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17911 5 minutes ago traceback: add a new thin class storing a traceback without storing local variables has patch open gvanrossum   enhancement 31
20284 3/4 hours ago patch to implement PEP 461 (%-interpolation for bytes) has patch open nascheme ethan.furman enhancement 24
3566 3/4 hours ago httplib persistent connections violate MUST in RFC2616 sec 8.1.4. has patch open cananian orsenthil   28
23057 2 hours ago [Windows] asyncio: support signal handlers on Windows (feature request) open asvetlov   enhancement 5
14910 2 hours ago argparse: disable abbreviation has patch open jens.jaehrig   enhancement 20
23323 2 hours ago Issue with imaplib and append messages passing a tuple with flags open Pilessio docs@python   3
22818 2 hours ago Deprecate splitting on possible zero-width re patterns has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 7
18518 5 hours ago return-ing within code timed with timeit.timeit causes wrong return value of timeit.timeit has patch open icedream91 serhiy.storchaka behavior 17
23321 6 hours ago Crash in str.decode() with special error handler has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka crash 4
23322 8 hours ago parser module docs missing second example open Devin Jeanpierre docs@python   2
23269 9 hours ago Tighten-up search loops in sets has patch open rhettinger rhettinger performance 7
15852 10 hours ago typos in curses argument error messages has patch open chris.jerdonek   behavior 10
8796 12 hours ago Deprecate has patch open haypo   behavior 20
2292 yesterday Missing *-unpacking generalizations has patch open twouters twouters enhancement 110
11822 yesterday Improve disassembly to show embedded code objects has patch open rhettinger rhettinger enhancement 11
22286 yesterday Allow backslashreplace error handler to be used on input has patch open ncoghlan serhiy.storchaka enhancement 8
23316 yesterday Incorrect evaluation order of function arguments with *args open Joshua.Landau   behavior 8
1745722 yesterday please add wsgi to SimpleXMLRPCServer has patch open gnarfk   enhancement 5
23284 yesterday curses, readline, tinfo, and also --prefix, dbm, CPPFLAGS has patch open pooryorick     2
4395 yesterday Document auto __ne__ generation; provide a use case for non-trivial __ne__ has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 12
23320 yesterday devguide should mention rules about "paragraph reflow" in the documentation open akira   behavior 2
23251 yesterday mention in time.sleep() docs that it does not block other Python threads has patch open akira docs@python enhancement 19
23215 yesterday MemoryError with custom error handlers and multibyte codecs has patch open alexer   resource usage 3
23317 yesterday Incorrect description of descriptor invocation in Python Language Reference open Justin.Eldridge docs@python enhancement 2
21279 yesterday str.translate documentation incomplete has patch open bgailer docs@python enhancement 22
23319 yesterday Missing SWAP_INT in I_set_sw has patch open mgautierfr   behavior 1
23290 yesterday Faster set copying has patch open serhiy.storchaka rhettinger performance 3
23312 yesterday google thinks the docs are mobile unfriendly open benjamin.peterson docs@python enhancement 6
23315 yesterday tempfile.mkdtemp fails with non-ascii paths on Python 2 open akira   behavior 2
17088 yesterday ElementTree incorrectly refuses to write attributes without namespaces when default_namespace is used has patch open silverbacknet   behavior 9
23255 yesterday SimpleHTTPRequestHandler refactor for more extensible usage. has patch open last-ent   enhancement 13
23152 yesterday fstat64 required on Windows has patch open steve.dower     14
13881 yesterday Stream encoder for zlib_codec doesn't use the incremental encoder has patch open amcnabb   behavior 13
20132 yesterday Many incremental codecs don’t handle fragmented data has patch open vadmium   behavior 11
23303 yesterday test_license_exists_at_url() of test_site fails on "x86 XP-4 3.4" buildbot open haypo     3
23232 yesterday 'codecs' module functionality + its docs -- concerning custom codecs, especially non-string ones open zuo docs@python   5
21548 yesterday pydoc -k IndexError on empty docstring has patch open Dima.Tisnek   behavior 5
23314 yesterday Disabling CRT asserts in debug build open steve.dower   crash 1
23260 yesterday Update Windows installer has patch open steve.dower steve.dower enhancement 5
23199 yesterday libpython27.a in amd64 release is 32-bit has patch open zwelch steve.dower compile error 10
23311 yesterday Update PC/example_nt and extending/windows.rst open steve.dower docs@python   2
23310 yesterday MagicMock constructor configuration fails for magic methods open berdario     1
23308 2 days ago a bug in Instructions section 4.1 open Dmot     2
23309 2 days ago Hang on interpreter shutdown if daemon thread prints to stdout open marienz   behavior 1
21862 2 days ago cProfile command-line should accept "-m module_name" as an alternative to script path has patch open pitrou   enhancement 8
17840 2 days ago base64_codec uses assert for runtime validity checks has patch open ncoghlan   behavior 10
21076 2 days ago Turn signal.SIG* constants into enums has patch open giampaolo.rodola giampaolo.rodola   15
9740 2 days ago Support for HTTP 1.1 persistent connections throughout the standard library open ipatrol orsenthil enhancement 9
22885 2 days ago Arbitrary code execution vulnerability due to unchecked eval() call in dumbdbm module has patch open stephen.farris   security 9
23237 2 days ago Interrupts are lost during readline PyOS_InputHook processing (reopening) has patch open   behavior 3
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