ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
30511 1 week ago shutil.make_archive should not need to chdir (alternatively: make shutil.make_archive thread-safe) has PR open Alex Gaynor     10
44588 1 week ago Possible double Py_XDECREF in cpython typeobject.c has PR open Wesley-Jzy   crash 8
44690 1 week ago Adopt binacii.a2b_base64's strict mode in base64.b64decode has PR open idan22moral   behavior 1
44687 1 week ago io.BufferedReader:peek() closes underlying file, breaking peek/read expectations open liquidpele     1
44684 1 week ago Docs for open guettli docs@python   2
38091 1 week ago Import deadlock detection causes deadlock has PR open Ronan.Lamy   behavior 3
44663 1 week ago Possible bug in datetime utc open gabhcosta   behavior 6
31426 1 week ago [3.5] crash in gen_traverse(): gi_frame.ob_type=NULL, called by subtract_refs() during a GC collection open iwienand   crash 5
14739 1 week ago Add PyArg_Parse format unit like O& but providing context open larry larry enhancement 3
44549 1 week ago BZip 1.0.6 Critical Vulnerability has PR open s.s.mahato   security 7
44680 1 week ago Reference cycles from a WeakKeyDictionary value to its key aren’t collected open andersk   resource usage 2
44678 1 week ago Seperate error message for discontinuous padding in binascii.a2b_base64 strict mode has PR open idan22moral   enhancement 2
44679 1 week ago unittest.mock.sentinel documentation typo open gaydayav docs@python   1
31162 1 week ago urllib.request.urlopen CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED error open   behavior 4
44668 1 week ago More differences in instance and subclass checks between typing.Union and types.Union open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 4
44662 1 week ago Add ability to annotate types.Union has PR open uriyyo   enhancement 2
37224 1 week ago [subinterpreters] test__xxsubinterpreters fails randomly has patch has PR open vstinner     51
44675 1 week ago Cross-platform issues with private methods and multiprocessing open ymerej   behavior 1
43124 1 week ago [security] smtplib multiple CRLF injection has PR open martin.ortner   security 10
42238 1 week ago Deprecate has PR open mdk mdk   27
44673 1 week ago Embedded Python - local directories in pythonXX._pth open emve   behavior 1
44624 1 week ago Script name for venv PowerShell activate open pwatson   enhancement 2
17088 1 week ago ElementTree incorrectly refuses to write attributes without namespaces when default_namespace is used has patch has PR open silverbacknet   behavior 17
44645 1 week ago Python 3.10: Under some trivial circunstances, GIL not released has PR open jcea     11
44666 1 week ago compileall.compile_file fails when sys.stdout is redirected to StringIO has patch has PR open stefanhoelzl   crash 1
44598 1 week ago test_constructor (test.test_ssl.ContextTests) ... Fatal Python error: Segmentation fault open sxt1001 christian.heimes crash 3
44669 1 week ago TypeError: 'type' object is not subscriptable open michal.dziczkowski   behavior 2
44025 1 week ago Match doc: Clarify '_' as a soft keyword has PR open terry.reedy docs@python behavior 3
44667 1 week ago emits spurious NEWLINE if file ends on a comment without a newline open mdartiailh   behavior 1
44664 1 week ago builtins.chr and the 'c' format flag raise different errors open bup   behavior 2
44665 1 week ago asyncio.create_task() documentation should mention user needs to keep reference to the task open bernat docs@python enhancement 1
42861 1 week ago ipaddress - add ability to get next closest network of any prefix size has PR open fasial.mahmood94   enhancement 4
42478 1 week ago ipaddress.IPv4network.interfaces() open wyko.ter.haar   enhancement 8
41949 1 week ago Redefinition of HMAC functions prevents static linking open indygreg   compile error 6
44592 1 week ago tkinter focus_get() with non-tkinter Tk widget open Akuli   behavior 12
42469 1 week ago Space in re's {min,max} should raise an error, rather than fail silently open reuven   behavior 5
42535 1 week ago unittest.patch confuses modules with base modules open twolodzko   behavior 2
20291 1 week ago Argument Clinic should understand *args and **kwargs parameters has PR open larry serhiy.storchaka enhancement 10
43425 1 week ago test_peg_generator.test_c_parser emits DeprecationWarning due to distutils has PR open xtreak   behavior 12
44618 1 week ago inspect.signature does not work for datetime classes has PR open mauvilsa   behavior 6
44603 1 week ago REPL: exit when the user types exit instead of asking them to explicitly type exit() has PR open theacodes   enhancement 45
43893 1 week ago typing.get_type_hints does not accept type annotations with leading whitespaces has PR open jarryshaw   behavior 7
40529 1 week ago Auto Completions with case insensitive has PR open mkasula   enhancement 9
29753 1 week ago [Linux] ctypes packs bitfields Incorrectly has patch has PR open Charles Machalow   behavior 21
44649 1 week ago dataclasses slots with init=False field raises AttributeException open tefra eric.smith behavior 3
39221 1 week ago Cross compiled python installed wrong version of lib2to3/Grammar pickle has patch open puchenyaka   enhancement 4
35673 1 week ago Loader for namespace packages open ronaldoussoren   behavior 9
44656 1 week ago Dangerous mismatch between MAXPATHLEN and MAX_PATH on Windows open izbyshev   security 1
10572 1 week ago Move test sub-packages to Lib/test has patch has PR open michael.foord   enhancement 53
44648 1 week ago Inspect.getsource raises wrong error on classes in interactive session has PR open andrei.avk   behavior 5
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