days ago Seperate error message for discontinuous padding in binascii.a2b_base64 strict mode has PR open idan22moral
44662 7 days ago Add ability to annotate types.Union has PR open uriyyo
37224 7 days ago [subinterpreters] test__xxsubinterpreters fails randomly has patch has PR open vstinner
42238 7 days ago Deprecate has PR open mdk
17088 7 days ago ElementTree incorrectly refuses to write attributes without namespaces when default_namespace is used has patch has PR open silverbacknet
44666 7 days ago compileall.compile_file fails when sys.stdout is redirected to StringIO has patch has PR open stefanhoelzl
44025 1 week ago Match doc: Clarify '_' as a soft keyword has PR open terry.reedy
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