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28890 1 1/4 hours ago logging.handlers: Document that QueueListener is a daemon thread open Julien Castiaux docs@python enhancement 0
28886 1 3/4 hours ago Deprecated abstract base class (abc) decorators do not raise DeprecationWarning open John Hagen   behavior 2
28838 2 hours ago Using consistent naming for arguments of "call" functions (C API) has patch open haypo   enhancement 17
28889 2 hours ago IDLE needs the ability to pass in command-line arguments open rhettinger terry.reedy enhancement 1
28885 3 hours ago Python 3.5.2 strange-behavior issues (from PyPy) open arigo   behavior 10
27629 3 hours ago Cannot create ssl.SSLSocket without existing socket has patch open nemunaire christian.heimes behavior 7
28883 3 hours ago Python 3.5.2 crashers (from PyPy) open arigo   crash 8
28835 3 hours ago Change in behavior when overriding warnings.showwarning and with catch_warnings(record=True) has patch open Thomas.Robitaille haypo behavior 17
28888 4 hours ago Installer fails when newer version of CRT is pending installation open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 1
28879 4 hours ago smtplib send_message should add Date header if it is missing, per RFC5322 open Henning.von.Bargen   behavior 5
27030 4 hours ago Remove deprecated re features has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 15
28887 7 hours ago Login with Google not working on PyPi site open WayEasy Corporation   performance 1
28884 8 hours ago Python 3.5.2 non-segfaulting bugs (from PyPy) open arigo   behavior 13
28089 11 hours ago asyncio: Document that TCP_NODELAY is now used by default has patch open yselivanov docs@python enhancement 9
28724 12 hours ago Add method send_io, recv_io to the socket module. has patch open tokibito   enhancement 7
28742 yesterday argparse.ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter sometimes provides inaccurate documentation of defaults, so they should be overrideable open pde   enhancement 6
28876 yesterday bool of large range raises OverflowError has patch open mark.dickinson   behavior 5
28596 yesterday on Android _bootlocale on startup relies on too many library modules has patch open xdegaye xdegaye performance 8
10496 yesterday Python startup should not require passwd entry has patch open bbi5291 eric.araujo behavior 29
28882 yesterday RFC: Slice confusing with negative strides and the 0th element. open hardkrash   behavior 2
28091 yesterday Document PEP 525 open yselivanov yselivanov enhancement 3
13886 yesterday readline-related test_builtin failure has patch open nadeem.vawda nadeem.vawda behavior 20
3687 yesterday Popen() object stdout attribute reassignment behaviour open vincent.legoll docs@python behavior 4
27847 yesterday os.set_inheritable() looks to be broken on OpenIndiana, regression of Python 3.6 open haypo     3
28866 yesterday Type cache is not correctly invalidated on a class defining mro() has patch open sjpalt   crash 10
28881 yesterday int no attribute 'lower' iterating email.Message open Vitold S     6
28617 yesterday Why isn't "in" called a comparison operation? has patch open wim.glenn docs@python enhancement 10
28518 yesterday execute("begin immediate") throwing OperationalError has patch open fschulze   behavior 16
28090 yesterday Document PEP 530 open yselivanov yselivanov enhancement 1
28765 yesterday _sre.compile(): be more strict on types of indexgroup and groupindex has patch open haypo   enhancement 17
28427 yesterday WeakValueDictionary next bug (with multithreading) has patch open arigo   behavior 14
15812 yesterday inspect.getframeinfo() cannot show first line has patch open sbt     6
28864 yesterday Add devnull file-like object open rhettinger   enhancement 8
28845 yesterday Clean up known issues for AIX has patch open ericvw docs@python enhancement 5
28707 yesterday add 'directory' option to the http.server module has patch open matrixise     6
28638 yesterday Creating namedtuple is too slow to be used in common stdlib (e.g. functools) has patch open inada.naoki rhettinger performance 25
25591 yesterday refactor imaplib tests has patch open maciej.szulik maciej.szulik enhancement 11
25658 yesterday PyThread assumes pthread_key_t is an integer, which is against POSIX has patch open EdSchouten   compile error 24
28877 yesterday Cannot compile _ssl.o on HP-UX open James Matthews     1
22107 yesterday tempfile module misinterprets access denied error on Windows has patch open rupole   resource usage 35
24329 yesterday __qualname__ and __slots__ has patch open yselivanov serhiy.storchaka behavior 13
28874 yesterday test_logging fails and freezes open Whitequill Riclo   behavior 1
28870 yesterday Refactor PyObject_CallFunctionObjArgs() and like has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
28869 yesterday __module__ attribute is not set correctly for a class created by direct metaclass call open levkivskyi   behavior 5
28871 yesterday Destructor of ElementTree.Element is recursive open serhiy.storchaka   crash 1
28867 yesterday NamedTemporaryFile does not generate a ResourceWarning for unclosed files (unlike TemporaryFile) open jdufresne   behavior 5
28857 2 days ago SyncManager and Main Process fail to communicate after reboot or stoping with Ctrl - C open Nagarjuna Arigapudi   crash 4
24339 2 days ago iso6937 encoding missing open John Helour serhiy.storchaka enhancement 23
28754 2 days ago Argument Clinic for bisect.bisect_left has patch open mdk rhettinger   40
28692 2 days ago gettext: deprecate selecting plural form by fractional numbers has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 10
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