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Author Alexander.Belopolsky
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Date 2010-02-23.15:33:18
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E-mail to tracker handling still seems to remove '>' quoted lines.   I am reposting a couple of comments that got clobbered:

> * allocate an array of groupcount gid_t's and call getgroups(groupcount)
This is more or less what my original patch did, but it suffers from a
race condition.

> I'll work on a patch that implements this.
I am attaching a patch that I wrote yesterday, but did not submit
because it does not fix setgroups.  I am attaching it now so that we
can compare our approaches.


> Wrt. the value of MAX_GROUPS on Linux: we could change the test that defined > MAX_GROUPS to ensure that the value doesn't get too large, from:
> #ifdef NGROUPS_MAX
> to:
> #if defined(NGROUPS_MAX) && NGROUPS_MAX <= 64
> This combined with my patch would result in less stack usage while still working > when a user has a lot of secondary groups.
Makes sense regardless of the approach.
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