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24729 1 minute ago Input and Output tutorial erroneously references default encoding UTF-8 has patch open jason.coombs docs@python   9
24720 9 minutes ago Python install help open node   behavior 10
24741 1/4 hour ago Hangs and errors while testing on Ubuntu/Intel open trex58   behavior 5
24692 1/4 hour ago types.coroutines() idempotence documentation has patch open seirl docs@python   6
23496 3/4 hours ago Steps for Android Native Build of Python 3.4.2 has patch open chaselton   enhancement 145
24748 1 1/2 hours ago Change of behavior for importlib between 3.4 and 3.5 with DLL loading open ebfortin   behavior 5
24360 1 3/4 hours ago improve argparse.Namespace __repr__ for invalid identifiers. has patch open mbussonn   enhancement 9
23404 3 hours ago 'make touch' does not work with git clones of the source repository has patch open vlee   enhancement 12
24266 5 hours ago raw_input + readline: Ctrl+C during search breaks readline has patch open sping   behavior 10
24747 5 hours ago ctypes silently truncates ints larger than C int open encukou     2
24039 6 hours ago Idle: some modal dialogs maximize, don't minimize open prince09cs   behavior 6
23556 8 hours ago Scope for raise without argument is different in Python 2 and 3 has patch open a3nm docs@python behavior 4
19450 11 hours ago Bug in sqlite in Windows binaries open schlamar steve.dower   22
12067 yesterday Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch open terry.reedy docs@python enhancement 44
23756 yesterday Tighten definition of bytes-like objects has patch open vadmium   enhancement 17
24476 yesterday Statically link vcruntime140.dll has patch open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 8
24745 yesterday Better default font for editor open markroseman terry.reedy enhancement 3
24746 yesterday doctest 'fancy diff' formats incorrectly strip trailing whitespace has patch open r.david.murray   behavior 1
24651 yesterday Mock.assert* API is in user namespace open rbcollins   enhancement 13
24682 yesterday Add Quick Start: Communications section to devguide open willingc willingc enhancement 8
24667 yesterday OrderedDict.popitem()/__str__() raises KeyError open xZise eric.snow   22
24744 yesterday Lack of type checks in pkgutil.walk_packages and friends open sleepycal     2
24379 yesterday operator.subscript has patch open llllllllll   enhancement 30
12006 yesterday strptime should implement %G, %V and %u directives has patch open Erik.Cederstrand belopolsky enhancement 44
23749 yesterday asyncio missing wrap_socket (starttls) open gc   enhancement 14
7546 yesterday add .asm extension has patch open skrah   enhancement 17
24743 yesterday Make _PyTraceback_Add public open mic-e   enhancement 1
19316 yesterday devguide: compiler - wording has patch open numerodix ezio.melotti enhancement 22
17570 yesterday Improve devguide Windows instructions has patch open ezio.melotti willingc enhancement 10
22141 yesterday rlcompleter.Completer matches too much has patch open donlorenzo   behavior 8
24740 yesterday make patchcheck doesn't detect changes if commit is done first open rbcollins   enhancement 1
24739 yesterday allow argparse.FileType to accept newline argument open garyp   enhancement 1
24732 yesterday 3.5.0b3 Windows accept() on unready non-blocking socket raises PermissionError open bryangeneolson   behavior 8
22680 yesterday Blacklist FunctionTestCase from test discovery has patch open pitrou   behavior 16
24727 2 days ago Expand readline module open Barney Stratford   enhancement 1
20008 2 days ago Clean up/refactor/make discoverable test_decimal has patch open zach.ware   enhancement 4
24736 2 days ago argparse add_mutually_exclusive_group do not print help open Alexandre.Badez   behavior 1
24733 2 days ago Logically Dead Code has patch open pankaj.s01     1
18838 2 days ago The order of interactive prompt and traceback on Windows open Drekin   behavior 3
23670 2 days ago Modifications to support iOS as a cross-compilation target has patch open freakboy3742 ned.deily enhancement 19
24724 2 days ago Element.findall documentation misleading has patch open Eric S rhettinger   3
24731 2 days ago Incorrect assert in str_subtype_new open Kevin Modzelewski serhiy.storchaka crash 1
24502 3 days ago OS X installer provides flat sub-packages with no version numbers open Jim Zajkowski ned.deily   6
19475 3 days ago Add timespec optional flag to datetime isoformat() to choose the precision has patch open skip.montanaro   enhancement 27
21724 3 days ago resetwarnings doesn't reset warnings registry open pitrou   behavior 5
24599 3 days ago urllib URLopener().open https url returns 501 Not Implemented when https_proxy env var is http:// open stefano-m   behavior 9
24585 3 days ago Windows installer does not detect existing installs open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 7
24726 3 days ago OrderedDict has strange behaviour when dict.__setitem__ is used. open Mark.Shannon   behavior 2
18181 3 days ago PEP447: Add type.__getdescriptor__ has patch open ronaldoussoren   behavior 27
18378 3 days ago locale.getdefaultlocale() fails on Mac OS X with default language set to English has patch open Dmitry.Jemerov   behavior 28
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