ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
20082 7 days ago Misbehavior of BufferedRandom.write with raw file in append mode has patch has PR open erik.bray   behavior 2
41259 7 days ago Find adverbs is not correct on the documentation has PR open Rim Chatti docs@python behavior 6
41406 7 days ago subprocess: Calling Popen.communicate() after returns an empty string open Frost Ming   behavior 4
41330 7 days ago Inefficient error-handle for CJK encodings open malin   performance 11
35247 7 days ago test.test_socket.RDSTest.testPeek hangs indefinitely open markmcclain   behavior 5
41370 7 days ago PEP 585 and ForwardRef open joperez   behavior 4
41401 7 days ago Using non-ascii that require UTF-8 breaks AIX testing has PR open Michael.Felt   behavior 8
41459 7 days ago pickle.load raises SystemError on malformed input open Guillaume     4
41306 7 days ago test_tk test_widgets.ScaleTest fails with Tk 8.6.10 has PR open felixonmars     7
40204 7 days ago Docs build error with Sphinx 3.0 due to invalid C declaration has PR open xtreak docs@python behavior 28
41462 1 week ago os.set_blocking() raises OSError on VxWorks RTOS has PR open pxinwr   enhancement 1
41075 1 week ago IDLE: Better support history navigation open wyz23x2 terry.reedy enhancement 7
41435 1 week ago Allow to retrieve ongoing exception handled by every threads has PR open jd   enhancement 3
41461 1 week ago test_pathlib assumes underlying filesystem permits creation with world-write permissions open Michael.Felt   behavior 1
28002 1 week ago ast.unparse can't roundtrip some f-strings has PR open eric.smith eric.smith behavior 8
41260 1 week ago datetime: strftime method takes different keyword argument: fmt (pure) or format (C) has PR open Anthony Sottile   behavior 3
41210 1 week ago Docs: More description(warning) about LZMA1 + BCJ with FORMAT_RAW has patch open miurahr     11
7291 1 week ago urllib2 cannot handle https with proxy requiring auth has patch open tsujikawa orsenthil   24
41395 1 week ago pickle and pickletools cli interface doesn't close input and output file. has PR open xtreak   behavior 1
41410 1 week ago Opening a file in binary mode makes a difference on all platforms in Python 3 has PR open bkline docs@python   3
38605 1 week ago [typing] PEP 563: Postponed evaluation of annotations: enable it by default in Python 3.10 has PR open vstinner   behavior 21
2704 1 week ago IDLE: Patch to make PyShell behave more like a Terminal interface has patch open roger.serwy terry.reedy behavior 34
41402 1 week ago email: ContentManager.set_content calls nonexistent method encode() on bytes has PR open joreiff     3
41453 1 week ago A possible reference leak in _locale.localeconv() has PR open ZackerySpytz     1
40666 1 week ago TarFile.add does not support pathlib.Path as a value to first argument. open socketpair     1
40360 1 week ago Deprecate lib2to3 (and 2to3) for future removal has PR open gregory.p.smith gregory.p.smith enhancement 36
36207 1 week ago robotsparser deny all with some rules open quentin-maire   behavior 10
37586 1 week ago macOS: posix_spawn(..., setsid=True) open ronaldoussoren ronaldoussoren behavior 7
41177 1 week ago ConvertingList and ConvertingTuple lack iterators and ConvertingDict lacks items() has PR open godot_gildor   enhancement 12
6143 1 week ago IDLE - clear and restart the shell window has patch has PR open roger.serwy terry.reedy enhancement 30
41444 1 week ago CPython 3.8.5 fails to build on Windows with -E option open Vladislav Mikhalin     3
40841 1 week ago Provide mimetypes.sniff API as stdlib has PR open corona10 corona10 enhancement 12
41360 1 week ago method _tunnel does not allow for a standard proxy authentication solution open alexey.namyotkin   enhancement 1
41443 1 week ago some test cases in fail if some os attributes are not supported has PR open pxinwr   behavior 1
41442 1 week ago test_posix.PosixTester.test_getgroups fail on operating systems without supporting unix shell has PR open pxinwr   behavior 1
40075 1 week ago _tkinter PythonCmd fails to acquire GIL has patch has PR open speleo3   crash 5
9625 1 week ago argparse: Problem with defaults for variable nargs when using choices has patch open thesociable rhettinger behavior 17
41438 1 week ago TimeoutError behavior changes on async.wait_for from python3.7 open Yerken Tussupbekov   behavior 2
41437 1 week ago SIGINT blocked by socket operations like recv on Windows open zmwangx   behavior 2
40395 1 week ago Scripts folder is Empty in python 3.8.2 for Windows 7. open BenTen Jan     8
41355 1 week ago, follow_symlinks=False) without linkat(3) has PR open ronaldoussoren   behavior 7
41434 1 week ago IDLE: Option to warn user on "Run Module" if file is not Python source open wyz23x2 terry.reedy enhancement 4
41134 1 week ago distutils.dir_util.copy_tree FileExistsError when updating symlinks has PR open Tom Hale     1
40072 1 week ago Win7/Python3.8/asyncio IPv6 UDP Server raise OSError when recved any packet open honglei.jiang   behavior 4
24964 1 week ago Add tunnel CONNECT response headers to httplib / http.client has patch open thomas.belhalfaoui   enhancement 8
41282 1 week ago Deprecate and remove distutils open jaraco     16
41432 1 week ago IDLE: Handle bad highlight tab color config open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 1
41428 1 week ago PEP 604 -- Allow writing union types as X | Y has PR open maggiemoss   behavior 1
41430 1 week ago Document C docstring behavior has PR open jameshcorbett docs@python enhancement 1
41416 1 week ago Restore default implementation of __ne__ in mixins Set and Mapping open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
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