ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
25328 1 1/4 hours ago ValueError in __init__() is not raised open barry     3
24177 2 hours ago Add https?_proxy support to http.client open demian.brecht   enhancement 5
25345 3 hours ago Unable to install Python 3.5 on Windows 10 open Gowtham NM   resource usage 2
24848 4 hours ago Warts in UTF-7 error handling has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 11
25343 4 hours ago Document atomic operations on builtin types open Dima.Tisnek docs@python enhancement 3
25344 4 hours ago Enhancement to Logging - Logging Stack open   enhancement 2
25157 4 hours ago Installing Python 3.5.0 32bit on Windows 8.1 64bit system gives Error 0x80240017 open lac steve.dower behavior 13
25089 5 hours ago Can't run Python Launcher on Windows open BreamoreBoy steve.dower behavior 10
5380 5 hours ago raises IOError when slave pty device is closed has patch open zmedico   behavior 20
25161 5 hours ago Missing periods at the end of sentences has patch open artakase docs@python behavior 5
25342 6 hours ago test_json segfault on OpenBSD open rpointel     11
25008 7 hours ago Deprecate smtpd (based on deprecated asyncore/asynchat): write a new smtp server with asyncio has patch open brett.cannon     12
19500 7 hours ago Error when connecting to FTPS servers not supporting SSL session resuming has patch open Ye.Wang   behavior 11
25228 7 hours ago Regression in cookie parsing with brackets and quotes has patch open Tim.Graham   behavior 18
20504 7 hours ago cgi.FieldStorage, multipart, missing Content-Length has patch open srittau   behavior 6
25338 9 hours ago urllib bypasses all hosts if proxyoverride includes an empty element has patch open Jung-chih Wei   behavior 4
25300 11 hours ago Enable Intel MPX (Memory protection Extensions) feature has patch open florin.papa   security 24
21475 11 hours ago Support the Sitemap extension in robotparser open rhettinger   enhancement 3
25341 12 hours ago File mode wb+ appears as rb+ open Mark.Williams   behavior 1
25311 12 hours ago Add f-string support to has patch open skrah eric.smith behavior 6
25340 yesterday libraries variable in ignore for multiprocessing module open davyg   compile error 1
25339 yesterday sys.stdout.errors is set to "surrogateescape" open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
19058 yesterday test_sys.test_ioencoding_nonascii() fails with ASCII locale encoding has patch open pitrou   behavior 12
24402 yesterday input() uses sys.__stdout__ instead of sys.stdout for prompt has patch open Keita Kita martin.panter behavior 7
23749 yesterday asyncio missing wrap_socket (starttls) open gc   enhancement 19
25337 yesterday weakref.finalize documentation refers to old interpreter shutdown behavior open josh.r docs@python   1
25298 yesterday Add lock and rlock weakref tests has patch open nirs rhettinger   2
25315 yesterday Make it clear in the collections Python source code that OrderedDict may be overridden open lig rhettinger behavior 16
14611 yesterday inspect.getargs fails on some anonymous tuples has patch open taschini   behavior 6
25322 yesterday contextlib.suppress not tested for nested usage has patch open RazerM   behavior 8
18595 yesterday zipfile: symlinks etc. open ronaldoussoren   enhancement 5
25335 yesterday ast.literal_eval fails to parse numbers with leading "+" open Scott Turner   behavior 3
25330 yesterday Docs for pkgutil.get_data inconsistent with semantics open Antony.Lee     2
17908 yesterday Unittest runner needs an option to call gc.collect() after each test has patch open gvanrossum   enhancement 16
25334 yesterday telnetlib: process_rawq() and binary data has patch open mwalle   behavior 1
25331 yesterday should list whcih windows service packs are open lac docs@python   1
7352 yesterday pythonx.y-config --ldflags out of /usr and missing -L<install_lib_dir> has patch open mauger   enhancement 10
22865 yesterday Document how to make pty.spawn not copy data has patch open RadicalZephyr docs@python enhancement 7
25294 yesterday Absolute imports fail in some cases where relative imports would work open Patrick Maupin docs@python behavior 12
24954 yesterday No way to generate or parse timezone as produced by datetime.isoformat() has patch open gvanrossum belopolsky enhancement 7
17824 yesterday pty.spawn handles errors improperly open niemeyer   behavior 3
14576 yesterday IDLE: inconsistent use of HOMEDRIVE, HOMEPATH, and USERPROFILE on Windows open clikkeb   behavior 16
25313 yesterday IDLE: gracefully handle themes (or keysets, or ...) not present has patch open markroseman   enhancement 8
22726 yesterday Idle: add help to config dialogs has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 3
25324 yesterday Importing tokenize modifies token open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 4
8256 yesterday input() doesn't catch _PyUnicode_AsString() exception; io.StringIO().encoding is None has patch open dangyogi   behavior 27
25329 2 days ago test_json crashes with stack overflow on Windows open zach.ware   behavior 2
25314 2 days ago Documentation: argparse's actions store_{true,false} default to False/True (undocumented) has patch open Julien Baley docs@python enhancement 4
25327 2 days ago Python 3.5 Windows 10 Installation Fails With Corrupt Directory Error open Max Farrell     3
24821 2 days ago The optimization of string search can cause pessimization open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka performance 3
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