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Date 2010-02-23.07:20:51
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Alexander:  What makes you think r63955 introduced the problem? 
Btw. This does not crash the interpreter: the example you give causes an exception and cleanly shuts down the interpreter. The exception is unwanted, but I wouldn't call it a crash.

The Apple fix for getgroups in python2.6 is odd, it uses an undocumented API (getgrouplist_2).

If I read the manpage correctly there is a posixly correct way to implement os.getgroups:

* call getgroups(MAX_GROUPS,...)
* if that fails: call getgroups(0,...), the result is groupcount
* allocate an array of groupcount gid_t's and call getgroups(groupcount)

I'll work on a patch that implements this.
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