ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
30195 3 minutes ago writing non-ascii characters in xml file using python code embedded in C open aimad   crash 7
26143 1/4 hour ago Ensure that IDLE's stdlib imports are from the stdlib has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 8
30216 2 hours ago xdrlib.Unpacker.unpack_string returns bytes (docs say should be str) open rnash   behavior 2
26253 2 hours ago tarfile in stream mode always set zlib compression level to 9 open Patrik Dufresne   enhancement 4
29700 2 hours ago readline memory corruption when sys.stdin fd >= FD_SETSIZE for select() has PR open gregory.p.smith   crash 9
30145 2 hours ago Create a How to or Tutorial documentation for asyncio open Mariatta docs@python   3
15346 3 hours ago Tkinter extention modules have no documentation open weirdink13 docs@python enhancement 6
25658 3 hours ago PyThread assumes pthread_key_t is an integer, which is against POSIX has patch has PR open EdSchouten   compile error 30
30213 3 hours ago ZipFile from 'a'ppend-mode file generates invalid zip open BoppreH   behavior 1
30210 3 hours ago No Documentation on tkinter dnd module open anthony-flury docs@python enhancement 1
30212 3 hours ago is broken in Centos7 open david-cpi   compile error 1
30211 3 hours ago Bdb: add docstrings has PR open csabella docs@python enhancement 1
29136 4 hours ago Add OP_NO_TLSv1_3 has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement 6
30177 4 hours ago pathlib.resolve(strict=False) only includes first child open mshuffett   behavior 2
19417 5 hours ago Bdb: add a unittest file (test.test_bdb) has patch open Colin.Williams terry.reedy enhancement 11
30215 9 hours ago Make re.compile() locale agnostic has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
30214 10 hours ago lacks command a few line options and has a bug. open Decorater     1
30019 yesterday IDLE freezes when opening a file with astral characters open David E. Franco G. terry.reedy behavior 4
30206 yesterday data parameter for binascii.b2a_base64 is not positional-only has PR open xiang.zhang   behavior 3
30014 yesterday Speedup DefaultSelectors.modify() by 2x has patch has PR open giampaolo.rodola   performance 19
968063 yesterday Add fileinput.islastline() has patch open relm   enhancement 15
30155 yesterday Add ability to get/set tzinfo on datetime instances in C API open atuining   enhancement 1
30128 yesterday xid_start definition for Unicode identifiers refers to xid_continue open ralph.corderoy docs@python   2
30119 yesterday (ftplib) A remote attacker could possibly attack by containing the newline characters has PR open corona10   security 4
29606 yesterday urllib FTP protocol stream injection has PR open ecbftw   security 10
30205 yesterday socket.getsockname() type mismatch with AF_UNIX on Linux open giampaolo.rodola     2
30103 yesterday uu package uses old encoding has PR open LawfulEvil   enhancement 13
30203 yesterday AttributeError in Popen.communicate() open Luke Campagnola   behavior 2
30200 yesterday tkinter ListboxSelect open Frank Pae   behavior 11
30196 yesterday Add __matmul__ to collections.Counter open Jáchym Barvínek rhettinger enhancement 3
30152 yesterday Reduce the number of imports for argparse has PR open serhiy.storchaka bethard enhancement 15
29982 yesterday tempfile.TemporaryDirectory fails to delete itself open max   behavior 2
21071 yesterday struct.Struct.format is bytes, but should be str has patch has PR open zbysz docs@python behavior 22
16349 yesterday Document whether it's safe to use bytes for struct format string has patch open takluyver     13
30133 yesterday Strings that end with properly escaped backslashes cause error to be thrown in functions. open Patrick Foley     6
30183 yesterday [HPUX] compilation error in pytime.c with cc compiler has PR open haney   compile error 4
30202 yesterday Update test.test_importlib.test_abc to test find_spec() open brett.cannon     1
27869 yesterday test failures under Bash on Windows / WSL open brett.cannon   behavior 6
27377 yesterday Add socket.fdtype() has PR open nascheme   enhancement 16
30190 yesterday unittest's assertAlmostEqual improved error message has PR open giampaolo.rodola     6
28134 yesterday socket.socket(fileno=fd) does not work as documented has patch has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes behavior 10
29943 yesterday PySlice_GetIndicesEx change broke ABI in 3.5 and 3.6 branches has PR open njs   behavior 14
30201 yesterday [3.5] RecvmsgIntoSCMRightsStreamTest fails with "OSError: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory" on macOS El Capitan open haypo     1
30107 2 days ago python.core file created when running tests on AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT Non-Debug 3.x buildbot has PR open haypo     8
2506 2 days ago Add mechanism to disable optimizations open nedbat   enhancement 33
30125 2 days ago test_SEH() of test_ctypes logs "Windows fatal exception: access violation" has PR open haypo     5
30199 2 days ago Warning -- asyncore.socket_map was modified by test_ssl open haypo   resource usage 1
30104 2 days ago clang 4.0 miscompiles dtoa.c, giving broken float parsing and printing has PR open haypo   behavior 23
30124 2 days ago Fix C aliasing issue in Python/dtoa.c to use strict aliasing on Clang 4.0 has PR open haypo   performance 24
30198 2 days ago distutils build_ext: don't run newer_group() in parallel in multiple threads when using parallel has PR open haypo   performance 1
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