ID Activity Title Status
17552 12 hours ago socket.sendfile() open
20434 3 days ago Fix error handler of _PyString_Resize() on allocation failure open
8901 6 days ago Windows registry path not ignored with -E option open
1100942 1 week ago Add datetime.time.strptime and open
13968 2 weeks ago Support recursive globs open
18378 3 weeks ago locale.getdefaultlocale() fails on Mac OS X with default language set to English open
20284 3 weeks ago patch to implement PEP 461 (%-interpolation for bytes) open
6331 4 weeks ago Add unicode script info to the unicode database open
10141 1 month ago SocketCan support open
11352 1 month ago Update cgi module doc open
8987 1 month ago Distutils doesn't quote Windows command lines properly open
4806 1 month ago Function calls taking a generator as star argument can mask TypeErrors in the generator open
11416 1 month ago netrc module does not handle multiple entries for a single host open
10203 1 month ago sqlite3.Row doesn't support sequence protocol open
19257 1 month ago Sub-optimal error message when importing a non-package open
5572 1 month ago distutils should respect the LIBS configure env var open
7219 1 month ago Unhelpful error message when a distutils package install fails due to a permissions error open
1222585 1 month ago C++ compilation support for distutils open
4849 1 month ago instantiating and populating xml.dom.minidom.Element is cumbersome open
17267 1 month ago datetime.time support for '+' and '-' open
9815 1 month ago assertRaises as a context manager keeps tracebacks and frames alive open
19081 1 month ago zipimport behaves badly when the zip file changes while the process is running open
1721083 2 months ago Add File - Reload open
1615158 2 months ago POSIX capabilities support open
1800 2 months ago ctypes callback fails when called in Python with array argument open
7938 2 months ago makesetup interprets macros -DA=B as a Make variable definition open
1875 2 months ago "if 0: return" not raising SyntaxError open
7752 2 months ago Add support for Digest authentication session (reuse nonces) open
3119 2 months ago is limited by python's call stack open
5384 2 months ago mmap and exception type open
4851 2 months ago xml.dom.minidom.Element.cloneNode fails with AttributeError open
2091 2 months ago file accepts 'rU+' as a mode open
2202 2 months ago urllib2 fails against IIS 6.0 (No support for MD5-sess auth) open
15027 2 months ago Faster UTF-32 encoding open
4037 2 months ago should include method descriptors when looking inside a class __dict__ open
18554 2 months ago os.__all__ is incomplete open
17633 2 months ago zipimport's handling of namespace packages is incorrect open
8264 2 months ago hasattr doesn't show private (double underscore) attributes exist open
18695 2 months ago os.statvfs() not working well with unicode paths open
16099 2 months ago robotparser doesn't support request rate and crawl delay parameters open
10496 3 months ago Python startup should not require passwd entry open
16500 3 months ago Add an 'atfork' module open
16000 4 months ago test_curses should use unittest open
20008 4 months ago Clean up/refactor/make discoverable test_decimal open
19960 4 months ago MacOSX: Building 2.7 without the xcode command line tools installed open
18885 4 months ago handle EINTR in the stdlib open
11410 4 months ago Use GCC visibility attrs in PyAPI_* open
15490 4 months ago Correct __sizeof__ support for StringIO open
18643 4 months ago implement socketpair() on Windows open
19806 4 months ago smtpd crashes when a multi-byte UTF-8 sequence is split between consecutive data packets open
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