ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
23787 1/2 an hour ago sum() function docstring lists arguments incorrectly open vsinitsyn docs@python enhancement 1
23786 3/4 hours ago test_unaligned_buffers (test.test_hash.HashEqualityTestCase) ... Fatal Python error: Bus error has patch open petriborg   crash 11
7511 3 hours ago ValueError when trying to compile with VC Express has patch open srid   behavior 79
18898 3 hours ago Apply the setobject optimizations to dictionaries has patch open rhettinger   performance 5
23290 3 hours ago Faster set copying has patch open serhiy.storchaka rhettinger performance 10
23509 3 hours ago Speed up Counter operators has patch open joern rhettinger performance 7
23488 4 hours ago Random objects twice as big as necessary on 64-bit builds has patch open rhettinger rhettinger resource usage 11
23605 4 hours ago Use the new os.scandir() function in os.walk() has patch open haypo   performance 29
1191964 10 hours ago add non-blocking read and write methods to subprocess.Popen has patch open josiahcarlson   enhancement 63
13322 10 hours ago buffered read() and write() does not raise BlockingIOError has patch open sbt docs@python behavior 32
23529 11 hours ago Limit decompressed data when reading from LZMAFile and BZ2File has patch open vadmium   enhancement 19
23611 11 hours ago Pickle nested names with protocols < 4 has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 6
23637 12 hours ago Warnings error with non-ascii chars. has patch open Lukáš.Němec serhiy.storchaka behavior 7
18828 12 hours ago urljoin behaves differently with custom and standard schemas has patch open mher.movsisyan   behavior 15
23648 yesterday PEP 475 meta issue has patch open haypo     18
23676 yesterday Add support of UnicodeTranslateError in standard error handlers has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 8
23550 yesterday Add to unicodedata a function to query the "Quick_Check" property for a character has patch open Hammerite   enhancement 10
21085 yesterday compile error Python3.3 on Cygwin has patch open dellair.jie   compile error 25
23771 yesterday Timeouts on "x86 Ubuntu Shared 3.x" buildbot open haypo     3
23780 yesterday Surprising behaviour when passing list to os.path.join. has patch open The Compiler   behavior 5
18620 yesterday multiprocessing page leaves out important part of Pool example has patch open Chris.Curvey docs@python behavior 3
23484 yesterday SemLock acquire() keyword arg 'blocking' is invalid has patch open td docs@python behavior 7
23602 yesterday Implement __format__ for Fraction has patch open tuomas.suutari serhiy.storchaka enhancement 18
9698 yesterday When reusing an handler, urllib(2)'s digest authentication fails after multiple regative replies open Luci.Stanescu   behavior 3
23785 yesterday Leak in TextIOWrapper.tell() has patch open serhiy.storchaka   resource usage 6
23783 yesterday Leak in PyObject_ClearWeakRefs has patch open serhiy.storchaka   resource usage 2
23663 yesterday Crash on failure in ctypes on Cygwin has patch open elieux   crash 3
23782 yesterday Leak in _PyTraceback_Add open serhiy.storchaka   resource usage 2
23781 yesterday Add private _PyErr_ReplaceException() in 2.7 has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
22721 yesterday pprint output for sets and dicts is not stable has patch open serhiy.storchaka fdrake behavior 13
2174 yesterday xml.sax.xmlreader does not support the InputSource protocol open ygale fdrake behavior 7
2175 yesterday Expat sax parser silently ignores the InputSource protocol has patch open ygale serhiy.storchaka behavior 9
15133 yesterday tkinter.BooleanVar.get() behavior and docstring disagree has patch open mark serhiy.storchaka behavior 17
23765 yesterday Remove IsBadStringPtr calls in ctypes open steve.dower steve.dower enhancement 9
23159 yesterday argparse: Provide equivalent of optparse.OptionParser.{option_groups,option_list,get_option} open emcd   enhancement 3
22931 yesterday cookies with square brackets in value has patch open Waldemar.Parzonka   behavior 13
23743 yesterday Python crashes upon exit if importing g++ compiled mod after importing gcc compiled mod open matham docs@python   6
23764 yesterday Reference inspect.Signature.bind from functools.wraps documentation open productivememberofsociety666 docs@python enhancement 16
23779 yesterday imaplib authenticate raises TypeError if authenticator tries to abort has patch open craigh   behavior 1
2211 yesterday Cookie.Morsel interface needs update has patch open astronouth7303 serhiy.storchaka behavior 35
433028 yesterday SRE: (?flag:...) is not supported has patch open effbot serhiy.storchaka enhancement 5
22609 yesterday Constructors of some mapping classes don't accept `self` keyword argument has patch open abacabadabacaba rhettinger behavior 18
17305 yesterday IDNA2008 encoding missing open marten   enhancement 13
23546 yesterday Windows, 'Edit withIDLE', and multiple installed versions open Liam.Marsh   enhancement 28
8800 yesterday add threading.RWLock has patch open kristjan.jonsson   enhancement 58
23487 yesterday argparse: add_subparsers 'action' broken open derks docs@python behavior 5
21319 yesterday WindowsRegistryFinder never added to sys.meta_path open eric.snow   behavior 6
23496 yesterday Steps for Android Native Build of Python 3.4.2 has patch open chaselton   enhancement 71
23774 yesterday Test failures when unable to write to install location open steve.dower   enhancement 3
23712 yesterday Experiment: Assume that exact unicode hashes are perfect discriminators has patch open rhettinger rhettinger performance 8
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