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21619 13 minutes ago Cleaning up a subprocess with a broken pipe has patch open vadmium serhiy.storchaka resource usage 15
22555 an hour ago Tracking issue for adjustments to binary/text boundary handling open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement 5
23505 2 hours ago Urlparse insufficient validation leads to open redirect open yaaboukir   security 9
23560 2 hours ago Group the docs of similar methods in stdtypes.rst open ezio.melotti docs@python enhancement 1
23512 4 hours ago The list of built-in functions is not alphabetical on open edsouza docs@python behavior 11
23564 4 hours ago Patch fixing sanity check for ordered fd sequence in _posixsubprocess.c has patch open Hisham Muhammad     1
23567 4 hours ago os.stat() tuple access vs named attribute access int vs float open gregory.p.smith   behavior 3
22181 5 hours ago os.urandom() should use Linux 3.17 getrandom() syscall has patch open haypo   security 15
23285 5 hours ago PEP 475 - EINTR handling has patch open neologix   enhancement 26
17352 7 hours ago Be clear that __prepare__ must be declared as a class method open ncoghlan docs@python   3
23550 7 hours ago Add to unicodedata a function to query the "Quick_Check" property for a character has patch open Hammerite   enhancement 4
23566 7 hours ago RFE: faulthandler.register() should support file descriptors open haypo     2
21342 10 hours ago multiprocessing RLock and Lock raise incorrect exceptions when releasing an unlocked lock. has patch open steinn   behavior 4
23400 10 hours ago Inconsistent behaviour of multiprocessing.Queue() if sem_open is not implemented has patch open olebole   behavior 8
23342 11 hours ago run() - unified high-level interface for subprocess has patch open takluyver gregory.p.smith enhancement 19
23565 11 hours ago local_clear walks the list of threads without holding head_lock. open stutzbach   behavior 1
23539 12 hours ago Content-length not set for HTTP methods expecting body when body is None has patch open demian.brecht   behavior 25
23469 12 hours ago Delete Misc/*.wpr files has patch open berker.peksag     2
23496 12 hours ago Steps for Android Native Build of Python 3.4.2 has patch open chaselton   enhancement 42
21919 yesterday Changing cls.__bases__ must ensure proper metaclass inheritance open abusalimov   behavior 3
12067 yesterday Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch open terry.reedy   enhancement 41
23451 yesterday Deprecation warnings building 3.5 Visual Studio Windows 8.1 64 bit has patch open BreamoreBoy   compile error 7
9784 yesterday _msi.c warnings under 64-bit Windows has patch open pitrou   compile error 13
18383 yesterday test_warnings modifies warnings.filters when running with "-W default" has patch open flox   behavior 6
23563 yesterday Faster urllib.urlparse utility functions has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka performance 1
19035 yesterday tokenize.generate_tokens treat '\f' symbol as the end of file (when reading in unicode) open Alexey.Umnov   behavior 3
23192 yesterday Generator return value ignored in lambda function has patch open Rosuav   behavior 4
23330 yesterday regular expression missing has patch open Thomas.Roos   compile error 3
20059 yesterday Inconsistent urlparse/urllib.parse handling of invalid port values? has patch open chad.birch   behavior 5
23460 yesterday Decimals do not obey ':g' exponential notation formatting rules open ikelly docs@python enhancement 4
433030 yesterday SRE: Atomic Grouping (?>...) is not supported has patch open effbot effbot enhancement 11
22831 yesterday Use "with" to avoid possible fd leaks has patch open serhiy.storchaka   resource usage 1
22813 yesterday No facility for test randomisation open rbcollins   enhancement 6
22812 yesterday Documentation of unittest -p usage wrong on windows. open rbcollins docs@python enhancement 3
22785 yesterday range docstring is less useful than in python 2 open nedbat docs@python enhancement 2
22942 yesterday Language Reference - optional comma open jordan docs@python enhancement 1
22933 yesterday Misleading sentence in doc for shutil.move open newbie docs@python behavior 2
23320 yesterday devguide should mention rules about "paragraph reflow" in the documentation open akira docs@python behavior 5
23312 yesterday google thinks the docs are mobile unfriendly open benjamin.peterson docs@python enhancement 6
23275 yesterday Can assign [] = (), but not () = [] open Devin Jeanpierre   behavior 6
23262 yesterday webbrowser module broken with Firefox 36+ open ssokolow   behavior 15
433028 yesterday SRE: (?flag:...) is not supported has patch open effbot serhiy.storchaka enhancement 4
23493 yesterday optimize sort_keys in json module by using operator.itemgetter() open wbolster   performance 13
23455 yesterday file iterator "deemed broken"; can resume after StopIteration open dalke docs@python behavior 1
23504 yesterday Add __all__ into types has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
22832 yesterday Tweak parameter names for fcntl module has patch open brett.cannon docs@python enhancement 7
23552 yesterday Have timeit warn about runs that are not independent of each other has patch open rhettinger   enhancement 5
23004 yesterday mock_open() should allow reading binary data has patch open jcea   behavior 13
23553 yesterday Reduce the number of comparisons for range checking. has patch open rhettinger   performance 13
23513 yesterday Add support for classes/object model in multiprocessing/pickle open Cezary.Wagner   enhancement 4
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