Title: tarfile.is_tarfile() modifies file object's current position
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msg394922 - (view) Author: Andrzej Mateja (mateja.and) * Date: 2021-06-02 15:09
Since Python 3.9 tarfile.is_tarfile accepts not only paths but also files and file-like objects (bpo-29435).

Verification if a file or file-like object is a tar file modifies file object's current position.

Imagine a function listing names of all tar archive members but checking first if this is a valid tar archive. When its argument is a str or pathlib.Path this is quite straightforward. If the argument is a file of file-like object then current position must be reset or TarFile.getmembers() returns empty list.

import tarfile

def list_tar(archive):
    if tarfile.is_tarfile(archive):
        kwargs = {'fileobj' if hasattr(archive, 'read') else 'name': archive}
        t =**kwargs)
        return [ for member in t.getmembers()]
    return []

if __name__ == '__main__':
    path = 'archive.tar.gz'
    print(list_tar(open(path, 'rb')))

['', '', '', '']
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