Title: Implement Happy Eyeball in asyncio
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msg316757 - (view) Author: twisteroid ambassador (twisteroid ambassador) * Date: 2018-05-16 02:56
Add a Happy Eyeballs implementation to asyncio, based on work in .

Current plans:

- Add 2 keyword arguments to loop.create_connection and asyncio.open_connection.

    * delay: Optional[float] = None. None disables happy eyeballs. A number >= 0 means the delay between starting new connections.

    * interleave: int = 1. Controls reordering of resolved IP addresses by address family.

- Optionally, expose the happy eyeballs scheduling helper function. 

    * It's currently called "staggered_race()". Suggestions for a better name welcome.

    * Should it belong to, some other existing file or a new file?
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