ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
12154 just now PyDoc Partial Functions open JJeffries   enhancement 7
17277 3 minutes ago incorrect line numbers in backtrace after removing a trace function open xdegaye   behavior 6
19533 5 minutes ago Unloading docstrings from memory if -OO is given open Sworddragon   enhancement 7
7757 8 minutes ago sys.path is incorrect when prefix is "" open   behavior 5
19385 3/4 hours ago dbm.dumb should be consistent when the database is closed open Claudiu.Popa ncoghlan enhancement 20
17442 3/4 hours ago code.InteractiveInterpreter doesn't display the exception cause open pjenvey   behavior 6
21341 1 3/4 hours ago Configuring 'font' with ttk.Style for 'TEntry' does not change displayed font open barron   behavior 1
16827 2 hours ago Remove the relatively advanced content from section 2 in tutorial open Ramchandra Apte docs@python enhancement 10
21340 3 hours ago Possible concurrency bug in asyncio, AttributeError in open Jack.Murray     1
21338 3 hours ago Silent mode for compileall open takluyver     7
19714 3 hours ago Add tests for importlib.machinery.WindowsRegistryFinder open brett.cannon     5
12489 3 hours ago email.errors.HeaderParseError if base64url is used open guettli     6
21339 5 hours ago IDLE crash on OS X 1.9 upon shut-down with many windows open open rhettinger     1
17552 6 hours ago socket.sendfile() open giampaolo.rodola   enhancement 18
21324 6 hours ago dbhash/bsddb leaks random memory fragments to a database open wodny   security 6
16104 6 hours ago Compileall script: add option to use multiple cores open dholth   enhancement 17
2159 7 hours ago dbmmodule inquiry function is performance prohibitive open johansen   performance 13
21331 7 hours ago Reversing an encoding with unicode-escape returns a different result open Sworddragon   behavior 7
17305 7 hours ago IDNA2008 encoding missing open marten   enhancement 12
21337 9 hours ago Add tests for Tix open zach.ware   enhancement 1
21278 9 hours ago Running the test suite with -v makes the test_ctypes and the test_zipimport erroneously reported as failed open   behavior 3
21332 10 hours ago subprocess bufsize=1 docs are misleading open raylu     1
20849 10 hours ago add exist_ok to shutil.copytree open thehesiod   enhancement 11
18967 12 hours ago Find a less conflict prone approach to Misc/NEWS open ncoghlan   enhancement 66
21336 12 hours ago ntpath.splitdrive fails on None argument open runapp   behavior 2
17386 yesterday Bring Doc/make.bat as close to Doc/Makefile as possible open zach.ware zach.ware enhancement 14
21335 yesterday Update importlib.__init__ to reset _frozen_importlib's loader to SourceFileLoader open brett.cannon brett.cannon behavior 1
21333 yesterday Document recommended exception for objects that shouldn't be pickled open sschwarzer docs@python enhancement 1
21109 yesterday tarfile: Traversal attack vulnerability open Daniel.Garcia   security 11
9338 yesterday argparse optionals with nargs='?', '*' or '+' can't be followed by positionals open bethard   behavior 20
21251 yesterday Standard library trace module crashes with exception open mkolman   behavior 3
21207 yesterday urandom persistent fd - not re-openned after fd close open kwirk   behavior 16
6305 yesterday islice doesn't accept large stop values open thomasguest rhettinger enhancement 11
19475 yesterday Add microsecond flag to datetime isoformat() open skip.montanaro   enhancement 21
4913 yesterday add writesamples() and readsamples() open alex_python_org   enhancement 26
10510 yesterday distutils upload/register should use CRLF in HTTP requests open Brian.Jones eric.araujo behavior 18
21321 yesterday itertools.islice() doesn't release reference to the source iterator when the slice is exhausted open Anton.Afanasyev rhettinger resource usage 4
21306 yesterday PEP 466: backport hmac.compare_digest open ncoghlan   enhancement 8
21327 yesterday socket.type value changes after using settimeout() open giampaolo.rodola     5
20560 yesterday tkFileFilter.c: ostypeCount not initialized? open terry.reedy   behavior 6
6721 yesterday Locks in python standard library should be sanitized on fork open gregory.p.smith   enhancement 102
7511 yesterday ValueError when trying to compile with VC Express open srid   behavior 74
21329 yesterday configparser can't parse MySQL style config open dveeden     1
20147 yesterday multiprocessing.Queue.get() raises queue.Empty exception if even if an item is available open torsten   behavior 2
21328 yesterday Resize doesn't change reported length on create_string_buffer() open Dustin.Oprea     1
21325 yesterday Missing Generic EXIF library for images in the standard library open karlcow   enhancement 2
21138 yesterday mimetypes.MimeType UnicodeDecodeError open tanbro tim.golden behavior 4
21326 yesterday asyncio: request clearer error message when event loop closed open mark.dickinson   enhancement 4
21255 yesterday Attaching a PropertyMock records calls open michael.foord michael.foord behavior 3
21256 yesterday Sort keyword arguments in mock _format_call_signature open michael.foord michael.foord behavior 7
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