ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
43651 5 days ago PEP 597: Fix EncodingWarning warnings in the Python stdlib has PR open methane     15
43738 5 days ago Clarify public name of curses.window open rmccampbell7 docs@python enhancement 2
43664 5 days ago Compiling long expression leads to segfault (again) open xxm   crash 5
43599 5 days ago Setting long domain of locale.dgettext() crashes Python interpreter open xxm   crash 4
43740 5 days ago Long paths in imp.load_dynamic() lead to segfault open xxm   crash 1
27815 5 days ago Make SSL suppress_ragged_eofs default more secure has patch has PR open martin.panter   security 17
43689 5 days ago difflib: mention other "problematic" characters in documentation has PR open jugmac00 docs@python   7
42128 5 days ago Structural Pattern Matching (PEP 634) has PR open brandtbucher brandtbucher enhancement 55
43693 5 days ago Logically merge cell and locals array. They are already contiguous in memory has PR open Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon performance 4
2889 6 days ago curses for windows (alternative patch) has patch open techtonik   enhancement 23
41570 6 days ago Add DearPyGui to faq/gui.rst has PR open jhoffstadt docs@python enhancement 3
43735 6 days ago PEP 597: os.popen() and pipes uses locale encoding open methane     1
43733 6 days ago PEP 597: netrc uses locale encoding. open methane     1
43732 6 days ago PEP 597: mailcap uses locale encoding open methane     1
43511 6 days ago tkinter with Tk 8.6.11 is slow on macOS open thomaswamm   performance 16
43655 6 days ago Tkinter: make X window & macOS recognize dialogs as such has PR open patrickmelix terry.reedy enhancement 9
43593 6 days ago pymalloc is not aware of Memory Tagging Extension (MTE) and crashes open ggardet     13
24275 6 days ago lookdict_* give up too soon has patch has PR open Jim.Jewett   enhancement 14
38119 7 days ago resource tracker destroys shared memory segments when other processes should still have valid access has patch has PR open davin davin behavior 13
43704 7 days ago ShareableList() raises TypeError when passing "name" keyword open steve.newcomb   behavior 4
41370 7 days ago PEP 585 and ForwardRef has PR open joperez   behavior 6
20626 7 days ago Manager documentation unclear about lists and thread safeness open Irvin.Probst docs@python enhancement 2
43727 7 days ago futures cancelled by ThreadPoolExecutor.shutdown() not yielded by as_completed() open bigbenhur   behavior 1
34816 7 days ago raise AttributeError if loading fails in ctypes.LibraryLoader.__getattr__ has patch has PR open lfriedri   behavior 5
43721 7 days ago Documentation of property.{getter,setter,deleter} fails to mention that a *new* property is returned open Antony.Lee     1
43722 7 days ago PEP 597: FileCookieJar uses locale encoding open methane     1
41139 7 days ago cgi uses the locale encoding for log files open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 6
43652 7 days ago Upgrade Windows tcl/tk to 8.6.11 has PR open terry.reedy   enhancement 5
43718 7 days ago HTTP CONNECT response not subject to debug level open michael-o     1
43717 7 days ago Confusing OSError on HTTP CONNECT failure open michael-o   behavior 1
43656 1 week ago StackSummary.format fails if str(value) fails has PR open moi90   enhancement 7
43634 1 week ago Extensions build does not respect --jobs setting open JustAnotherArchivist   resource usage 1
43154 1 week ago code.InteractiveConsole can crash if sys.excepthook is broken open Carl.Friedrich.Bolz   behavior 3
29672 1 week ago `catch_warnings` context manager causes all warnings to be printed every time, even after exiting has PR open Gerrit.Holl   behavior 10
42248 1 week ago Raised exception in Enum keeping user objects alive unnecessarily open efroemling   enhancement 4
31842 1 week ago pathlib: "Incorrect function" during resolve() open earonesty2     6
43706 1 week ago enumerate() instantiation time reducing by using PEP 590 vectorcall has patch has PR open corona10   performance 1
36207 1 week ago robotsparser deny all with some rules open quentin-maire   behavior 3
43688 1 week ago [C API] Support the limited C API in debug mode (Py_INCREF and Py_DECREF) has patch has PR open vstinner     11
43703 1 week ago xml.etree parser does not accept valid control characters open Romuald     3
43568 1 week ago Drop support for Mac OS X < 10.3 module linking has PR open jmr   enhancement 2
39947 1 week ago [C API] Make the PyThreadState structure opaque (move it to the internal C API) has PR open vstinner     21
43124 1 week ago [security] smtplib multiple CRLF injection open martin.ortner   security 2
43223 1 week ago [security] http.server: Open Redirection if the URL path starts with // has patch has PR open hamzaavvan   security 4
43702 1 week ago [Windows] correctly sort and remove duplicates in _winapi getenvironment() open eryksun   behavior 1
43549 1 week ago Outdated descriptions for configuring valgrind. open xxm docs@python enhancement 1
43697 1 week ago Importlib documentation does not cover how meta path finders should handle namespace packages open paul.moore docs@python behavior 6
43698 1 week ago Use syntactically correct examples on abc package page open Vladimir Ryabtsev docs@python compile error 1
12657 1 week ago Cannot override JSON encoding of basic type subclasses open barry serhiy.storchaka behavior 9
43696 1 week ago High cpu usage using asyncio streams open romikforest   performance 1
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