ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
21574 11 minutes ago Port image types detections from PIL to the imghdr module open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
22047 1/4 hour ago argparse improperly prints mutually exclusive options when they are in a group open Sam.Kerr   behavior 6
22065 3/4 hours ago Update turtledemo menu creation open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 3
21585 an hour ago Run Tkinter tests with wantobjects=False open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
21802 1 1/4 hours ago Reader of BufferedRWPair is not closed if writer's close() fails open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
20188 1 1/4 hours ago ALPN support for TLS open mnot   enhancement 2
17083 1 1/2 hours ago can't specify newline string for readline for binary files open susurrus   enhancement 9
21308 1 3/4 hours ago PEP 466: backport ssl changes open ncoghlan   enhancement 13
22045 2 hours ago Python make issue open skerr   behavior 1
3982 4 hours ago support .format for bytes open benjamin.peterson   enhancement 90
22018 4 hours ago Add a new signal.set_wakeup_socket() function open haypo     37
22049 4 hours ago argparse: type=<callable> doesn't honor nargs > 1 open Chris.Bruner docs@python behavior 4
22057 4 hours ago The doc say all globals are copied on eval(), but only __builtins__ is copied open amishne rhettinger   2
22070 5 hours ago Use the _functools module to speed up functools.total_ordering open ncoghlan   performance 3
22071 5 hours ago Remove long-time deprecated attributes from smtpd open zvyn     1
11271 5 hours ago doesn't batch function arguments by chunks open tbrink   performance 10
22069 5 hours ago TextIOWrapper(newline="\n", line_buffering=True) mistakenly treat \r as a newline open akira   behavior 1
22068 5 hours ago test_gc fails after test_idle open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 4
22003 5 hours ago BytesIO copy-on-write open dw   performance 24
14534 6 hours ago Add method to mark unittest.TestCases as "do not run". open r.david.murray michael.foord enhancement 31
21591 6 hours ago "exec(a, b, c)" not the same as "exec a in b, c" in nested functions open Robert.Jordens   behavior 6
22041 6 hours ago http POST request with python 3.3 through web proxy open AlexMJ   behavior 9
22067 7 hours ago time_test fails after strptime() open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
3566 7 hours ago httplib persistent connections violate MUST in RFC2616 sec 8.1.4. open cananian orsenthil   6
1602 8 hours ago windows console doesn't print or input Unicode open mark   behavior 92
22066 8 hours ago subprocess.communicate() does not receive full output from the called process. open juj     1
1025395 9 hours ago email.Utils.parseaddr fails to parse valid addresses open melicertes   behavior 8
22064 yesterday Misleading message from 2to3 when skipping optional fixers open ncoghlan   behavior 1
21084 yesterday IDLE can't deal with characters above the range (U+0000-U+FFFF) open wjssz serhiy.storchaka behavior 11
22063 yesterday asyncio: sock_xxx() methods of event loops should make the socket non-blocking open haypo     2
17172 yesterday Add turtledemo to IDLE menu open rhettinger ezio.melotti enhancement 23
21933 yesterday Allow the user to change font sizes with the text pane of turtledemo open Lita.Cho     17
13533 yesterday Would like Py_Initialize to play friendly with host app open dangermouseb   enhancement 4
22062 yesterday Fix pathlib.Path.(r)glob doc glitches. open terry.reedy   behavior 2
9882 yesterday abspath from directory open ipatrol   enhancement 5
18543 yesterday urllib.parse.urlopen shouldn't ignore installed opener when called with any ca* argument open moritzs   behavior 2
21314 yesterday Document '/' in signatures open Vedran.Čačić larry enhancement 7
22060 yesterday Clean up ctypes.test, use unittest test discovery open zach.ware   enhancement 1
20611 yesterday socket.create_connection() doesn't handle EINTR properly open flox gregory.p.smith behavior 17
19884 yesterday Importing readline produces erroneous output open bkabrda     13
18174 yesterday Make regrtest with --huntrleaks check for fd leaks open sbt     10
21367 yesterday multiprocessing.JoinableQueue requires new kwarg open lee.clemens   behavior 3
21725 yesterday RFC 6531 (SMTPUTF8) support in smtpd open r.david.murray   enhancement 11
22059 yesterday incorrect type conversion from str to bytes in asynchat module in open hoxily   behavior 3
8110 yesterday doesn't correctly detect Windows machines open midnightdf   behavior 20
19980 yesterday Improve help('non-topic') response open terry.reedy docs@python enhancement 13
21623 yesterday build ssl failed use vs2010 express pending Mo.Jia   compile error 11
22052 yesterday Comparison operators called in reverse order for subclasses with no override. open mark.dickinson docs@python   4
9770 yesterday curses.ascii.isblank() function is broken. It confuses backspace (BS 0x08) with tab (0x09) open kevinpt   behavior 4
1191964 yesterday add non-blocking read and write methods to subprocess.Popen open josiahcarlson   enhancement 55
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