ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
16808 1/4 hour ago inspect.stack() should return list of named tuples has patch open danielsh meador.inge enhancement 9
22243 1/4 hour ago Documentation on try statement incorrectly implies target of except clause can be any assignable expression open mwilliamson docs@python enhancement 5
22232 3/4 hours ago str.splitlines splitting on non-\r\n characters open scharron   behavior 4
22221 an hour ago ast.literal_eval confused by coding declarations open jorgenschaefer serhiy.storchaka behavior 4
22248 1 3/4 hours ago urllib.request.urlopen raises exception when 30X-redirect url contains non-ascii chars open tomasgroth   behavior 2
22244 1 3/4 hours ago load_verify_locations fails to handle unicode paths on Python 2 has patch open alex     2
22253 2 hours ago ConfigParser does not handle files without sections open kernc lukasz.langa enhancement 2
20152 3 hours ago Derby #15: Convert 50 sites to Argument Clinic across 9 files has patch open brett.cannon brett.cannon enhancement 25
22252 4 hours ago ssl blocking IO errors open h.venev     1
22246 4 hours ago add strptime(s, '%s') has patch open akira   enhancement 1
21305 4 hours ago PEP 466: update os.urandom has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 25
21307 4 hours ago PEP 466: backport hashlib changes has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 5
22251 5 hours ago Various markup errors in documentation has patch open berker.peksag berker.peksag   1
22098 6 hours ago Behavior of Structure inconsistent with BigEndianStructure when using __slots__ open Florian.Dold   behavior 4
22197 6 hours ago Allow better verbosity / output control in test cases open pitrou   enhancement 4
22240 6 hours ago argparse support for "python -m module" in help has patch open tebeka   enhancement 3
21338 8 hours ago Silent mode for compileall has patch open takluyver berker.peksag enhancement 8
22247 9 hours ago More incomplete module.__all__ lists open vadmium     2
21817 9 hours ago `concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor` swallows tracebacks has patch open cool-RR   behavior 4
22249 9 hours ago Possibly incorrect example is given for socket.getaddrinfo() open Alexander.Patrakov docs@python behavior 1
18374 10 hours ago ast.parse gives wrong position (col_offset) for some BinOp-s has patch open Aivar.Annamaa   behavior 2
13938 12 hours ago 2to3 fails to convert types.StringTypes appropriately has patch open mhammond benjamin.peterson enhancement 2
22208 yesterday tarfile can't add in memory files (reopened) open markgrandi lars.gustaebel enhancement 9
22237 yesterday sorted() docs should state that the sort is stable open Wilfred.Hughes rhettinger enhancement 4
18188 yesterday ERROR: test_no_optimize_flag on Mageia Linux Cauldron x86-64 with certain configure flags open shlomif   behavior 9
22024 yesterday Add to shutil the ability to wait until files are definitely deleted has patch open zach.ware   enhancement 7
22241 yesterday strftime/strptime round trip fails even for UTC datetime object open akira   enhancement 7
12750 yesterday datetime.strftime('%s') should respect tzinfo has patch open Daniel.O'Connor belopolsky enhancement 26
21585 yesterday Run Tkinter tests with wantobjects=False has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 9
1186900 yesterday nntplib shouldn't raise generic EOFError has patch open mattrope   enhancement 15
2527 yesterday Pass a namespace to timeit has patch open peter.otten   enhancement 17
15125 yesterday argparse: positional arguments containing - in name not handled well has patch open nstiurca docs@python behavior 19
4180 yesterday warnings.simplefilter("always") does not make warnings always show up has patch open exarkun   behavior 17
22239 yesterday asyncio: nested event loop open djarb   enhancement 1
22234 yesterday urllib.parse.urlparse accepts any falsy value as an url open Ztane   behavior 1
22242 yesterday Doc fix in the Import section in language reference. has patch open jon.poler docs@python enhancement 1
22236 yesterday Do not use _default_root in Tkinter tests has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 3
22194 yesterday access to cdecimal / libmpdec API open pitrou   enhancement 6
22217 yesterday Reprs for zipfile classes has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 2
22226 yesterday Refactor dict result handling in Tkinter has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 3
19884 yesterday Importing readline produces erroneous output has patch open bkabrda     17
22231 yesterday httplib: unicode url will cause an ascii codec error when combined with a utf-8 string header open Bob.Chen   crash 1
22233 yesterday http.client splits headers on none-\r\n characters open scharron   behavior 2
22235 2 days ago httplib: TypeError with file() object in open erob   behavior 5
22228 2 days ago Adapt bash readline operate-and-get-next function has patch open lelit   enhancement 2
22014 2 days ago Improve display of OS exception <-> errno mapping has patch open ncoghlan docs@python enhancement 8
22223 2 days ago argparse not including '--' arguments in previous optional REMAINDER argument open Jurko.Gospodnetić   behavior 2
22229 2 days ago wsgiref doesn't appear to ever set REMOTE_HOST in the environ open alex   behavior 1
12006 2 days ago strptime should implement %V or %u directive from libc has patch open Erik.Cederstrand belopolsky enhancement 29
20328 2 days ago mailbox: add method to delete mailbox has patch open jmtd   enhancement 12
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