ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
44391 4 days ago PC/launcher.c,one more argument than required open brotherbeer   behavior 1
43112 4 days ago SOABI on Linux does not distinguish between GNU libc and musl libc has PR open ncopa   behavior 14
17179 4 days ago Misleading error from type() when passing unknown keyword argument pending cjw296 docs@python behavior 10
3232 4 days ago Wrong str->bytes conversion in Lib/encodings/ open pitrou   enhancement 7
45885 4 days ago Specialize COMPARE_OP has PR open Dennis Sweeney   performance 2
25066 4 days ago Better repr for multiprocessing.synchronize objects has patch has PR open davin davin enhancement 6
45878 4 days ago Use `self.assertRaises` instead of `try/except` in `ctypes/` has PR open sobolevn   behavior 2
45890 4 days ago Add tests for tracing try-except-finally blocks has PR open iritkatriel iritkatriel enhancement 0
45509 4 days ago Gzip header corruption not properly checked. has patch has PR open rhpvorderman   behavior 7
22045 4 days ago Python make issue open skerr   behavior 2
45879 4 days ago Access violation open vladexl   crash 3
45888 4 days ago Revisit: start_tls() difficult when using asyncio.start_server() open rob-blackbourn christian.heimes enhancement 1
32731 4 days ago getpass.getuser() raises an unspecified exceptions (ImportError, OSError, etc) has PR open gregory.p.smith   behavior 4
45887 5 days ago [subinterpreters] Pull all interpreter-global objects into one place. has PR open eric.snow eric.snow   1
45883 5 days ago reuse_address mistakenly removed from loop.create_server has PR open jcristharif   behavior 1
45882 5 days ago mailbox fails to read message from mbox open peter.wurmsdobler   behavior 1
27582 5 days ago Mispositioned SyntaxError caret for unknown code points has patch pending ncoghlan   behavior 12
41396 5 days ago pystate.c:_PyCrossInterpreterData_Release() does not clear py exception on error open Tomasz Pytel   behavior 1
45703 5 days ago importlib.invalidate_caches() does not invalidate _NamespacePath's _last_parent_path-based cache has PR open hroncok   behavior 6
45786 5 days ago Avoid allocating when exiting frame; it may be unsafe. has PR open Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon crash 3
45490 5 days ago [meta][C API] Avoid C macro pitfalls and usage of static inline functions has PR open vstinner     4
45869 5 days ago Unicode and acii regular expressions do not agree on ascii space characters open control-k   enhancement 6
40673 5 days ago remove deprecated urllib.request.URLopener/FancyURLopener open Petter S   enhancement 7
45126 5 days ago [sqlite3] cleanup and harden Connection and Cursor __init__ has PR open erlendaasland     18
45191 5 days ago Error.__traceback__.tb_lineno is wrong has PR open nahco314   behavior 1
44445 5 days ago Add `site-include` install scheme path in sysconfig has PR open FFY00     3
44525 5 days ago Implement CALL_FUNCTION adaptive interpreter optimizations has PR open kj   performance 6
45877 5 days ago Inconsistency in minimal supported version of Microsoft Visual Studio open arhadthedev docs@python behavior 1
33590 5 days ago [doc] sched.enter priority has no impact on execution open sahilmn docs@python   7
45875 5 days ago gzip.decompress performance can be improved with memoryviews open rhpvorderman   performance 2
45235 5 days ago argparse does not preserve namespace with subparser defaults has PR open ALSchwalm   behavior 22
45572 5 days ago urllib.request:AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'get_all' in http_error_auth_reqed function open sxt1001   behavior 2
45555 6 days ago Object stays alive for weak reference if an exception happens in constructor open guijarro   behavior 6
45874 6 days ago urllib.parse.parse_qsl does not parse empty query string with strict parsing has PR open sattler   behavior 1
36706 6 days ago Python script on startup stucks at import pending serge g   performance 3
42367 6 days ago Restore os.makedirs ability to apply mode to all directories created has PR open gregory.p.smith   enhancement 5
45459 6 days ago Limited API support for Py_buffer has PR open christian.heimes   enhancement 18
45857 6 days ago PEP 604 Union syntax does not support forward references open TNThung   behavior 6
32582 6 days ago chr raises OverflowError has patch has PR open ukl   behavior 5
45813 6 days ago Importing asyncio after deleting a coroutine object and before cleaning it up leads to crashing on Python3.11 has PR open xxm Mark.Shannon crash 10
45868 6 days ago xattr support missing in os module under cygwin open enok2   crash 1
45723 6 days ago Improve and simplify checks has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement 13
45863 6 days ago tarfile zeroes ustar header fields unnecessarily has PR open jmr   behavior 1
45858 6 days ago Deprecate default converters in sqlite3 open iafisher   behavior 2
26651 7 days ago Deprecate register_adapter() and register_converter() in sqlite3 has patch open berker.peksag   enhancement 5
23952 7 days ago cgi: Document the 'maxlen' member of the cgi module open deadpixi docs@python enhancement 1
45805 7 days ago CO_FUTURE_ANNOTATIONS flag is not documented or in inspect open saulshanabrook docs@python   6
45677 7 days ago [doc] improve sqlite3 docs has PR open erlendaasland docs@python   9
33125 7 days ago Windows 10 ARM64 platform support has PR open Steven Noonan steve.dower enhancement 28
32658 7 days ago Metacharacter (\) documentation suggestion open kdraeder docs@python enhancement 1
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