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Author jackdied
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Date 2010-02-23.23:13:45
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I've been digging into the patch.  Is there a reason sendmsg() wants an iterable of buffers instead of just accepting a str? The list-of-buffers more closely matches the underlying syscall but I'm not sure what the python benefit is, especially when recvmsg() only returns a single value (it only creates 1 iovec under the covers).  Python doesn't have "readv" like methods so making sendmsg/recvmsg work like recv/send (straight strings) seems like the way to go.

Also, the "y*" format character for packing/unpacking tuples is no longer supported - I'm assuming it used to mean buffers.

Does anyone have a good reference for using recvmsg/sendmsg?  I read the man pages and googled around but couldn't find anything.  I have no experience with using the calls in-the-wild.
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