ID Activity Title Status Creator
6164 19 months ago [AIX] Patch to correct the AIX C/C++ linker argument used for 'runtime_library_dirs' has patch open srid
33570 19 months ago OpenSSL 1.1.1 / TLS 1.3 cipher suite changes has PR open christian.heimes
8036 27 months ago Interpreter crashes on invalid arg to spawnl on Windows has patch open alfps
32694 28 months ago Can no longer specify OpenSSL locations with CPPFLAGS / LDFLAGS ? has PR open yselivanov
30437 28 months ago SSL_shutdown needs SSL_read() until SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN has PR open njs
23239 30 months ago SSL match_hostname does not accept IP Address has patch open Ádám.Zsigmond
2445 35 months ago Use The CygwinCCompiler Under Cygwin has patch has PR open dstanek
28022 35 months ago SSL releated deprecation for 3.6 has patch open christian.heimes
8372 49 months ago socket: Buffer overrun while reading unterminated AF_UNIX addresses has patch open baikie
3132 54 months ago implement PEP 3118 struct changes has patch open benjamin.peterson
24295 55 months ago Backport of #17086 causes regression in has patch open moritzs
23973 62 months ago PEP 484 implementation has patch open gvanrossum
6377 66 months ago distutils compiler switch ignored has patch open atuining
1508475 67 months ago transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open antialize
40075 1/2 an hour ago _tkinter PythonCmd fails to acquire GIL has patch has PR open speleo3
41774 2 hours ago While removing element from list using for and remove(), which has same items output is not right has patch has PR open sreedevi.ha
31391 2 hours ago Forward-port test_xpickle from 2.7 to 3.x has PR open zach.ware
26053 5 hours ago regression in pdb output between 2.7 and 3.5 has patch has PR open doughellmann
11414 6 hours ago Add import fix for email.Message has PR open kitterma
41876 7 hours ago Add __repr__ for Tkinter Font objects has PR open serhiy.storchaka
41670 9 hours ago ceval traces code differently with USE_COMPUTED_GOTOS has PR open nedbat
41882 yesterday CCompiler.has_function does not delete temporary files has PR open termim
41861 yesterday Convert sqlite3 to PEP 384 has PR open erlendaasland
41170 yesterday Use strnlen instead of strlen when the size i known. has PR open Niclas Larsson
41756 yesterday Do not always use exceptions to return result from coroutine has PR open v2m
41851 yesterday tkinter: add font equal methods has PR open epaine
41880 yesterday Get Python include directories from sysconfigdata has PR open benwolsieffer
41870 yesterday Use PEP 590 vectorcall to speed up calls to bool() has patch has PR open corona10
14527 yesterday How to link with a non-system libffi? has PR open pda
23706 2 days ago pathlib.Path.write_text should include a newline argument has PR open daniel.ugra
40471 2 days ago Grammar typo in issubclass docstring has PR open alexpovel
41051 2 days ago Flush file after warning is written has PR open mjacob
2897 2 days ago PyMemberDef missing in limited API / Deprecate structmember.h has patch has PR open benjamin.peterson
38815 2 days ago test_ssl: test_min_max_version() fails on FreeBSD and Fedora has PR open vstinner
41867 3 days ago Include options for timespec in docstrings of isoformat has PR open cool-RR
35765 3 days ago Document references object x but doesn't show it in the example has PR open Patrick Rice
41428 3 days ago PEP 604 -- Allow writing union types as X | Y has PR open maggiemoss
1635741 3 days ago Py_Finalize() doesn't clear all Python objects at exit has PR open kylotan
41561 3 days ago test_ssl fails in Ubuntu 20.04: test_min_max_version_mismatch has patch has PR open bugsrep
41813 3 days ago Clarify specification of object.__await__ has PR open plammens
41812 3 days ago Broken link on documentation header has patch has PR open cocoatomo
41826 3 days ago test_peg_generator compilation warnings has patch has PR open skip.montanaro
40066 4 days ago Enum._convert should change __repr__ and/or __str__ to use module name instead of class name has PR open ethan.furman
27777 4 days ago cgi.FieldStorage can't parse simple body with Content-Length and no Content-Disposition has patch has PR open rr-
39934 4 days ago Fatal Python error "XXX block stack overflow" when exception stacks >10 has patch has PR open myzhang1029
41857 4 days ago Document timeout arguments to poll() in select module has PR open zaneb
41855 4 days ago FastPath.zip_children can give duplicate results on Python 3.8 has PR open jaraco
28694 5 days ago tkinter interface to fontchooser has patch open Lance Ware
40608 5 days ago PY3.8 GC segfault (Py_TRASHCAN_SAFE_BEGIN/END are not backwards compatible) has PR open iritkatriel
41840 5 days ago [regression] symtable.Symbol.is_local() is no longer True for bound global symbols has PR open CendioOssman
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