ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
28095 2 minutes ago test_startup_imports of test_site fails on OS X due to new import of enum in re has PR open ned.deily ned.deily   3
29585 2 minutes ago imports relatively large `sysconfig` module. has PR open inada.naoki   performance 19
31064 1/4 hour ago test_ossaudiodev fails under padsp (Linux PulseAudio OSS emulation) open ncoghlan   behavior 2
31004 3/4 hours ago IDLE, configdialog: Factor out FontTab class from ConfigDialog has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 4
30576 an hour ago http.server should support HTTP compression (gzip) has PR open quentel   enhancement 22
31036 2 hours ago building the python docs requires the blurb module has PR open doko larry   28
31054 2 hours ago Python 2.7.8 Release does not update the system Path variable open Ekrem Saban   enhancement 1
31020 2 hours ago Add support for custom compressor in tarfile has PR open insomniacslk   enhancement 4
31058 2 hours ago FileFinder fails to find modules for import if modules are created at runtime and don't result in a directory mtime update open pdgoins   behavior 1
30853 3 hours ago IDLE: configdialog -- factor out Tracer subclass has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 15
18943 7 hours ago argparse: default args in mutually exclusive groups has patch open arigo bethard behavior 19
28734 7 hours ago argparse: successive parsing wipes out nargs=? values open ajstewart   behavior 4
30995 8 hours ago Support logging.getLogger(style='{') open mitar   enhancement 3
31062 9 hours ago socket.makefile does not handle line buffering open kchen   behavior 1
30931 10 hours ago Race condition in asyncore may access the wrong dispatcher has PR open walkhour   resource usage 14
31061 10 hours ago asyncio segfault when using threadpool and "_asyncio" native module open thehesiod   crash 3
31042 10 hours ago Inconsistency in documentation of operator.index open madphysicist docs@python   4
31055 11 hours ago All Sphinx generated pages could have a new "Edit This Page" link adjacent to the existing "Show Source" open Paul Hammant docs@python   6
24954 11 hours ago No way to generate or parse timezone as produced by datetime.isoformat() has patch open gvanrossum belopolsky enhancement 20
30522 12 hours ago Allow replacing a logging.StreamHandler's stream has PR open pitrou   enhancement 5
31059 12 hours ago hangs if n<0 open s_kostyuk   behavior 1
5288 yesterday tzinfo objects with sub-minute offsets are not supported (e.g. UTC+05:53:28) has PR open jamesh belopolsky enhancement 18
9566 yesterday Compilation warnings under x64 Windows has patch has PR open pitrou   behavior 59
31057 yesterday pydoc for tempfile.TemporaryDirectory should say it returns the name has PR open Thomas Thurman docs@python enhancement 2
31048 yesterday ResourceWarning in test_asyncio.test_events.ProactorEventLoopTests.test_create_server_ssl_verify_failed has PR open Segev Finer   resource usage 1
30940 yesterday Documentation for round() is incorrect. has PR open George K docs@python   14
30640 yesterday NULL + 1 in _PyFunction_FastCallDict() has PR open serhiy.storchaka     3
31028 yesterday test_pydoc fails when run directly has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 5
27715 yesterday call-matcher breaks if a method is mocked with spec=True open carljm   crash 6
31056 yesterday Import Module Not Working According To Documentation Python 3.6.2 open MrJman006   crash 2
30885 yesterday test_subprocess hangs on AMD64 Windows8.1 Refleaks 3.x open haypo     4
29902 yesterday copy breaks staticmethod has PR open dangyogi benjamin.peterson behavior 8
29640 yesterday _PyThreadState_Init and fork race leads to inconsistent key list has patch has PR open Ján Stanček   crash 5
30502 yesterday Fix buffer handling of OBJ_obj2txt has patch has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes behavior 4
31001 yesterday IDLE: Add tests for configdialog highlight tab has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 0
20754 yesterday Distribution.parse_config_files uses interpolation has patch open alunduil   behavior 12
31046 yesterday ensurepip does not honour the value of $(prefix) has patch open xdegaye   behavior 2
21423 yesterday concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor/ProcessPoolExecutor should accept an initializer argument has patch open andreasvc   enhancement 18
29256 yesterday Windows select() errors out when given no fds to select on, which breaks SelectSelector open njs     5
31053 yesterday Unnecessary argument in command example has PR open cocoatomo docs@python   1
31047 yesterday Windows: os.path.isabs(os.path.abspath(" ")) == False open lazka     2
31051 yesterday IDLE, configdialog, General tab: re-arrange, test user entries open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 4
31050 yesterday IDLE, configdialog: Factor out GenTab class from ConfigDialog open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 1
24502 yesterday OS X installer provides flat sub-packages with no version numbers open Jim Zajkowski ned.deily   6
30778 yesterday test_bsddb3 crash on x86 Windows XP 2.7 has PR open haypo     5
31040 yesterday mimetypes.add_type should complain when you give it an undotted ext has PR open odd_bloke docs@python   1
30721 yesterday Show expected input for right shift operator usage in custom "print" error message has PR open CuriousLearner   enhancement 5
31038 yesterday test_runpy causes running all Python tests when run directly open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 3
30188 yesterday test_nntplib: random EOFError in setUpClass() has PR open haypo     11
31045 yesterday Add a language switch to the Python documentation has PR open mdk     1
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