ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
24260 5 minutes ago TabError behavior doesn't match documentation open abacabadabacaba   behavior 2
23965 1/4 hour ago test_ssl failure on Fedora 22 open kushal.das     3
16991 an hour ago Add OrderedDict written in C has patch open eric.snow eric.snow enhancement 73
24254 an hour ago Make class definition namespace ordered by default has patch open eric.snow eric.snow behavior 3
23377 1 1/4 hours ago HTTPResponse may drop buffer holding next response has patch open vadmium   behavior 10
24267 1 3/4 hours ago test_venv.EnsurePipTest.test_with_pip triggers version check over network open vadmium   behavior 3
24268 1 3/4 hours ago PEP 489 -- Multi-phase extension module initialization has patch open encukou ncoghlan   3
2528 1 3/4 hours ago Change os.access to check ACLs under Windows has patch open tim.golden tim.golden enhancement 11
23968 2 hours ago rename the platform directory from plat-$(MACHDEP) to plat-$(PLATFORM_TRIPLET) open doko     3
24056 2 hours ago Better expose closure, generator & coroutine status of functions has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 14
24195 2 hours ago Add `Executor.filter` to concurrent.futures has patch open cool-RR docs@python enhancement 24
23969 4 hours ago please set a SOABI for MacOSX pending doko ned.deily   7
20215 6 hours ago socketserver can not listen IPv6 address has patch open dazhaoyu   enhancement 8
24209 6 hours ago Allow IPv6 bind in http.server has patch open Link Mauve   enhancement 2
12849 8 hours ago Cannot override 'connection: close' in urllib2 headers pending shubhojeet.ghosh   behavior 5
12319 8 hours ago [http.client] HTTPConnection.request not support "chunked" Transfer-Encoding to send data has patch open harobed orsenthil enhancement 34
14132 9 hours ago Redirect is not working correctly in urllib2 has patch open janik   behavior 4
24266 11 hours ago raw_input + readline: Ctrl+C during search breaks readline open sping   behavior 4
23970 11 hours ago Update distutils.msvccompiler for VC14 has patch open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 24
24244 12 hours ago Python exception on strftime with %f on Python 3 and Python 2 on windows has patch open MajeedArni     15
24204 12 hours ago string.strip() documentation is misleading has patch open PhoenixofMT docs@python behavior 7
24234 yesterday Should we define complex.__complex__ and bytes.__bytes__? open gvanrossum     2
23699 yesterday Add a macro to ease writing rich comparisons has patch open encukou   enhancement 29
24265 yesterday IDLE produces error message when run with both -s and -c. open ppperry   behavior 1
24264 yesterday imageop Unsafe Arithmetic open JohnLeitch   security 1
24263 yesterday Why VALID_MODULE_NAME in unittest/ is r'[_a-z]\w*\.py$' not r'\w+\.py$' ? open sih4sing5hong5   behavior 0
24259 yesterday tar.extractall() does not recognize unexpected EOF open Thomas G├╝ttler     1
24261 yesterday Add a command line flag to suppress default signal handlers open abacabadabacaba   enhancement 3
14228 yesterday Don't display traceback when import site is interrupted by CTRL+c has patch open telmich   enhancement 37
24258 yesterday BZ2File objects do not have name attribute open jojko.sivek   behavior 1
23973 yesterday PEP 484 implementation has patch open gvanrossum gvanrossum enhancement 3
21916 yesterday Create unit tests for turtle textonly has patch open ingrid   enhancement 11
24255 yesterday Replace debuglevel-related logic with logging open demian.brecht   enhancement 2
23863 yesterday Fix EINTR Socket Module issues in 2.7 has patch open mcjeff gregory.p.smith behavior 28
22955 yesterday Pickling of methodcaller, attrgetter, and itemgetter has patch open Antony.Lee serhiy.storchaka enhancement 21
24256 yesterday threading.Timer is not a class open jrunyon docs@python   3
24115 2 days ago Unhandled error results of C API functions has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
24252 2 days ago IDLE removes elements from tracebacks. open ppperry   behavior 2
24253 2 days ago pydoc for namespace packages indicates FILE as built-in open Antony.Lee     1
24243 2 days ago behavior for finding an empty string is inconsistent with documentation open swanson docs@python behavior 8
24249 2 days ago unittest API for detecting test failure in cleanup/teardown open r.david.murray   enhancement 4
24251 2 days ago Different behavior for argparse between 2.7.8 and 2.7.9 when adding the same arguments to the root and the sub commands open hhuang   behavior 2
24247 2 days ago "unittest discover" does modify sys.path open redixin     1
24215 2 days ago test_trace uses test_pprint has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 9
17797 2 days ago Visual C++ 11.0 reports fileno(stdin) == 0 for non-console program has patch open mloskot     36
24068 2 days ago statistics module - incorrect results with boolean input has patch open wolma steven.daprano behavior 5
4709 3 days ago Mingw-w64 and python on windows x64 has patch open cdavid loewis compile error 38
20344 3 days ago subprocess.check_output() docs misrepresent what shell=True does has patch open klausman docs@python behavior 11
24225 3 days ago Idlelib: changing file names has patch open Al.Sweigart   enhancement 10
6445 3 days ago Add check parameter to subprocess.Popen.communicate open OG7   enhancement 4
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