ID Activity Title Status
18049 4 hours ago Re-enable threading test on OSX has patch open
14375 4 days ago Add socketserver running property open
10496 4 days ago Python startup should not require passwd entry has patch open
25910 4 days ago Fixing links in documentation has patch open
20767 4 days ago Some python extensions can't be compiled with clang 3.4 has patch open
3119 5 days ago is limited by python's call stack has patch open
1222585 2 weeks ago C++ compilation support for distutils has patch open
12319 3 weeks ago [http.client] HTTPConnection.request not support "chunked" Transfer-Encoding to send data has patch open
23968 3 weeks ago rename the platform directory from plat-$(MACHDEP) to plat-$(PLATFORM_TRIPLET) has patch open
22079 3 weeks ago Ensure in PyType_Ready() that base class of static type is static has patch open
15730 1 month ago Silence unused value warnings under Mac OS X 10.8/clang has patch open
18378 1 month ago locale.getdefaultlocale() fails on Mac OS X with default language set to English has patch open
18550 1 month ago internal_setblocking() doesn't check return value of fcntl() has patch open
18844 1 month ago allow weights in random.choice has patch open
16500 1 month ago Add an 'atfork' module has patch open
19317 2 months ago ctypes.util.find_library should examine binary's RPATH on Solaris open
11416 3 months ago netrc module does not handle multiple entries for a single host has patch open
23863 3 months ago Fix EINTR Socket Module issues in 2.7 has patch open
10910 3 months ago pyport.h FreeBSD/Mac OS X "fix" causes errors in C++ compilation has patch open
25933 4 months ago Unhandled exception (TypeError) with ftplib in function retrbinary/retrlines causes inoperable behavior without crashing has patch open
20397 4 months ago distutils --record option does not validate existence of byte-compiled files has patch open
5715 5 months ago listen socket close in SocketServer.ForkingMixIn.process_request() has patch open
11620 5 months ago winsound.PlaySound() with SND_MEMORY should accept bytes instead of strings has patch open
24303 5 months ago OSError 17 due to _multiprocessing/semaphore.c assuming a one-to-one Pid -> process mapping. has patch open
12463 5 months ago Calling SocketServer.shutdown() when server_forever() was not called will hang has patch open
17956 5 months ago concurrent.futures: add ScheduledExecutor has patch open
26010 6 months ago document CO_* constants has patch open
20008 6 months ago Clean up/refactor/make discoverable test_decimal has patch open
25916 6 months ago wave module readframes now returns bytes not str has patch open
12174 6 months ago Multiprocessing logging levels unclear has patch open
24658 7 months ago open().write() fails on 2 GB+ data (OS X) has patch open
9949 7 months ago os.path.realpath on Windows does not follow symbolic links open
22012 7 months ago struct.unpack('?', '\x02') returns (False,) on Mac OSX has patch open
24454 7 months ago Improve the usability of the match object named group API has patch open
13330 8 months ago Attempt full test coverage of LocaleTextCalendar.formatweekday has patch open
20468 8 months ago resource module documentation is incorrect has patch open
24928 8 months ago mock.patch.dict spoils order of items in collections.OrderedDict has patch open
19081 8 months ago zipimport behaves badly when the zip file changes while the process is running has patch open
7352 9 months ago pythonx.y-config --ldflags out of /usr and missing -L<install_lib_dir> has patch open
6331 9 months ago Add unicode script info to the unicode database has patch open
1054041 9 months ago Python doesn't exit with proper resultcode on SIGINT has patch open
14611 9 months ago inspect.getargs fails on some anonymous tuples has patch open
1471934 10 months ago Python libcrypt build problem on Solaris 8, 9, 10 and OpenSolaris has patch open
14776 10 months ago Add SystemTap static markers has patch open
8987 11 months ago Distutils doesn't quote Windows command lines properly has patch open
4343 11 months ago tkinter: add _get_master() and use it consistently has patch open
22852 11 months ago urllib.parse wrongly strips empty #fragment, ?query, //netloc has patch open
9850 12 months ago obsolete macpath module dangerously broken and should be removed has patch open
17044 12 months ago Implement PEP 422: Simple class initialisation hook has patch open
11145 12 months ago '%o' % user-defined instance has patch open
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