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Title: Double DECREF in TextIOWrapper
Type: crash Stage: resolved
Components: Library (Lib) Versions: Python 3.3, Python 3.4, Python 3.5
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Created on 2014-11-11 22:55 by thatch, last changed 2022-04-11 14:58 by admin. This issue is now closed.

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msg231054 - (view) Author: Tim Hatch (thatch) * Date: 2014-11-11 22:55
There's a reproducible bug in textio.c that causes a double DECREF on codecs.  The conditions to trigger are probably rare in real life, so not remotely exploitable (sandbox escape is the worst I can think of on its own, and I'm not aware of any on 3.x):

* You need to create a TextIOWrapper wrapping a file-like object that only partially supports the protocol.  For example, supporting readable(), writable(), and seekable() but not tell().

The crash I experience most of the time appears to be that the memory being reused, such that the PyObject ob_type field is no longer a valid pointer.

  Source 3.5.0a0 (latest default branch yesterday, 524a004e93dd)
  Archlinux: 3.3.5 and 3.4.2
  Ubuntu: 3.4.0
  Centos: 3.3.2
  All 2.7 branch (doesn't contain the faulty commit)

Here's where it's introduced --

/* Modules/_io/textio.c line 1064 */

/* does not set codec_info = NULL; */
if(...) goto error;

The attached script is close to minimal -- I think at most you can reduce by one TextIOWrapper instantiation.  Sample stacktrace follows (which is after the corruption occurs, on subsequent access to v->ob_type (which is invalid).

#0  0x00000000004c8829 in PyObject_GetAttr (v=<unknown at remote 0x7ffff7eb9688>, 
    name='_is_text_encoding') at Objects/object.c:872
#1  0x00000000004c871d in _PyObject_GetAttrId (v=<unknown at remote 0x7ffff7eb9688>, 
    name=0x945d50 <PyId__is_text_encoding.10143>) at Objects/object.c:835
#2  0x00000000005c6674 in _PyCodec_LookupTextEncoding (
    encoding=0x7ffff6f40220 "utf-8", alternate_command=0x6c2fcd "")
    at Python/codecs.c:541
#3  0x000000000064286e in textiowrapper_init (self=0x7ffff7f9ecb8, 
    args=(<F at remote 0x7ffff6f40a18>,), kwds={'encoding': 'utf-8'})
    at ./Modules/_io/textio.c:965
msg231081 - (view) Author: Benjamin Peterson (benjamin.peterson) * (Python committer) Date: 2014-11-12 15:24
Thanks for the excellent bug report!
msg231082 - (view) Author: Roundup Robot (python-dev) (Python triager) Date: 2014-11-12 15:24
New changeset ec1948191461 by Benjamin Peterson in branch '3.4':
fix possible double free in TextIOWrapper.__init__ (closes #22849)

New changeset a664b150b6c2 by Benjamin Peterson in branch 'default':
merge 3.4 (#22849)
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