ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
21296 3 minutes ago smtplib Sends Commands in Lower-Case open luiji   behavior 2
8387 1 1/2 hours ago use universal newline mode in csv module examples open sfinnie docs@python enhancement 7
21302 3 hours ago time.sleep (floatsleep()) should use clock_nanosleep() on Linux open shankarunni   behavior 2
21226 3 hours ago PyImport_ExecCodeModuleObject not setting module attributes open trevor3 eric.snow behavior 4
21313 5 hours ago Py_GetVersion() is broken when using mqueue and a long patch name open eric.snow   behavior 1
13966 6 hours ago Add disable_interspersed_args() to argparse.ArgumentParser open Laszlo.Attila.Toth bethard enhancement 10
4744 6 hours ago asynchat documentation needs to be more precise open beazley docs@python   11
21121 6 hours ago -Werror=declaration-after-statement is added even for extension modules through open nilsge     6
21312 10 hours ago Update thread_foobar.h to include timed locking and TLS support open Jack.McCracken   enhancement 7
2052 12 hours ago Allow changing difflib._file_template character encoding. open josephoenix   enhancement 8
16827 12 hours ago Remove the relatively advanced content from section 2 in tutorial open Ramchandra Apte docs@python enhancement 9
18967 12 hours ago Find a less conflict prone approach to Misc/NEWS open ncoghlan   enhancement 44
21207 yesterday urandom persistent fd - not re-openned after fd close open kwirk   behavior 11
21305 yesterday PEP 466: update os.urandom open ncoghlan   enhancement 7
21287 yesterday Better support for AF_PACKET on opensolaris (illumos) open igor.pashev   compile error 2
21308 yesterday PEP 466: backport ssl changes open ncoghlan   enhancement 2
21292 yesterday C API in debug fails open Banger   behavior 5
15002 yesterday urllib2 does not download 4 MB file completely using ftp open sspapilin orsenthil behavior 14
21295 yesterday Python 3.4 gives wrong col_offset for Call nodes returned from ast.parse open Aivar.Annamaa   behavior 4
19662 yesterday should not decode utf-8 open lpolzer   enhancement 14
21304 yesterday PEP 466: Backport hashlib.pbkdf2_hmac to Python 2.7 open alex     3
21307 yesterday PEP 466: backport hashlib changes open ncoghlan   enhancement 4
21310 yesterday ResourceWarning when open() fails with io.UnsupportedOperation: File or stream is not seekable open vadmium     1
21230 yesterday imghdr does not accept adobe photoshop mime type open faiz   behavior 3
21309 yesterday Confusing "see also" for generic C-level __init__ methods in help output open r.david.murray   enhancement 1
21253 yesterday unittest assertSequenceEqual can lead to crashing on mostly different sequences open nnja   crash 5
20351 yesterday Add doc examples for DictReader and DictWriter open charlax docs@python enhancement 5
21306 yesterday PEP 466: backport hmac.compare_digest open ncoghlan   enhancement 1
19829 yesterday _pyio.BufferedReader and _pyio.TextIOWrapper destructor don't emit ResourceWarning if the file is not closed open haypo   resource usage 2
6305 yesterday islice doesn't accept large stop values open thomasguest   enhancement 8
21297 yesterday csv.skipinitialspace only skips spaces, not "whitespace" in general open Daniel.Andersson docs@python behavior 2
21284 yesterday IDLE reformat tests fail in presence of non-default FormatParagraph setting open rhettinger terry.reedy behavior 2
21279 yesterday str.translate documentation incomplete open bgailer docs@python enhancement 6
19771 yesterday runpy should check before wrapping it open ncoghlan   behavior 3
21261 yesterday Teach IDLE to Autocomplete dictionary keys open rhettinger   enhancement 2
11874 yesterday argparse assertion failure with brackets in metavars open htnieman   behavior 13
21259 yesterday replace "except: pass" by "except Exception: pass" open matrixise rhettinger   16
16261 yesterday Fix bare excepts in various places in std lib open Ramchandra Apte   behavior 17
21251 yesterday Standard library trace module crashes with exception open mkolman   behavior 2
21303 yesterday Python 2.7 Spinbox Format Behaves Differently On Windows Versus Linux open mboldisc   behavior 2
19776 yesterday Provide expanduser() on Path objects open pitrou   enhancement 7
21204 yesterday multiprocessing example does not work on Windows open jmaki docs@python behavior 9
21301 yesterday pathlib missing Path.expandvars(env=os.environ) open Alain.Mellan   enhancement 1
20421 yesterday expose SSL socket protocol version open pitrou   enhancement 6
13475 yesterday Add '-p'/'--path0' command line option to override sys.path[0] initialisation open ncoghlan     31
21277 yesterday don't try to link _ctypes with a ffi_convenience library open doko     3
21300 yesterday Docs (incorrectly) suggest email.policy.default is the default policy open valhallasw docs@python   1
21298 yesterday Cheese shop registration stopped working for me recently open tlevine   behavior 1
16806 yesterday col_offset is -1 and lineno is wrong for multiline string expressions open   enhancement 7
11380 yesterday Improve reporting of broken stdout pipe during interpreter shutdown open ulidtko   behavior 11
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