ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
25735 1/4 hour ago math.factorial doc should mention integer return type open John.Yeung docs@python   3
18068 1/2 an hour ago pickle + weakref.proxy(self) open phd serhiy.storchaka enhancement 3
6395 an hour ago Infinite Recursion during Unpickling a codecs Object has patch open ThomasH serhiy.storchaka behavior 4
25757 2 hours ago Subclasses of property lose docstring has patch open torsten   behavior 6
25732 3 hours ago functools.total_ordering does not correctly implement not equal behaviour has patch open David Seddon ncoghlan behavior 5
25758 3 hours ago ensurepip/venv broken on Windows if path includes unicode open Dima.Tisnek     1
9504 4 hours ago signal.signal/signal.alarm not working as expected has patch open alanwilter   behavior 14
25741 4 hours ago Usual Installation Directory has patch open firatozgul docs@python enhancement 9
16151 8 hours ago Deferred KeyboardInterrupt in interactive mode open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 8
25754 8 hours ago Test test_rlcompleter failed if run twice has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 3
14826 10 hours ago urllib2.urlopen fails to load URL has patch open wichert orsenthil   20
22636 11 hours ago avoid using a shell in ctypes.util: replace os.popen with subprocess has patch open haypo   enhancement 3
25696 12 hours ago "make -j9 install" fails because bininstall target requires the libainstall target has patch open haypo     7
22233 yesterday http.client splits headers on non-\r\n characters has patch open scharron   behavior 6
10399 yesterday AST Optimization: inlining of function calls has patch open dmalcolm dmalcolm performance 17
25522 yesterday IDLE: warn if save-as name matches stdlib name open terry.reedy   enhancement 4
25608 yesterday ascynio readexactly() should raise ValueError if passed length <= 0 in argument open mmarkk   behavior 4
21579 yesterday Python 3.4: tempfile.close attribute does not work has patch open mmarkk   behavior 13
25756 yesterday asyncio WriteTransport documentation typo open mmarkk docs@python enhancement 1
25749 yesterday asyncio.Server class documented but not exported open Ron Frederick   behavior 5
25752 yesterday asyncio.readline - add customizable line separator open mmarkk   enhancement 2
25755 yesterday Test test_property failed if run twice open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
25753 yesterday Reference leaks in test_smtplib open serhiy.storchaka   resource usage 1
25272 yesterday asyncio tests are getting noisy open gvanrossum   resource usage 5
25733 yesterday Idle does not handle non-standard compile errors open ppperry terry.reedy behavior 5
25747 yesterday test_idle failure in leaks searching mode open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
25750 yesterday tp_descr_get(self, obj, type) is called without owning a reference to "self" has patch open jdemeyer     1
25704 yesterday Update the devguide to 3.5 has patch open matrixise     5
25687 yesterday Error during test case and tearDown open bennoleslie   behavior 1
24053 yesterday Define EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE constants in sys has patch open belopolsky belopolsky enhancement 33
25746 yesterday test_unittest failure in leaks searching mode open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
25745 yesterday Reference leaks in test_curses open serhiy.storchaka   resource usage 1
25744 yesterday Reference leaks in test_collections open serhiy.storchaka   resource usage 1
25743 yesterday Clarify exactly what \w matches in UNICODE mode open zwol docs@python   3
25660 yesterday tabs don't work correctly in python repl has patch open yselivanov   behavior 19
25740 yesterday multiple issues in http.client open spaceone   behavior 3
25738 yesterday http.server doesn't handle RESET CONTENT status correctly open spaceone   behavior 2
25739 yesterday Add PAYLOAD_TOO_LARGE / URI_TOO_LONG (new name in RFC 7231) open spaceone   enhancement 3
25723 yesterday ConfigParser should never write broken configurations open spaceone   behavior 12
25464 yesterday Tix HList header_exists should be "exist" has patch open rtw serhiy.storchaka behavior 6
24960 yesterday Can't use pip or easy_install with embeddable zip file. open Oleg N   resource usage 3
4712 yesterday Document pickle behavior for subclasses of dicts/lists open georg.brandl docs@python behavior 4
25677 yesterday Syntax error caret confused by indentation has patch open mystor   behavior 10
18911 yesterday minidom does not encode correctly when calling Document.writexml open brianvanderburg2 docs@python behavior 2
25194 yesterday Opt-in motivations & affiliations page for core contributors has patch open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement 33
25730 yesterday invisible sidebar content with code snippets open xwhhsprings docs@python behavior 8
25528 yesterday Attempt to further increase test coverage of calendar module has patch open Rohit Mediratta   enhancement 6
13330 yesterday Attempt full test coverage of LocaleTextCalendar.formatweekday has patch open Sean.Fleming   enhancement 4
12568 yesterday Add functions to get the width in columns of a character has patch open haypo   enhancement 31
21668 2 days ago The select and time modules uses libm functions without linking against it has patch open fornwall   crash 7
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